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Outfit Guide on What Shoes To Style With Khaki Pants 

shoes for khaki pants

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to your personal style? Are you tired of the same old blue and black options when it comes to pants? If your answer is yes to these questions then what are you waiting for? Get up and reinvent your wardrobe! Lucky for you, we know just the clothing piece to start you off with – Khaki Pants.

Khaki pants are a great option if you’re looking to change things up. Their overall style is a mix of preppy and polished. Unlike the standard black and blue pant options, khaki pants have a warmer tone to them. Not only that but, they also come in a number of different shades. The usual color of khaki pants is a solid tan. Their tone, however, can be lighter or darker, but the base remains an iconic khaki. 

The best thing about khaki pants is that they work all year round. Their eccentric tone works well with beige and red in the warmer months. Black and brown are great options to pair khaki with in the colder ones. 

Chinos vs Khaki Pants

You may hear the words khaki and chinos used interchangeably but the two are actually different. Chinos are a style of pants that are made of lightweight cotton. They come in various colors but the actual style is referred to as chinos. Khaki pants instead, are used to denote ‘khaki-colored chinos’. So rather than a style, khaki pants are also about the fit and formality.

Different Colored Shoes That Look Great With Khaki Pants

Khaki is a unique color. A color of such intensity has to be paired with complementary colors for it to stand out. Figuring out what works with khaki isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The most important part of any outfit is the leather shoes. Shoes are a reflection of one’s personality. They set the tone for the overall outfit. 

Trying different combinations of shoes that pair well with khaki pants can take forever. To make things easier for you we have narrowed it down to 5 colors of shoes, with khaki pants, that work wonderfully. To further help you out, we have come up with some outfit ideas that include different colored shoes with khaki pants.

White Shoes

White Shoes

White is a color that looks great with everything. White and khaki are an elite color combination. As mentioned before, khaki pants come in a number of different tones. White shoes and khaki pants create a fashionable duo.

Khaki pants with a slight green touch to them look amazing with white sneakers. Pair the pants with a white shirt to create a stylish summer look.

Streetwear fashion is on the rise and how could khaki pants not be a part of it. Khakis with leather sneakers are an easy streetwear look. Pair, a striped baggy shirt with beige-toned khaki pants. Add a snap-back and white sneakers to complete this chill summer streetwear look. 

Black Shoes

Black Shoes

Going for a casual but put-together look? Pair tan pants with black shoes. All you need now is a black polo tee to complete the look. 

When picking khaki pants to pair with black shoes, remember to pick a more neutral shade of khaki. Nothing too harsh or too tan. We don’t want two dominant colors to clash now, do we? 

Khaki pants are a great color to wear in the fall time. The tan tone sets the mood for the rustic season. 

For the perfect look, pair a brown leather jacket with a light blue collared shirt. Add on khaki pants and black combat boots to complete the look. 

Homecoming is a great time for boys to express their personal style. If you’re looking for a suit to separate you from the rest, then we suggest you pick a tan-toned khaki one. Pair it with a black button-down or a black tee to really stand out. Add on black oxfords to finish off an incredible homecoming outfit

Brown Shoes

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes are the signature color of shoes for a formal event. Brown pairs well with so many different colors and looks especially excellent with khaki. Pair a black shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes for an easy formal look. Or, pair beige pants with brown shoes for a more semi-formal look.

Workwear fashion can get quite tedious, with the usual blacks and beige. Spruce your style up a bit and experiment with different color combinations. Pair a blue button-down shirt with light-toned khaki pants. Add on light brown moccasins to complete the look. 

If you’re more of a boots guy then we have just the outfit idea for you. Pair a white and gray tee with beige-toned khaki pants. Add on an orange-toned bomber jacket and brown Chelsea boots to finish off the look. This outfit is bound to turn heads.

Red Shoes

Red Shoes

The color red can be a bit intimidating. We know that but, if paired correctly it can create an intriguing outfit. Red colored casual shoes with khaki pants create a stylish look.

A red plaid shirt pairs well with khaki pants. Add on a pair of red sneakers and you have an everyday casual look.

The color red has this magnificent energy that can scare away middle-aged men. Honestly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Sure, red looks great on boys but it looks even better on men. 

Create a dapper look by pairing a blue button-down shirt with a black and white, striped sweater. Add on beige-toned khaki pants and red sneakers to complete the look. 

Gray Shoes

Gray Shoes

The color gray has more of a cooler undertone while khaki has a warmer one. Yet, the two look incredible when paired together.

Pair a gray shirt with khaki pants and gray shoes for a high-school sort of look. You can also swap the shirt for a sweater during the fall time.


Do Brown Shoes Go With Khaki Pants?

Yes, brown shoes pair well with khaki pants. The two colors create a perfect duo. 

Can I Wear Black Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Yes, you can. Black shoes look great with khaki pants. It all depends on the tone of khaki pants you choose. 

Does Gray Go With Khaki

Yes, gray does go with khaki. The two together create a refreshing outfit.

Get On The Khaki Train

The color khaki is like a beacon amongst a sea of darkness. Its tone is so unique that it brings radiance to any outfit. A khaki-colored bottom is a brilliant way to add variation to your everyday outfits. You can even wear khaki colored sneakers with khaki pants and go all out!

Khaki pants don’t just look good, they fit well, are lightweight, and are very comfortable. Once you figure out what shoes go with khaki pants, there is no stopping you. This is why we came up with this guide. We hope it helps you channel your fashionable side.

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