Soft, luxurious and well draped velvet pants must be in every woman’s wardrobe. You can wear them in winter to get a break from your usual slim fit jeans, corduroy pants, or leather pants. These splendid pants don’t get the attention they deserve due to the notion that they are tacky and not versatile. In this blog post, we will prove all these notions wrong by showing you some incredible ways to build a velvet pants outfit. 

Velvet is one of the most popular winter fabrics and is considered an epitome of luxury. The reason behind its plush nap and warmth is the dense pile of silk or synthetic fibers that are cut uniformly. The thread can be of pure silk, which is expensive, or inexpensive ones made with rayon, nylon or viscose.

Trousers made with velvet have a unique luster and sling beautifully on the legs, giving an opulent feel. Read on to know the different styles of velvet pants that you can go for and how to style these with different tops, blouses and outerwear.

Women’s Velvet Pant Styles

Velvet garments are not a new craze. They have been making waves in fashion through the decades, specifically 70s and 80s. It was a fabric used to depict glamour and luxury. Fast forward to 2022, velvet clothing is getting back on trend.

Depending upon the style of your outfit, you can opt for different types of velvet pants. Wide legged velvet culottes are one of the most popular, ending anywhere below the knees till the ankles. They are basically a divided skirt and very easy to wear. On the other hand, skinny velvet pants can be a perfect choice for a chic outfit. 

A trend getting famous lately is that of velvet jeans, which are trousers made with a blend of denim and velvet. In addition to those, you can opt for velvet dress pants for incredible smart casual looks. 

You can also go for the regal looking bell bottoms, flare pants, and straight pants for formal wear. Jogger style pants or high waisted three quarters are more suited for casual wear in winter. Track pants style velvet trousers are also trending high these days.

What to Wear with Velvet Trousers for Women?

Velvet is famous for its richly appealing look, comfort, and warmth. It blends with different fabrics very well. Plain and printed tops, cropped tops, ruffled blouses, and crochet tops make a voguish pairing with velvet pants. You can also wear long silk or satin tops like tunics, button downs, and camisoles. For casual outfits, wear your velvet pants with sweaters, t-shirts, and tank tops. 

Shimmering outerwear, like sequined blazers, lustrous leather jackets, and glitter shrugs, goes well with velvet pants. Pair various trendy fall jackets with them. Printed kimonos, knitted ponchos, and long cardigans can also be incorporated into velvet pant outfits for a flattering look.

The right choice of footwear is the key to nailing the velvet pants look. Try edgy looks with stilettos and peep toe platform heels, or go subtle with ballet flats, gladiator sandals, and kitten heels. 

Velvet Pants Outfits

You can get your hands on different types of pants in velvet fabric. Velvet pants in varying colors can be used to create a variety of casual, formal, and festive outfits. You can take inspiration from the several outfit ideas we have stated below.  

Wide Leg Velvet Pants Outfit

Wide legged velvet pants can be the ultimate fashion statement if you know how to style them. Wear black wide legged pants with a partially tucked turtleneck in grey color. Or, you can try a no fail combination of an Aztec print peplum top with them. Both of the looks can be rounded off with black leather heels. 

High Waisted Velvet Pants Outfit

High waisted pants make you look slimmer and taller. Wear your velvet high waisted pants with a plunging neck blouse tucked inside the pants for an alluring look. Or, team up a burgundy high waisted velvet trouser with a full sleeved crop top in black. You can add a frilly burgundy scarf to this outfit for a cute look. 

Velvet Dress Pants Outfits

Velvet dress pants are an excellent way to rock the smart casual attire in the cold season. Women can wear black velvet dress pants with a black button down and a houndstooth trench coat. Or, try wearing white velvet dress pants with a red jersey and red pumps. 

When having a party after work, wear blue velvet pants with a satin shirt in lime green color. Round off the attire with black peep toe heels.  

Crushed Velvet Pants Outfit

Crushed velvet is patterned by applying pressure on it. It has a unique lustrous look. You can go for pants in crushed velvet to create unique outfits. 

One idea is to wear crushed velvet burgundy pants with a charcoal grey top. Wear grey pumps with this outfit. You can also go for a monochromatic look by wearing a powder blue satin shirt with crushed velvet pants in a sky blue color. 

Velvet Jeans Outfits

Velvet denim is a material created to combine the sturdiness of denim with the plush nap of the velvet. Wear your velvet jeans with full sleeved polo shirts and plaid shackets to create comfortable outfits in the cold weather. 

Black Velvet Pant Outfits

Let’s start with the basics. Black velvet pants can be the perfect way to create a stunning ensemble. Almost all colors go well with black, giving you the liberty to try your cute tops and shirts with these pants. 

  • Pull off a classy look in minutes by wearing a candy pink satin button down shirt over black velvet bell bottom pants. Tuck the shirt in for a neat look, and accessorize your outfit with some blingy bracelets and hooped golden earrings. You can wear matching pink pumps with the outfit.
  • Go for an all black glamorous look by wearing a black full sleeved blouse with feather detailing. Pair it with black straight velvet pants and complete the look with black stilettos. 
  • Want to impress every onlooker? Pick a bottle green camisole and pair it with black velvet culottes. A black crystal necklace will look absolutely gorgeous over this outfit. Round off the stylish ensemble with green and black embroidered mules. 
  • For a simple, casual look, wear a yellow tank and black tapered velvet trousers. Wear a black racer jacket with this outfit. To rock the outfit with complete ease, wear it with black ankle boots/ pumps.

