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Fashion Trends to Follow in 2023

2022 fashion trends

If you’re the one that follows every fashion trend religiously, then you surely do not want to miss this one. 2023 is for the bold and the brave, for those who don’t fear exploring the most creative and innovative trends and embracing them whole-heartedly. Giving their wardrobes a personal touch.

This year we saw all kinds of fashion trends, from parka jackets to show-stopping sweaters, sound style jeans, etc. The fashion-forward streets embraced the maximalist aesthetic, playing with vibrant colors and funky patterns and taking the unconventional route. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top trends of 2023 for men and how you can style them from the comfort of your homes. 

Here are the top fashion trends of 2023: 

Full-Placket Polos

The men’s wardrobe picked up on the versatile, easy-going, yet stylish polos that made for great layering items and tops. While some wore powder blue, grey and dark green colors, others tried more vibrant ones such as orange, red, and even pink. 

Depending on the weather, you can quickly grab your favorite long or short-sleeved polo, pair it with matching shorts or pants or wear it with a jacket for indie guy fashion. Finish your look with a pair of matching shoes, a metal chain, a watch, or a lovely silver bracelet. 

Dust Coat

A light, casual dust coat has become a wardrobe staple for every man after it was flaunted at the fashion walks of 2023. It is inspired by a trench-coat and a peacoat and was carried flawlessly by various celebrities who embraced this fashion fever in complete style. 

If you are not used to wearing coats, go for colors like browns, pastels or neutrals to not look over the top. For example, pair your khaki shirt and pants with a light beige dust coat and black shoes for a bit of contrast. 


One of our favorite comebacks from the ’70s fashion is a classic jumpsuit with a certain elegance, which can elevate any wardrobe. While these jumpsuits were mostly considered workwear, you can modernize the hem by wearing the oversized utilitarian style or short ones to quickly parade in them at casual events. 

For example, go for soft material like cotton and choose colors like pastel blue for a clean, crisp yet casual oversized jumpsuit and pair it with white sneakers and a contrasting watch. Or you could even go for a knee-length beige jumpsuit and pair it with your black turtle neck, socks and shoes for fun yet sharp look. 


After being stuck in lockdown for almost two years, the world needed fresh air and colors, and what better way than wearing a comfy, colorful sweater that looked like it just came out of a child’s closet. 

If you want to stick to this style, go for youthful and creative knitwear in colors like yellow, pink, red, or even multicolor and team it with lighter clothing pieces for a great summer appeal. of course, you can always play with different patterns, funky shoes and glasses for a more relaxed yet innovative look. 


While many designers played with various colors, others stuck to the classics with a sharp, crisp monochrome style, primarily revolving around the statement colors: black and white. If appropriately styled, you can easily pull this off for workwear, business dinners, or even a hangout with friends. 

For example, pick a statement black leather jacket and pair it with a crisp white tee, black pants, and white shoes for a contrast. On the other hand, if you want to go for complete black, then pick a black windbreaker, and pair it neatly with matching pants, joes, and a watch to complete the look. 

Varsity Jackets 

Another excellent fashion comeback from the 80s is a statement varsity jacket that ticks all the boxes for a classic, dashing appearance. Instead, go for wide-cut or boxy jackets in black, brown or grey, for a conventional impression. 

Team your jacket with ripped jeans for a more casual look, especially if you want to pay homage to the 80s. But, of course, you can always choose some printed, fashionably cut ones for a more modern appearance and pair them with matching bottoms, a lighter layering material and classy sneakers.


Gone are the days when a vest was used just as an inner or an article of supporting clothing. In 2023 the vests are the show’s center for the right reasons. You can get anything between cable knit, pleatings, and even leather if you want that stylish, sturdy appearance. 

For example, go for a quilted leather vest or a brown tuxedo vest and wear it over a classic white t-shirt and denim jeans for a casual yet refined look. Finish the look with matching shoes and a statement watch to seal the deal. 


Now that we’ve gone over different apparel tops and bottoms, you can select from some killer accessories to complete your macho appearance and give your outfit a bit of a personality. The year 2023 drooled over thick heavy chains that offered a very dandy vibe and instantly elevated the whole look. 

If you’re wearing a shearling or tweed blazer, wrap a gold-tier silk scarf to add more depth to the upper side and look more refined. You can also try a big slouchy beanie or statement fedoras that make up a great headcover and look highly stylish as per fashion standards. 


How to tie a shirt around the waist?

Go for a matching checkered shirt (long-sleeved), unroll it, and adjust it below your waist to cover you from the waist down. Then take your sleeves and tie them around the waist front. Do this when you are wearing tees and jeans for a casual, fun look. 

How did people dress in the 70s?

The 70s revolved around bell-bottom jeans, polyester suits, shirts with jackets, and everything with color and patterns.

How to fashion frame?

– Select an appropriate frame that goes with the appearance you’re seeking.
– Go for darker colors that make it look more realistic, try and go with four colors. 
– Don’t put on random armors. Instead, go for ones that fit naturally. 

How to dress with swag?

If you want to dress with swag, go for a drop-crotch or baggy sweat pants and pair them with bright, patterned shirts. Next, choose matching caps, sunglasses, and a statement chain for a more swag look. 

Should all fashion trends be followed? 

No, you don’t have to follow all fashion trends. Just go for the ones that resonate with you and can align with your personality. Then, of course, you can always add a personal twist and customize the trends the way you want. 

The Bottom Line

This was our take on all the rage fashion trends of 2023 that hit the fashion weeks with a bang and were embraced by various celebrities, artists, and bloggers. You can style them the way we discussed or add different mix and matching elements for a more personalized appearance. 

Remember, this year is all about exploring the creativity within you and projecting it on the clothes you wear, which is why every piece is so unique, bold, and inspired by patterns, colors, and unconventional textures. Incorporate these features in your wardrobe, and you can upgrade almost any outfit. Good luck styling! 

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