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The Go-To Palewave Men’s Style Guide

palewave mens style guide

Gone are the days when the over-saturated monochromes dominated streetwear. A new movement has risen amongst the fashion moguls that pivot more towards the pale and slim-fit clothing style. At a time when streetwear has become outrageously expensive, Palewave feels like a breath of fresh air because not only is it easily attainable but also affordable. 

Palewave helps you achieve the soft boy image as the colors are predominantly neutral with a blend of industrial shades like black and grey. 

What Is Palewave? 

A classic men’s staple, Palewave is a fashion aesthetic that centers on muted and pale colors. It’s perfect for people who love staying comfortable and keeping it light during summers. The best thing about this trend is that it is affordable and low-key in every sense of the word. 

The general view regarding pale wave is that it’s only bound to summers. However, this style, like mod fashion or techwear, is great for self-expression throughout the year. The leading fashion style can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe; you can easily mix and match clothes and play with the muted palette. Be as experimental as you like since there are no mandatory rules to abide by. 

Palewave Color Palette

Palewave Color Palette

When we talk about pale wave style, we must ponder upon the general color palette it is composed of. You’re bombarded with queries like “what colors are considered palewave?” and “what colors are not palewave?

Generally speaking, pale waves colors follow a muted and industrial color scheme but it shouldn’t seem to limit at all. You can play with neutral colors like beige, baby pink, light blue, lime green, etc. The colors are pleasing to the eyes and not too bold. The idea is to keep it minimal and sophisticated. 

You don’t need professional guidance to look effortlessly cool in palewave style; however, it might be confusing to select the best palewave pieces for yourself if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for and how you want to use it. 

Now, what is included in pastel colors? Well, the list starts with stormy sky, bark, limestone and ends with olive, mushroom, fawn and deep-sea shades. Join the palewave movement and create super cool and relaxed aesthetics by using a blend of these colors. 

Men Styling Guide – How to Dress Palewave? 

Palewave style is a rave amongst men. If you want to join the palewave movement, we can help you discover the basic palewave essentials to achieve the aesthetic of palewave style.

Shirts and Tops

Shirts and Tops

The palewave can essentially be categorized as a subgenre and so it is important to find pieces that fit into this bracket. Palewave tops include basic tees, knits, jumpers and chambray shirts, etc. You can wear subtle prints and patterns, loose cuts as well as oversized tops. As opposed to popular belief, you have several color options like cream, grey, light blue, white, and even baby pink. 

Pants and Denim

Pants and Denim

If you’re creating a palewave style you want to add light wash denim jeans to your wardrobe. Apart from this, you can add tailored jogger pants along with linen pants and chambray shorts. There are many types of pants if you want to pair them with hoodies and t-shirts. 

If you’re going for denim, you can go for fitted and skinny jeans as well as baggy and loose alternatives. Some great choices for pants include grey wool pants, bluestone jeans, slim-cut khaki, tapered chinos, etc. The fitting and color scheme of the pants is important and so it becomes essential to pair them with the right colors and styles of shirts. 

Leather Jackets & Outerwear

Leather Jackets & Outerwear

Outerwear is responsible for bringing the entire look together. Whether you’re dressing up for chilly summer nights or breezy winter mornings, the palewave trend is almost guaranteed to help you create standout looks. 

You can maintain the pale palette and use denim jackets, suede jackets, blazers, bomber leather jackets, rain jackets, and more to add layers to your outfit. Put on comfortable hoodies and sweatshirts in the sand, grey, light blue, and beige colors. The Jacket Maker is known for producing lightweight outerwear that includes leather jackets and leather coats in a muted color scheme. Therefore, take your pick and launch into the world of palewave by investing in good quality outerwear. 



One way to uplift a neutral look is to add dope leather shoes like leather sneakers and vans in old-school style. There are several brands that can design great footwear and that too at inexpensive rates. Thus, palewave your way to work or university in muted and pale-colored shoes. Don’t just feel limited to a pair of white-colored sneakers; you can invest in grey, light blue, and even pink-colored shoes. 


What color hat for palewave streetwear?

The general color palette that is followed in palewave style are muted and neutral shades. You can wear a hat in the same milieu by avoiding bold and dark shades like burgundy and military green, etc. The best thing to do is to match the color of your shoes with the hat. 

Is palewave streetwear?

Palewave is not exactly like streetwear but it is the best alternative if you’re aiming for an affordable and simple outfit. Both seek comfort but one is comparatively more expensive than the other. 

Can you wear Red in palewave style?

Yes, you can go ahead with the red color but it is important to choose a shade that is muted and light. 

Is black allowed in palewave style?

Industrial colors like black and white as well as grey are included in palewave style. 

In Conclusion

The basic palewave men’s style guide is easy to maintain and affordable to invest in. Men can create multiple looks using the minimal clothing items in their capsule wardrobe. The idea is to stick to a particular color palette and conform to loose cuts and baggy style. 

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