Stylish Ways to Wear One Shoulder Top Outfits

one shoulder top outfits

In recent times we have seen how everyone is talking and acquiring normcore aesthetic fashion. When we dive deeper into it, we realize that normcore is everything a person owns in his or her wardrobe. Style has been so diverse in the fashion industry today that whatever you wear if you wear it with confidence it is going to be loved by all. 

However, our women buy a lot of clothes, wear them once and then stand in front of their cupboard saying “I do not have anything to wear”. Ladies, that is not true, even you all know that. But we are well aware that you are bored of your consistently worn clothes. Well, worry not, you can always give your clothes a different look.

When talking about clothing pieces, some outerwear never seems to go out of style and you feel like wearing them again and again, like some cute one shoulder top outfits. Yeap, one shoulder tops are really chic and edgy and girls seem to love them. 

Off-shoulder has been in fashion since the 1960s when it was called the ‘Bardot’. Evolutions and upgrades have been seen and now we have the one shoulder tops and dresses. So, in this blog, we are going to walk through some stylish ways in which you can wear one shoulder top outfits. Let us get styling!  

How To Style One Shoulder Top In 8 Ways

From styling a t-shirt with jeans, a coat over a dress or just simple sweats can take quite a thought. One shoulder tops seem to be quite casual, but mind you, they aren’t just casual. You can wear these tops almost anywhere, you should just have the right eye to do so. It is okay if you still are not aware of how you can style a one shoulder top in different ways. We have 8 ways in which you can do so.  

Long Sleeve One Shoulder Top Outfits

We might think that one shoulder outfits are just sleeveless, no, it is not true. Our one shoulder outfit might have a top with a long sleeve. Thinking about it, you might think it is not your thing but trust us, it exactly might be what you want. You can pick a sequined brown one shoulder top, pair it with bold colored high-waisted velvet pants. You can straighten down your hair, add sparkly hoops to your ears, put on a bold lip color contrasting your outfit. Slide on fancy diamante heels, pick up a clutch and you are ready. This complete look will make you look like a diva; wear it to a red carpet, a movie premiere, or even a birthday party, you can suit yourself.  

One Shoulder Crop Top Outfits

Crop tops are attractive and help you stand out from the crowd but it is even better if you pick a different crop top. Go for a red one shoulder top, it can be made out of satin which is going to enhance your look. You can pair boot cut denim jeans with them and some cute sneakers. If it is cold or you like wearing jackets then a cropped leather jacket is something you can slide over your outfit.

Formal One Shoulder Top

Have you ever thought that one shoulder top can also be worn as formal wear? That is absolutely true, you can slay a formal look with a one shoulder top. Pick a monochrome color either a black one shoulder top outfit or white or even some other nude color. Take out a solid shoulder full sleeve top and wear it with the same colored high-waisted flare pants. Put on kitty heels, let your hair down or tie it in a bun, wear a watch, accessorize a bit by adding a small necklace to your neck. Pick up your clutch or a tote bag depending on the occasion, and there you have your formal look. Such attire is great for formal dinners or meetings, or even if you are an office worker who likes to dress well every day, then this look is your catch.   

Black Trouser And One Shoulder Top Outfits

Black and white seem to be a match made in heaven, so why not pick an outfit based on these colors. If you are a baddie from high school who loves to stand out of the crowd, is daring, and makes all the moves, the following look is for you. Pick out a fierce white one shoulder tank top that you can tie and adjust according to yourself from the waist. Take out black leather trousers from your wardrobe and wear your stilettos with them. Get your perfect tan for your outfit, and accessorize a bit, add statement earpieces and a chain to your neck. Girl, you are ready to stupefy everyone.  

One Off Shoulder Dress

All types of dresses are complete bliss. Wear them out with friends, to a picnic, to a party, they just stand out everywhere. The same goes for the blouson dress. You can pick out a one off-shoulder blouson dress, as nude colors are in the running, so you can go for it. Go with the flow of the mantra that less is more, so all you have to do is wear matching heels with the dress. Add dangling earpieces to your ears, blowdry your hair, put on nude lip color and that is all. This highly simple look is going to be extremely attractive.

One Shoulder Workout Top

With your off shoulder outfit ideas submerged in your workout outfit, you can get a quite catchy look. If you are heading to the gym, you should still look extremely attractive. You can wear a one shoulder workout crop top, pair with sweats or Bermuda shorts. Slide on your jogger shoes, tie your hair in a high ponytail, pick up your gym bag and head out for your workout.   

One Sleeve Tank Top

For the perfect beach day, you require a separate outfit that should make you look stunning. If you are someone who likes to attend beach parties or just sunbathe on the shore we know what you should wear. For a beach party, you can wear a one sleeve tank top and put on a high slit twisted maxi skirt with it. Wear some cute floral flip flops with your outfit, paint your nails red, wear some layered metal necklaces, put on your sunshades and you are ready. This drop dead gorgeous look is going to make you look like a style queen 

One Shoulder Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuits are essential when you want to give your attire a tucked in look. You can wear a cute one shoulder bodysuit outfit with satin lace to tie on your shoulder. As we all know that denim is everyone’s best friend, then pairing your bodysuit with any denim bottom wear would look cool. However, a denim skirt is going to look the best as it gives a more feminine look. Put on slides, add hoops to your ears, pick out a circle bag to give your look more dimension. Ta-da, you are ready for a pub party, or even for a movie with friends. 


How to wear one shoulder top?

You can wear almost anything with one shoulder top, like leather pants, leather boots, and make it a leather jacket outfit. Or just give it a summer look with denim shorts, flip flops, and sunshades. Or add a formal element to make it look completely formal

What to wear with one shoulder dress?

If you are going for an off shoulder slip dress add a statement necklace to your neck, some metal cuffs to your wrists, and rings to your fingers. Wear stilettos with your dress, let your hair down, put on bold lip color and that is all. Do not forget to take a matching clutch with it. 

Are one shoulder tops still in style in 2023?

One shoulder tops are very much in style in the year 2023 as well. With spring and summer approaching, women love wearing one shoulder tops. 

Can you wear a one shoulder top with jeans? 

You surely can wear a one shoulder top with jeans. Denim goes with almost any top, thus denim looks stylish when paired with a one shoulder top. 

What are some of the fabrics one shoulder tops are made of?

One shoulder top can be made out of jersey knit, satin, chiffon, leather, and many more.  

Will a necklace or chain clash with a one shoulder top? 

A necklace or chain will not clash with a one shoulder top. Wear them in a way that settles over the one shoulder top, over its fabric. 


These were the 8 stylish ways in which you can style your one shoulder top. Whether it be casual, formal, party wear, or gym wear, you can put on a one shoulder outfit almost anywhere you go. Pair it with the right outerwear and we are sure that you are not going to be disappointed with this very versatile top, loved by all women. 

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