Outfit Guide: Safari Outfit Ideas & Inspo

safari outfit ideas

Hearing the word safari immediately creates an image of a white truck, surrounded by wild animals, a magnificent sunset, and never-ending land. Going on a safari is an experience unlike any other. This vacation isn’t about fancy hotels and five-star restaurants, instead, it is a journey through nature. 

The thrill you feel on a safari is indescribable and so it’s only fitting that you pack a wardrobe that suits the adventure of the journey. When selecting clothing pieces for a safari it is important that you keep durability as your primary concern. 

Safaris in Africa are no place for peep-toe shoes and mini skirts. You don’t want to show up overdressed and so it’s essential that you do your research before packing for your trip. You will be surrounded by wildlife and it’s only appropriate you choose clothing pieces that work in harmony with mother nature. 

Key Clothing Pieces for a Safari 

Once you have worked out all your details regarding your trip, the next most important step is creating a wardrobe fit for the wild. Down below are wardrobe staples that you absolutely need if you plan on going on a safari any time soon.


You want to look for something lightweight and breathable. Pick out synthetic or linen shirts. Also, invest in one or two full-sleeved shirts to shield you from mosquito attacks. 


Jeans are a staple clothing piece, just not for safaris. You want to pick out loose-fit pants like cargo pants. When picking out fabric, you want to look for something more flexible that can work in both heat and humidity. Neutral and earthy tone clothes are perfect for safaris. Khaki and green colors are two excellent options and they pair wonderfully with other safari clothing pieces. 


Shorts are great for the days you plan to sit in the back of a jeep. They are a great way to beat the heat and stay fashionable. 


Try out rompers and one-pieces for the days you want to look cute but adventurous. Dresses with animal prints are also fitting for a safari. They look great in pictures, but if you plan on walking, it’s best you stick to pants. 


Another one piece that makes for an extremely summer-chic outfit. All you need is a hat and a pair of boots to make a jumpsuit suitable for a safari. 


Packing a swimsuit depends on where you plan to go on a safari. If it is somewhere with nice beaches, you should pack one or two swimsuits to get to experience the beach life as well. 


A safari jacket is the best style of jacket you can take with you on a safari. It was literally created for safaris and so is crafted keeping the harshness of a safari in mind. You should also invest in a corduroy jacket as the weather on safaris tends to drastically change during the night. 


You need two styles of shoes. A pair of cute sandals that you can wear for pictures and jeep rides. The other is a pair of safari boots to explore around in. 


Is it even a safari if you don’t wear a hat?  A hat will not only protect you from the heat but it will also pull your whole look together. Plus, who doesn’t like a good hat? 

5 Different outfits for 5 Days on a Safari 

It’s not enough to just know about the clothing pieces you need. You also need to know how to style them. Throwing on a bunch of pieces will get you dressed but it won’t make an outfit. We have put together a few different looks in accordance with the most popular fashion trends of 2023. 

Safari Chic

Start off your safari in style and opt for a white linen shirt. Pair it with high-waisted khaki shorts, a chic safari hat, and a pair of sandals. Tie an earthy-tone scarf around your neck to give the overall look a cute twist. 

Alternatively, pair a white cotton shirt with khaki pants. Add on knee-high brown boots to create a western-themed outfit. This look is both easy to pull off and functional. 

Safaris tend to get colder during the night. You can add on a brown leather jacket to this look to shield yourself from the cold. 

Girl On The Run 

Something about rompers just makes them an excellent choice for safaris. When picking rompers, it’s best to gravitate towards earthy tones like brown, beige, and green. These colors don’t absorb as much heat and look extremely chic. 

When styling a romper, you have to invest in some eye-catching accessories. Try pairing a mute green romper with a brown belt and a fedora hat. Finish off the look with strappy sandals. This look is perfect for the days you plan on lounging or cruising. 

Jungle Queen 

Safaris can get brutal. The heat, humidity, and bizarre weather conditions can really get to you. On days like this, you want to stay covered up but in breathable clothing pieces. Jumpsuits are a great option since they cover you from head to toe and are available in a bunch of different colors. 

To keep with the safari theme, style a brown jumpsuit with beige sandals. Add on a floppy hat and you are ready for the day.

One thing most people overlook on safaris is the drop in temperature during the night. There are a few different ways in which you can take your jumpsuit from day to night. You can either wear a white linen shirt over the jumpsuit or you can cover up with a safari jacket. Either of these options will keep you warm yet stylish. 

Safari Elegance 

Who says you can’t wear dresses to a safari?  When we say dresses, we don’t mean body-con or slip-dresses. Dresses appropriate for a safari include flowy maxi dresses and safari dresses. There are a bunch of different ways you can wear them. 

A day spent feeding giraffes is a great opportunity to wear a dress and click some memorable photographs. Pick a lightweight maxi dress, with a floral or animal print. Add on a hat and some basic sandals. 

If you plan to spend the day out in the wild, a safari dress will be better fitting. Safari dresses have a more structured silhouette. They aren’t flowy yet they have enough movement to identify as a dress. They come in standard safari colors and look stunning when paired with brown belts. Complete the look with either shoes, sandals, or safari boots. 

Classy and Sophisticated 

Pants are the best option for bottoms when it comes to a safari. They are durable, flexible, stylish, and functional. They keep you covered and protect you from the sun and bugs. A beige safari shirt, tucked into green corduroy pants creates an archaeologist sort of look. Complete the look with safari boots and a wide-brim hat. 

On the days that corduroy becomes unbearable, pick something more loose-fitting like cargo pants. Cargo pants look great on safaris, not to mention how handy all the pockets are. A safari shirt paired with cargo pants and brown safari boots creates a safari-friendly look.   


What to Wear on Safari Evenings?

Evenings, on a safari, are a time to relax and change out of your dusty day wear. A long-sleeved shirt, pants, and boots create the perfect look for an evening out. You can also add on a jacket to keep warm. Try to wear light-colored clothes to avoid mosquitos. 

What to Wear to a Safari-themed Party?

The best options for a safari-themed party are safari shirts, dresses, suits, rompers, and jumpsuits. Pick clothing pieces that revolve around an earthy color palette. Accessories are very important. Add on hats, boots, and belts to nail the safari theme. 

How to Dress for a Safari?

First and foremost, learn about the weather conditions and the itinerary of the safari. Your safari duffel bag should include linen shirts, safari dresses, pants, shirts, boots, jumpsuits, and hats. One of each should get you through a safari in style. 

What to wear on an African safari?

Safaris are synonymous with Africa.  The weather is hot and humid during the day but chilly at night. You should wear full-sleeved shirts and pants to protect you from both sunburn and cold winds. When it comes to footwear. boots are the best option since a lot of walking is involved. Remember to wear a hat and to add on plenty of sunscreens before you set out on your journey.  

Safari Style Guide Recap 

Safaris are an amazing experience. They are a beautiful reminder of how incredible this world is. The exquisite sunsets, rare wildlife, and eccentric weather conditions get you thinking about how much the world has to offer. 

Safari fashion is a completely different style of clothing. This type of fashion revolves around clothes that are both fashionable and durable. The idea is to pick clothing pieces that work well in difficult conditions yet still look stylish. We hope this guide proves to be helpful when you set out for your trip!

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