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Stylish and Cozy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas that will Make you Look Chic

thanksgiving outfit ideas

It is that time of the year when you celebrate with your loved ones. Yes, you guessed it right! Thanksgiving is the tradition of celebrating the blessings of the year that passed. And such traditions should be enjoyed with friends and family. So, whether your family reunions and friends’ gatherings are fancy meet-ups or just informal events, we know that you want to look stylish and comfortable.

Fall and Thanksgiving make the perfect pair. Fall is the season where we get the chance to layer up on cozy attire and thanksgiving is the day we get to flaunt those stylish outfits.

A woman’s outfit cannot be crafted without considering the wardrobe staples. So, as it gets cooler, we should hold close to our big coats, leggings, and boots.

Hence, if you are wondering what to wear at Thanksgiving, then keep on reading. By the time you reach the end of this article, your mind will be full of stylish, warm, and chic outfit ideas! Why not celebrate with style?

Tailored Trousers

A well-fitted and well-tailored trouser is a charm in itself. They look good in solid colors such as black, blue, brown, burgundy, and gray. You can choose the trouser style as per your liking. For a full-length trouser, you can opt from straight-leg style, wide-leg style or cuffed style.

Now, with the selected pants you can wear a silk blouse and nice heels. Add a stylish necklace to elevate the whole look. 

Another outfit can be crafted with a nice beige turtleneck sweater with brown trousers. Add a spark to this monochrome look by adding a pair of big gold hoops. 

However, if you are interested in cropped trousers, we recommend you get one in black. Wear a lace top with long sleeves and add the perfect black pumps to keep up with the stunning ensemble.

Do the Denim

Holidays are incomplete without denim. Why not make it a denim-themed thanksgiving dinner and get your family to wear their favorite denim apparel.

We suggest you wear your basic blue denim with a pretty blouse. Add a well-fitted blazer on top. You may even swap the blazer with a lovely knitted sweater. Either way, your thanksgiving dressing is on point.

If you are the girl who doesn’t want too much of a hassle deciding what to wear then we got you covered too. A blue denim jumpsuit caters to all your needs. Wear a full-sleeve round-neck shirt and pumps. You may even top it with a cardigan for a cozy feel.

However, if you are in search of something unique then try wearing a denim shirt with a leather skirt. This is a truly exclusive combination for thanksgiving. Wear stilettos or heels and add some glittering jewelry to complete the whole look.   

Don the Bodycon

Whenever in doubt, go for a black bodycon dress. A black fitted dress for thanksgiving is nothing short of being the center of attention. Adding black stylish stilettos to the ensemble will guarantee all eyes on you. There are many ways to dress sexy and this is one of them.

If you like to make a bold entry, choose a halter neck bodycon dress and add a statement belt. Wear your classic black pumps to add style and glamor to the outfit.

However, if you were too busy to plan your thanksgiving outfit and now you are running short of time, you need not worry. We present you a tried and tested outfit combination –a black bodycon dress with a black women’s biker leather jacket on top. Add a pair of black leather pumps and strike ten on the fashion meter.

Flaunt the Skirt

A plaid mini skirt has thanksgiving written all over it. When you pair it with a turtleneck light sweater it becomes the ultimate outfit of the season. Ankle boots or knee-high boots work well with the skirt. If you want a cozier feel, you may add leggings or tights.

Another chic combo is just a shuffle of the items mentioned above. Pick a neutral-toned mini skirt and a turtleneck top. Add your preferred boots and top them with a plaid shacket. Shacket is the new kid in town –a blend of a shirt and jacket and recent addition to the fall staple.

Nevertheless, if you’re up for some fun then you should craft an outfit with a floral skirt. Pick a feminine knitted blouse with some fancy details that won’t go unnoticed. Match it with a flowing floral printed skirt or one with layered frills. Adding up ankle boots and some cute jewelry will make the whole outfit adorable.   

Dress up in a Dress

Dresses can be labeled as timeless thanksgiving apparel. The classic knee-length dress with long pleated sleeves paired with knee-high boots carries a romantic look that can work for anyone. However, you can choose from a variety of dresses as per your liking/persona.

Women who like to keep it girlish can opt for a lovely floral printed flowing dress with short sleeves. Wear it with tall boots. If you feel the winter chill more than normal people do, then top this outfit with a cardigan. However, if you want a touch of rebellion then go for a black leather jacket instead.

For a grand and elegant take on your thanksgiving outfit we recommend you try a long maxi dress. Add a pair of black wedges to complete the look.

If you are still searching for that unique dress that is the epitome of the latest fashion trends and needs of the fall season, then lo and behold, we present you with ….a classic turtleneck sweater dress in light beige. Pair it with tall pointed-toe boots in snake print to transform the unique dress into a statement dress.

As a bonus outfit tip, we suggest you try a gingham printed dress because it tends to stay in fashion. Pick the gingham print in a color of your choice with puffy sleeves and wear matching booties. When you will see the charm it emanates, you will realize that this is one of the chicest thanksgiving looks.

Feel the Fur

Wrap up with style on thanksgiving with a fur coat outfit. The fall season is the host to bold colors, so why not opt for a fur coat in a bold color? For a sophisticated look, wear an all-black ensemble and top it with a maroon fur coat. It gives your personality a touch of class.

You can also style a casual look by wearing a simple shirt and denim with sneakers. Top it with a fur coat in any neutral tone.

For creative women, we recommend you to try a multi-colored fur coat. Pick a base color and wear a monochrome outfit underneath this stunning fur coat.

For a refined and smart look, you can pair a black turtleneck shirt with blue jeans. Wear a cheetah-printed fur coat on top and add a pair of black heels. We can guarantee that your friends and family will be thanking you for this elegant and chic outfit idea for them to copy.


How to dress for Thanksgiving Day?

Any dress that looks stylish and keeps you in your comfort zone is ideal for Thanksgiving Day. A pretty oversized sweater, a flowing floral-printed dress, or a bodycon dress are some examples.

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with family?

Wear a dress that is cozy and warm when dining with the family. Try a cozy sweater on top of a basic shirt and jeans combo or a loose-fitted jumpsuit.

What colors to wear on Thanksgiving?

Since Thanksgiving is a part of the fall season, colors such as mustard yellow, brown, rust, deep olive, and warm beige would look good.

Can you wear a sweater dress for Thanksgiving?

Yes. A sweater dress is a basic fall wardrobe staple and one of the most beloved thanksgiving outfits.


Thanksgiving is a holiday where there are no rules. You can go for different styles of clothing according to your persona and style. So, if you have lots of cooking on your part, don’t worry, we have done the hard part for you. In the article above, we have mentioned a variety of outfit ideas suitable for the holiday. Check them out now!

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