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9 Shoes To Wear With Jogger Pants

Who doesn’t love dressing up? Doing your makeup, styling your hair, and picking out an outfit can be therapeutic. As fun as getting ready is, outfits can sometimes be uncomfortable and difficult to wear all day. 

When planning an outfit, it is extremely important to create a perfectly balanced one. By balance we mean it should be comfortable while also being stylish and fashionable. What could be better than finding both these characteristics in one clothing piece?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to search for anything because we have the most fashionably-comfortable clothing piece for you – Jogger pants. 

Jogger pants are a chic version of sweatpants. They’re made of lighter materials and cinch around the ankles. The silhouette of jogger pants makes it a great choice to showcase your shoe collection.

Jogger pants are versatile. Dressing up jogger pants can create a stylish outfit. Jogger pants can be styled up or down.The pants remain the same, all you have to do is change up the shoes you wear. 

9 Top Shoes To Wear With Jogger Pants 

Shoes are an extremely important part of any outfit. They set the mood. For instance, if you wear a dress and pair it with heels you create a formal look. If you pair it with sneakers, you get a sporty, but cute, look instead. 

Shoes come in all sorts of colors, styles, patterns, and heels. Figuring out what shoes to wear with which jogger pants is a task on its own. Lucky for you, we have put together a guide that highlights the top 9 styles of shoes you can wear with  different types of jogger pants. 

  1. A Day Full of Errands – Sandals + Jogger Pants 
A Day Full of Errands - Sandals + Jogger Pants 

Don’t you just hate chores? After spending hours working, you come home to a bunch of errands that just have to be completed. Out of all of them, grocery shopping can be the most tiresome. 

Well, we can’t help with shopping but we can help you plan the perfect shopping outfit. After a whole day out, you need some comfy clothes. Pair a hoodie with jogger pants. Add on sandals and put your hair in a bun to complete the look.

Joggers with sandals create a cute look. The jogger pants will keep you warm in the colder isles while the sandals will secure your feet. We all know how annoying slippery flats can be. Sandals are our shoes of choice when it comes to shopping. 

  1. Athleisure Queen  – Sneakers + Jogger Pants 
Athleisure Queen  - Sneakers + Jogger Pants 

It’s 2022 and all that anyone can talk about is athleisure wear. This fashion trend is for all those who love fashion but prioritize their comfort above all. 

The main component of athleisure wear is sneakers. Sneakers are a comfy and stylish style of shoe-wear. Once you find the perfect pair of sneakers to wear with joggers, your outfit will come out amazing.

For the girl who’s always on the run, literally and metaphorically, this outfit idea is for you. Pair a sports jacket with a black crop top. Add on a pair of black pants with white shoes to dress up the jogger pants. Roshes with joggers is another great outfit idea. Now that you have your outfit ready, all you need now is a pair of headphones and stamina. 

  1. Ready. Get set. Travel – Flats + Jogger Pants
Ready. Get set. Travel - Flats + Jogger Pants

One thing celebrities always get right is airport looks. Every time you see a picture of them, their skin will be glowing, their hair will be blowing in the wind, and their outfit will be picture perfect.  

You can look like that too! Once you plan the perfect travel outfit, everything else will just fall into place. The most important thing is the style of shoe you choose. Now when it comes to travel, you can pick from flats and sneakers. Both are great options and can be styled accordingly. 

Pair a black crop top with a pair of olive green jogger pants. Or pick out a white top to wear with tan joggers. Add on a pair of sunnies and white sneakers. Now that is what we call ‘A fly outfit’. 

If you prefer flats then you can easily switch the shoes for a pair of comfortable flats. Pick a color that isn’t too loud. Instead, stick to the basics like black and nude. 

  1. Vacation Vibes – Flip-flops + Jogger Pants 
Vacation Vibes - Flip-flops + Jogger Pants 

Ah. To sip margaritas near a poolside. Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Every now and then we all need a change of air and what better way to do that than by taking a vacation? 

