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Women Should Wear Cargo Pants Like This

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Inspiration is the building block of fashion. That being said, you have a whole wide world to get inspired from. Initially military wear, the cargo pants were designed for soldiers during World War II. These pants had large pockets on both legs for keeping bandages, maps, and other battlefield essentials, hence the name ‘cargo’. However, they have also been referred to as paratrooper pants or combat trousers.

Eventually, these cargo pants emerged in the fashion market as utilitarian apparel. And in no time they proved to be versatile and comfortable as well. These pants are created using a water-resistant nylon fabric that is durable and flexible. The main aspect of these pants is that they are loosely cut and famed by one or more pockets in the leg area. These pockets are secured by snap, button, magnet, or Velcro.    

So, do not underestimate them as just pants with pockets. Revamped by designers, this classic military garment has been transitioned into feminine and trendy everyday wear for women. We recommend you switch to cargo pants this year and bring style and cool vibes into your outfits. You can look highly fashionable wearing cargo pants with a variety of tops, jackets, and matching footwear.

This style guide will take you on a tour of outstanding outfits that won’t require any major wardrobe modifications. We believe most of these clothing items are already present in your current wardrobe; you just need to mix and match. Here’s how……

Monochromatic style

Monochromatic style

Sometimes, simple dressing can also make an everlasting impression. You can wear a simple black or white t-shirt with cargo pants. This style is for women who love casual dressing. However, if you wish to add a little spice to this laid-back outfit, a bit of detail would do the trick. Wear a long oxidized necklace to match the overall neutral tone.

Tank top style

Tank top style

Pairing your cargo pants with a black tank top gives a sporty look. If you are going for a hike, this outfit will give a boost to your energy. Add some military vibes by wearing a hat with army print.

Crop top style

Crop top style

The most ideal pairing of cargo pants is with cropped tops. Since cargo pants are baggy, the crop top balances the rest of the outfit. Make sure your cropped top is not too loose or else it will ruin the look. It is suitable to choose a plain or checkered top. This style works best on hot days.

Off-shoulder style

Off-shoulder style

For the utmost girly ensemble, wear an off-shoulder blouse with your cargo pants. This style is perfect for parties and when hanging out with your besties. Match them with sneakers for the perfect feminine look. Try an off-shoulder shirt in gray with black cargoes.

Street style

Street style

Stylish yet edgy –this combination calls for the street style. Try to wear cargo pants with a leather bomber jacket and a simple t-shirt underneath. Match it with leather ankle boots to complete the whole outfit style. This technique can be further styled with other women’s jackets as well.

Statement blouse style

Statement blouse style

A blouse is very womanly and should be part of every woman’s capsule wardrobe. Blouses are normally ideal for office settings but they can also be worn for any casual occasion. Pairing a statement blouse with your cargo pants adds a sophisticated touch to its otherwise laid-back style. Wear boots that match with the pants making your legs appear longer.   

Leopard style

Leopard style

Leopard prints can turn any outfit into a style icon. Wear your basic forest green cargoes and a plain black t-shirt. Now top it with a leopard print blazer and watch how enchantingly your outfit manages to enter the spotlight.

Classy style

Classy style

What can be more classy and timeless than a white button-down shirt? This is a wardrobe staple for fashion-savvy women and it can be easily styled with anything you can think of. It can add oomph to any outfit. If you bring cargo pants into the picture, you get the ‘wow’ factor too.

Expressive style

Expressive style

Women who love to express themselves through clothes, this style is for you. Wear your cargo pants with a graphic t-shirt that talks about your mood or thoughts. This combination works for every woman irrespective of their body type. Add a pair of sneakers, to sum up this cool outfit.

Bulky style

Bulky style

If styled the right way, even a loose-fitted sweatshirt can do wonders. You can dress up in your cargo pants and a sweatshirt for a comfortable and relaxed feel. Both of these items are staples for the weekend and when coupled together, it gives a very chic look. Slip in black stilettos or heels to finish off the ensemble.

Sleeveless style

Sleeveless style

Another sleeveless option besides the tank top is a camisole. Pairing a camisole with cargo pants is the best summer outfit you can carry. This top is more feminine and subtle. It gives a delicate look especially if the camisole is in silk. You may tuck it in or leave it as it is whichever way you prefer.

Visualize a black silk camisole with brown or khaki cargo pants. This winning combo can be your summer’s go-to style.

Winter style

Winter style

Winters can’t be fashionable, said no woman ever! This is the season when you can layer up and stay in the limelight as well. Desirable garments that should be in your winter wardrobe collection are coats, sweaters, cardigans, and blazers.

