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Suit Buttoning Rules for Men That You Must Know

suit buttoning rules

Men who tend to wear suits are often aware of suit buttoning rules, but some people have no clue. We have seen people following these rules because they are well aware of them, however, if you see someone who is quite random with his buttons, you can surely assume that he has no idea about what the suit buttoning rules are. 

It is all about understanding how to dress well, once you have the hang of it, you surely are going to understand the rest of the rules. When we talk about the suit buttoning rules, most people ask why are these rules so important? After all, they are just buttons. So let us help you to get to the actual point of it. 

If you do not follow any type of buttoning rules then your jacket is not going to take its proper shape. It might not drape in the right way causing creasing lines. These issues take your look from a ten to a zero, making people assume that you do not know how to dress. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about the suit buttoning rules so that you look properly dressed and give off a classy vibe. 

Why Should You Button Your Suit Correctly?

Why Should You Button Your Suit Correctly?

Before we move forward to how to button a suit in the right manner, you should first know why it is so important that you button your suit correctly. Let us talk about some reasons below: 

  • It lets people know that you are a keen observer and observe even the tiniest details. Men who rarely wear a suit often violate the buttoning rules. It is a great way to know people who fit your “type”. 
  • A buttoned jacket looks better whenever you are standing up, and gives a cleaner cut to your body. 
  • Whenever you sit, opening the button of your jacket is very important. You don’t want the button to detach from your blazer. Also, it is not an unstructured blazer that would not get creased. 
  • It is assumed that you are never going to fasten the second button. In today’s world, suits are cut in a way in which they do not drape, even after buttoning the bottom button. This process is done for the two-button suits or three-button suits. 

Some of you might be well aware of the rules, but the rest of you really should learn these rules. It is going to give you an enhanced look and will surely not de-shape your jackets or blazers. Before you get on to the buttoning rules, you should know that two factors decide how your jacket should be buttoned. 

  • Are you dressed in a single or a double-breasted blazer
  • How many buttons does your single-breasted jacket have? 1, 2, or 3?

It is essential for you to keep the factors in mind and then memorize the rules. Now let us hop right on to the suit buttoning rules. 

Single Breasted Jacket Buttoning Rules

Single Breasted Jacket Buttoning Rules

Talking about the single-breasted jacket, it has a button column and a thin flap on the front. The jacket is going to have buttons ranging from one to three and also a notch lapel. How should you button the jacket? Well, it all depends on the number of buttons it has. 

One Button Suit Jacket Rules 

One Button Suit Jacket Rules 

The number of buttons a jacket has determined the suit type. It is known to be the type of suit which people traditionally used as evening wear. People now use it as a cocktail attire too. 

This type of jacket has a single button and that button should be fastened while standing up, as it balances your look. While you sit down, don’t forget to open the button as you don’t want your jacket to crumple.  

Two Button Suit Jacket Rules 

Two Button Suit Jacket Rules 

The main rule for the two-button jacket suit is to put on the top button only and leave the second one open. Make sure to fasten the top button always when you stand up, and open it when you sit down so that no crease forms. You should never fasten the second button of your jacket. If you do so, it might seem like you are unaware of the suit buttoning rules. 

Also, if you fasten the second button, it will not give the sleek look that you want, and it is going to make you feel like you have gained extra weight. Keep the second button unfastened because that is the way in which the men’s blazers and suits are cut; such cuts are preferred while dressing in a business casual way. However, some exceptions can be made to the rule, which are: 

  • If you like long lapels, you can button the second button and then fold the lapel past the top buttonhole. 
  • There is a small chance that the jacket gives a better look if the second button is also fastened. 

Three-Button Suit Jacket Rules

Three-Button Suit Jacket Rules

The three buttons on the jacket are known to be “Sometimes, always, and never”. The first one is “sometimes”, the second is “always” and the third is “never”. If you are standing up, it is your choice if you wanna keep the top button open or not. While mentioning the second button, you should always fasten it while standing. The third button should never be buttoned. When you sit down, unbutton all of them. 

The lowest button shouldn’t be fastened as your movement will get restricted. The one on the top is hidden due to the lapel. If the top button is hindered by the fold of the lapel, do not button it. 

Double Breasted Jacket Buttoning Rules

Double Breasted Jacket Buttoning Rules

If we look at the formal dress code, double-breasted jackets are one of the clothing items people prefer to wear. A double-breasted jacket should always be buttoned and it surely is very different from a button. This kind of jacket has 6 buttons but only 4 buttonholes. All the buttons have to be fastened which have working buttonholes. 

If you don’t feel like putting all the buttons make sure that you fasten the button on the top. If you are fastening all the buttons, leave the last button unfastened. 

Dress up in a blazer and jeans but choose the type of blazer wisely. You should know which occasion asks for which type of blazer, don’t overdo or underdo your look. 


Why do suits have two buttons if you only button one?

If you are going for a custom suit you can pick the number of buttons you want, however, it depends on the need. Having the second button is part of the tradition. Also, it is just to give the blazer a better look and make it look sleeker, and give a manly appearance. 

Is it ok to leave your suit jacket unbuttoned?

If you are looking for ways which talk about how men can dress well we know exactly what you should do. If you are wearing a suit, make sure to button up your jacket. Jackets are buttoned up to give a slimming structure to your body. The cut is portrayed well and fits you completely. So according to conventional wisdom, you should always button your jacket and not leave it unbuttoned.

Should a suit jacket be tight?

For the semi formal attire, people prefer to wear suits and have a question in which they ask about the fitting of the suit jacket. So, no, the suit jacket should not be tight. The fabric should hug you enough to give you the right fitting but should not constrict you. 


Now we know how important it is to button your suit jacket or blazer properly. Do not forget to imply these rules the next time you wear a jacket. It is better to know the fashion rules than to be uninformed as it creates a great impact, 

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