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The 2024 Fashion Trends for Spring/ Summer – Updated

spring summer fashion trends

The end of winter stirs up a different kind of enthusiasm. We can finally layer down and wear fashion forward ensembles in the fair weather. Here is a roundup of 2024 fashion trends, most of which will give you a break from the conventional styles.  

2024 Style Guide

Several factors influence fashion trends. The primary sources of inspiration may be street-style clothing from fashion capitals and trend forecasts from fashion forecasters across the world. What ace designers send down the runway is also a game changer for shaping trends.

Women’s fashion in 2021 was a mixed bag of classic and eccentric trends. We can think of it as a shifting phase towards maximalism that has completely taken over the fashion scene. 2024 is the year to try new styles out of your comfort zone. 

In this article, we will be highlighting the Spring and Summer trends for 2024. We will briefly touch on the Fall trends later on. This will help you decide on the basic wardrobe stuff that would stay in rotation as summer ends. 

Current Fashion Trends 2024

We are seeing a significant influence of maximalism in fashion this season. The Y2K obsession, which began some time ago, is still thriving. At the same time, women of today take comfort in the sartorial liberation they are finally getting.

When considering a maximalist style, it doesn’t mean that you go from basic to flamboyant in a day. You can start incorporating elements like asymmetrical hemlines, mesh leggings, or artsy print for one item of your outfit. Try layering your bold, colorful ensembles with subtle fall jackets, like a shacket. 

Wearing what you want is the essence of maximalism. If you want to go for the unconventional aesthetics that are highly trending, do so with absolute confidence. The following trends will dominate womenswear for the rest of the year.



Nowadays, fashionable looks with mesh clothing are taking center stage. Mesh tops are the hottest fashion for summers. Other than tops, you can go for mesh leggings and bodysuits for a sexy look. If you want to stay low key bold, try separate mesh sleeves with your outfit.

Cutout Fashion

Cutout Fashion

Strategic slashes on clothes that remind us of the early 2000s are currently in vogue. The peekaboo style is mostly seen in tops, skirts, pants, and bodycon dresses. 

Printed Separates

Printed Separates

Those who prefer prints and patterns can now relish the ongoing trend of printed separates. Pair eye pleasing tops and bottoms in your favorite prints to create stylish looks. 



The trend of feather detailing and full feather dresses and outerwear is back. Hop on to the contemporary fashion bandwagon with feathered tops, skirts, dresses and jackets. Accessories with feather details like footwear, scarves, jewelry and hats are also very popular these days. 

Fringe Detailing

Fringe Detailing

Another raging trend for 2024 is that of fringe. You can try complete fringed outfits with leather jackets, dresses, skirts and tops. Or, go subtle with a fringed element or two, to complete your outfits. 



The traditional crochet garments have gained everyone’s attention this year. Wear a cute crochet bolero with your dresses or layer a top with a one shoulder crochet poncho. 

Artsy Prints

Artsy Prints

Fashion fuses with artwork this year. Make a bold style statement with matching sets in artsy prints or artsy tops with different types of jeans this spring. The vivid prints signal the onset of the warmer weather.

Fashion Color Trends 2024

To stay ahead of the curve, you can wear clothes in the most popular colors for the year 2024. To keep it brief, the colors are listed below:

  • Periwinkle, a bluish purple hue
  • Hot pink
  • Yellow
  • Tangerine
  • Chartreuse
  • Deep violet
  • Grass green
  • Lilac
  • Saffron

Warm neutrals can be used to create outfits with the bright colors listed above. You can also opt for pastels for spring and summer. 

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

The upcoming spring season is the perfect time to let loose and finally pack away those heavy jackets, chunky knits, and thick coats. Not only do we anticipate seeing the greenery and bloomed flowers once again, but we also love spotting the new spring trends on the streets.

Shop for the following spring trends and update your wardrobe for fashionable outfits.



The ‘less is more’ trend is noticeable everywhere, reflected majorly in the fashionable tops this season. Crop tops will remain a favorite of the fashion savvy divas, while tube tops paired with mini skirts continue to be en vogue. Flattering halter necks, printed tunics, and layered tops are also trending. Different types of shirts, especially front tied ones, can also give an alluring look when paired with mini skirts.