For the not-too-cold days, when you’re not in a mood to wear heavy coats, then a cardigan is a good option to style with your cargo pants. Cardigans are cute and warm. Wear them over a tank top or t-shirt. For a flattering look, wear a white cardigan buttoned up with your neutral cargo pants.

For chilly days, a faux fur coat is a desirable option. These fashion-forward coats when worn together with cargo pants not only keep you warm but also make you look stylish. Anyone can believe that you just walked out of a fashion event. If you don’t have a faux fur coat in your wardrobe, worry not. You can curate a smart outfit with a coat that you already have.  

Another style for cold times is to wear a pullover sweater. If you want to achieve a stylish look, then you have to pair it with cargo pants. Playing with lighter hues will give birth to a decent outfit.

If you are a woman who loves to suit it up, then don’t leave your blazer behind. A blazer can instantly dress up any outfit style. Wear them with your cargo pants for an elegant upgrade to your persona.

Professional style

Working women who like to get inventive when dressing, here is an idea for you. Don’t let your cargo pants be reserved for only casual gatherings. Instead, combine dull-green cargo pants with a checked button-down shirt and black pumps. This ensemble adds professionalism to your look. Once you try this style, you will realize that work-wear clothes need not be monotonous.

Celebrity style

How to wear cargo pants like a celebrity, you say? Well, wear your brown cargo pants with a plain shirt and top it with a collarless black coat. Slip into your best black pumps. This look is enviable for fashion-conscious women, irrespective of their age.

Summer style

The summer season is all about colors and fun! With your cargo pants in hand, you can style a variety of outfits throughout the hot days.

If you have cargo pants in basic colors such as brown, green and black then all you need is a bright-colored tee to boost up the mood. Dare yourself to choose dazzling orange, bright yellow, or shocking pink for an instant refreshing punch to the outfit. This look works best for running chores over the weekend or for a fun day at the beach. 

If you are a spirited woman, then you would love to stand out from the crowd on a sunny day. Wearing bright-colored cargo pants would do the honors. Yes, you heard that right! Although there are many vivid colors in the color palette, we recommend bright blue and dark rusty orange. Cargo pants in these extraordinary colors will look awesome when paired with a plain white shirt. Wear casual slippers to match the summer vibe.

Out of the box style

Are you in for an unexpected style? Well, why not make a bold statement with two-toned cargo pants! 

Yes, they do exist. The catch is to keep everything else simple. Go for a basic white shirt and white heels and let the cargoes do all the talking.

Styling with accessories

We have discussed all the different tops that you can style with your cargo pants. Now let’s talk about footwear, jewelry, and hats. These accessories add the cherry on top of any outfit.


A cargo pant tends to harmonize with lots of footwear styles.

  • For a casual look: flip flops, sandals, and crocs add comfort to the outfit.  
  • For a smart look: leather boots, sneakers, and canvas shoes add elegance to the outfit.
  • For a formal look: heels and stilettos add a neat look.
  • For a badass look: combat boots and hiking boots add funk to the outfit.


A hat also plays an important part in elevating the style of an outfit. Fedoras and floppy-brim hats are in trend again and they complement cargoes like no other. If you have a brimless beanie in hand, you have no idea how well it goes with your favorite cargo pants. The former works well in summers and the latter fits well in winters.


Are cargo pants in Style 2023?

A stylish sibling to the slack jeans, cargo pants have emerged as a utilitarian trend in spring 2023. It’s a hot style favorite for fashion-forward women and a must-have item in modern wardrobes.

What shirt looks good with cargo pants?

To balance out the baggy nature of cargoes, it is best to select a shirt that is properly fitted. Shirts that are minimalist and in neutral colors bring out the best features of cargo pants –their leg pockets!   

Should cargo pants be tight?

No. Cargo pants were crafted with a loose-fitted look. It is meant to be that way. Too tight cargo pants would make the pocket lump on the sides giving it a not-so-neat look.

How loose should cargo pants fit?

Cargo pants should sit at your waistline. Usually, cargoes have an elastic waistband, so make sure it is not too tight around the waist that you feel uncomfortable. They should be baggy and loose-fitted below the waist.

How do you style baggy cargo pants?

Baggy cargo pants can be styled with a fitted tank top and combat boots. This look is stylish yet edgy.


If you have gone through our entire style guide, we are confident that you won’t be having any qualms in assembling ravishing outfits for the next few months.

In 2023, cargo pants are labeled as the essence of street style and swagger. They are never going out of the fashion ramp! So get your hands on cargoes if you don’t already own one. We assure you, it will stay in the front rows of your wardrobe throughout the year.      

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