Red Velvet Pants Outfits

Use the vibrancy of the color red and the luster of velvet pants to build fashion forward outfits. The shade of red may vary, ranging from a deep crimson red to a bright red color. 

  • Wear blood red bell bottom pants with a white ribbed top. Take this outfit to the next level by wearing a beige crochet shrug. White platform heels will add the perfect finishing touch to this outfit. 
  • A true fashionista knows that red and black are a no fail combo. Wear red velvet culottes with a shimmery black cowl neck top. To complete this aesthetically pleasing outfit, wear black t-strap heels and carry a blingy black clutch.
  • Another way to rock velvet pants in red is to wear them with a white and red tie dyed poncho top. For a chic look, wear the poncho in one shoulder off style. Accessorize the outfit with a red shoulder bag, rhinestone earrings, and white leather heels. 
  • An outfit idea to portray edginess is to wear a black cropped biker jacket over a black bodysuit and red velvet skinny fit pants. Round off this look with black suede boots.

Brown Velvet Pants Outfits

Brown velvet pants can be used to add a neutral, earthy vibe to a colorful outfit. Here is how to do it.

  • Wear a white halterneck top and a hot pink blazer over brown straight leg velvet pants. This charismatic attire can be rounded off with nude pumps and a brown tote bag.
  • The secret to a drop dead gorgeous look is to wear a silk leopard print top with dark brown velvet trousers. Leopard print heels will complement this outfit very well.
  • You can slay the casual brown velvet pants look with a raglan sweater with yellow, red, and black stripes. This attire may feel laid back, but it can stand out when you wear black t-strap heels and wayfarer style shades with it.

Yellow Velvet Pants Outfits

Whether you have mustard yellow velvet trousers or a bright yellow one, try the following ensembles for a unique look.

  • Wear a black cropped top and a black sequined coat over yellow velvet bell bottom pants. Incorporate stylish black accessories to elevate this party look, such as a chained bag, stilettos, and a statement necklace. 
  • Simply don a black oversized cable knit jumper with yellow straight leg velvet pants. The outfit will give you the ultimate comfort, even more, if you wear black ballet flats with it. 
  • Try teaming up a black and white floral print off shoulder blouse with frilled sleeves along with mustard yellow velvet jeans. Finish off this casual attire with a pair of white heeled mules.
  • For a no fuss look, wear a yellow and white tunic top with yellow capri style velvet pants. This chic outfit can be elevated with white t-strap sandals.

Green Velvet Pants Outfits

Various colors of shirts go well with green pants. You can pick a deep color to make a contrast, or choose white, black, brown, or blue tops as they look the best when paired with green.

  • Don a black chiffon frilled top over emerald green velvet flare pants. This outfit looks even more voguish with a pair of black suede pumps. 
  • Pair a white crew neck t-shirt with dark green jogger style velvet pants. Tuck the shirt in and accessorize the look with a silver watch and layered neck chains.
  • Team up bottle green pants with a printed blue and green off shoulder top. The trendy outfit can be elevated with white sneakers and a mini handbag. Layer this outfit with a navy blazer to try an appealing blazer and pants combination

Blue Velvet Pants Outfits

Blue velvet pants give the perfect regal vibes. These pants can be styled in multiple ways, such as:

  • A yellow turtleneck worn over navy blue velvet jeans is an excellent way to portray your unique style. Round off this splendid outfit with a blue velvet bolero jacket and blue pumps. 
  • Go for a modest look by wearing blue velvet ankle-length pants with a long grey cardigan. Infuse some style with grey heels and a side braid hairdo. 
  • We suggest teaming up your royal blue velvet pants with a silk sea green button-down. The outfit looks better if you tuck the shirt in. Complete the look with matte silver heels.  

Pink Velvet Pants Outfit

  • Unite a gold sequined top with flared pink velvet pants. Add golden kitten heels to finish this festive outfit. 
  • Wear a hot pink oversized sweatshirt with baby pink velvet jeans. This is your go to winter look for a day outing.


How do you style velvet pants?

To nail the velvet pants look, wear them with silk tops, ruffled blouses, satin camisoles, and shimmery coats. Velvet pants can be used in casual outfits as well as dressy looks. 

Can you wear velvet pants during the day?

If you want to wear velvet pants during the day, you can wear the track pants style with a comfortable t-shirt and a cardigan. Ditch the dressy accessories and heels and wear sneakers in a complementing color to stay comfortably cool. 

Is velvet hot to wear?

It depends upon the material with which the velvet is made. Velvet made with nylon is not breathable; hence it can make you feel hot. Stretchy, lightweight velvet or the type made with pure silk fibers may be the right option to stay comfortably cool.   


Slay the velvet pants by wearing them in any way we have stated above. To get the look perfect you need to choose the right pair of pants. Wear ones that help you stay comfortable, and pair them with an appropriate top or outerwear for a stylish look. 

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