Pair a bright orange top with a beige pair of jogger pants. The shoe of choice? A pair of flip-flops. Whether you want to chill by the pool or walk around the beach, flip-flops are a perfect choice. This casual resort attire is bound to attract attention and not to mention give off major vacation vibes. 

  1. It Girl Fashion – Ankle Boots + Jogger Pants 
It Girl Fashion - Ankle Boots + Jogger Pants 

Time and time again the term ‘It Girl’ makes an appearance. For those of you wondering, an It Girl is someone who sets the latest trends. The way this girl styles an outfit becomes the next big thing. Girls are usually celebrities and influencers. Whatever they wear everybody tends to follow. 

One of the most famous It Girl looks is that of a leather jacket and boots. Leather is an effortlessly cool material and can elevate any look. 

Pair a black leather bomber jacket with a black ribbed crop top. Add on black jogger pants and ankle boots to complete the look. Jogger pants with boots create a soft yet edgy look. 

Fall time fashion is all about beautiful coats and sleek blazers. For the perfect laid-back fall look pair a white collared shirt and a sweater vest. Add on a patterned blazer and block-heeled boots to complete the look. The added height from the boots creates an illusion of a taller individual. The overall look is sophisticated and captivating. 

  1. Royal Affair  – Strappy Heels + Jogger Pants 
Royal Affair  - Strappy Heels + Jogger Pants

It is a fact that velvet is associated with royalty. The fabric has a magnificent sheen and feels expensive on the touch. 

It’s best to avoid velvet in the summertime, with all the heat and sweat. Colder months are ideal for velvet clothing. 

Looking for a casual Christmas outfit? Pair a white bodysuit with a pair of velvet jogger pants. Purple or red-colored ones will really get you in the holiday spirit. Complete the look with a pair of strappy heels. Dressy joggers with heels look stunning and well, you can’t go wrong with heels paired with velvet.

  1. Everyday Casual – High Tops + Jogger Pants 
Everyday Casual - High Tops + Jogger Pants 

Jogger pants are the ideal pants for everyday wear. They have plenty of pockets, are made of breathable fabrics, and look good on the go. 

For a more neutral outfit, pair brown jogger pants with a basic white tee. You can dress up the t-shirt with just a crossbody and a pair of hightops. Joggers with high tops will add a fashionable touch to an otherwise basic outfit. 

  1. Dress to Impress – Pumps + Jogger Pants 
Dress to Impress - Pumps + Jogger Pants 

Who knew that jogger pants could actually work as dressy casual wear? In fact, jogger pants are the perfect substitution for slouchy sweatpants. Jogger pants are an improved version of sweatpants and look great paired with blouses and collared shirts. Jogger outfits for work may just be the newest trend. 

Pair a polka dot black and white shirt with black jogger pants. Complete the look with black pumps. You can wear this outfit on a date night or even to the office. You can swap the polka dot shirt for a solid color one to create a more polished look.

  1. Game On – Crocs + Jogger Pants 
Game On - Crocs + Jogger Pants 

Ball games are a great place to showcase your personal style. Varsity jackets, jeans skirts, and crew-neck tees are some great clothing options to choose from. 

If you’re planning on watching a game then we suggest you plan a comfortable outfit. For a great game-day outfit, pair a crew-neck tee with jogger pants. Complete the look with crocs. Crocs look great with jogger pants and are extremely comfortable. If you’re not too big on crocs you can always go with a pair of white sneakers. 


  1. Are Jogger Pants Still In Style? 

Yes. Jogger pants are bigger than ever. They are a versatile style of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe. 

  1. Shoes to Wear with Baggy Sweatpants?

There are a bunch of shoes you can wear with baggy sweatpants. Sneakers, pumps, ankle boots, flats, heels, and crocs are some of the types of shoes that pair well with them. Besides these, joggers and combat boots are also a great option.


Jogger pants are an excellent clothing item to have in your wardrobe. You can create multiple summer chic outfits with just one pair! 

Not just summer looks, but jogger pants are great for styling sophisticated winter looks. This versatile style of pants looks great with many types of shoes. We hope this guide helps you in your styling journey.

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