This year, the midriff baring trend just got a bit bolder with ultra low rise skirts and pants on the rise. We can finally say goodbye to the skinny jeans, making room for baggy jeans and beatnik style wide legged pants in our wardrobes. 

The warmer weather calls for short skirts, and you can go with tennis skirts, micro mini skirts, and asymmetrical hemline skirts for a captivating look. This season, printed tights are making a huge comeback. Diversify your outfit creation with fringed skirts, as they will likely stay in fashion this year. 



Lightweight layering is still required in spring at times. Stay on top of trends with trench coats, lightweight blazers and bolero jackets. You can go for a leather jacket over a floral dress or any other spring outfit if required. 

Currently, the layering trend is a bit on the extraordinary side of the sartorial game. Fashionistas team up lots of stylish staples one over the other for a relaxed look.


Matching tops and bottoms that go together is a great way to get dressed without hassle. You need minimal effort to look stylish with these. Wear knitted sets, matching blazers and slacks, and printed crop tops with skirts this spring to ensure a trendy look. 

The matching set trend branches out to denim as well. Create a baddie outfit with a jeans skirt and jeans top and round it off with sneakers.  


Even the thought of spring fashion is incomplete without dresses. While floral-patterned maxi dresses are a must, you can also go with sundresses over t-shirts. The fitted bodices and puff sleeves are trending, and so are geometric patterned dresses. 

This year, sequined dresses will be a perfect way to get dressed for a spring evening festivity. 

Summer Fashion Trends for 2024

As temperatures begin to rise, follow catchy summer trends which help uplift your look. Beat the heat with clothes in clean lines, pastels and neutral colors. Here are a few trends for summer 2024:

  • Baggy-everything: whether you are wearing t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, and blazers, they’ve got to be slouchy.
  • Denim Overalls: Worn with one strap undone, denim overalls are ruling the streets, giving a hint of the model off duty style. 
  • Tennis Skirts: We love the cute and sporty look tennis skirts give to a summer ensemble. They will be one of the highly favored garments for spring and summer 2024.

Top Trends in Spring/Summer Accessories

Ace the spring and summer style this year with an up-to-date accessory collection. When it comes to footwear, chunky soles are the “in thing” this year. Edgy platform shoes, sandals, pumps and boots will dominate the streets. This footwear trend lends itself to multiple aesthetics that are trending nowadays.

This season, other variations to adorn your feet would be pointed toe heels, loafers and strapped sandals. 

Butterflies are a reminder of the onset of spring, and they will be used to adorn clothes and accessories this season. Pearls are also a popular embellishment option. 

It’s time to add the highly trending huge bags to your Spring/Summer 2024 wardrobe. Bucket hats are a new favorite for street looks in warm weather. Another retro inspired way to raise the style meter reading of your outfits is to wear candy colored shades.

Fall 2024 Fashion Trends

Stay updated with the fall season trends to make sure you are ready to end the summers on a voguish note. Once the warmer days of 2024 are over, women’s fashion will most likely be expressed with the following trends:

  • Brushed wool sweaters
  • Faux leather leggings
  • Midi skirts
  • Floor length dresses
  • Corset tops
  • Oversized blazers
  • White shirts with dark washed jeans
  • Feathered skirts
  • Fringed jackets
  • Puffer jackets
  • Knee high boots


What fashion trends are out in 2024?

Trends that are finally leaving in the year 2024 are high waisted pants, streamlined silhouettes, and skinny jeans. Checkerboard print is also known to retire this year, paving the way for artsy prints and geometrical patterns.

Are leggings out of style in 2024?

No matter how much we advocate for the baggy style that is ruling the fashion scape this season, leggings are here to stay. They are a wardrobe must have for those smart casual looks during spring, fall and winter.

Are skinny jeans out in 2024?

With the rise in popularity of the baggy, bootcut style, and mom jeans, skinny jeans are no longer trending. 

Are flare jeans in Style 2024?

Women nowadays enjoy relaxed flare jeans, which finally give them a break from fitted, sprayed on jeans. 


The soaring trends seen on the runways, streets and social media are quite different from what we were used to seeing in the past decade. Minimalist styles are getting replaced with vibrant hues, bold clothes and asymmetric silhouettes. By learning these 2024 fashion trends, you will stay ahead of the curve and carry modernistic looks with a flair that is your own.

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