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Green Pants are Men’s New Best Friends – Learn How to Style

mens green pants outfit

Men’s essential clothing might consist of the same old two, three outerwear. Men feel like browns, blacks, blues, and whites are the only colors that seem to be attractive. Well, that is entirely wrong. Men tend to stay in their comfort zone, so even if they step out a bit they are going to know that there are so many outerwears with different colors which are a standout. 

Colors? Standout? Oh, men might then just say “Okay then tell us about fall outfits with olive green pants” Sir, if you think that this is a tricky styling then let us know that it ain’t. You can always style a green pants men’s outfit while styling a white shirt with it, pulling over a black blazer, and adding your favorite leather loafers. See, it was that easy!

If you still are confused then let us tell you that black chinos and denim jeans might be the perfect bottom wear but now green pants are becoming men’s new best friend. If you are willing to try out a look with the men’s green pants then carry on reading. This blog has every question answered.  

Reasons Why You Should Own Green Pants

With men’s outfits there is a lot to say but why should one own green pants? Do you ever think about how you notice people who are wearing distinguished outfits which are not mainstream? Well, if yes, then you already have an answer. Green pants are not the usual ones, so if you are wearing them anywhere, it is very likely for you to be noticed in every way. Pair your green pants with a white button-down shirt and slide over a peacoat, put on white sneakers, and there you have a simple and dapper look. Such a look does not require a lot of time but you see how just the color of the pants refreshes your look? 

On the other hand, green tends to add greater personality to any attire rather than brown or black. Moreover, green is an optimistic color that makes your perspectives more positive. 

What Matches With Green Pants?

It is very important to know the color scheme. You might be very well aware of styling the usual colors but what to wear with green pants?

  • Green pants black shirts or white shirts are one of the best combinations. How can anything go wrong with black or white, right?
  • With your olive green pants men’s outfit you can match tans, brown, and even yellows. A pop of color would never hurt with the cool olive green pants. 
  • For your footwear, avoid bold bright colors that are going to take away the limelight from your green pants. If you are wearing a blazer or suit jacket, button-down shirt, or even a t-shirt, pick footwear that has a neutral color. 

How To Style Green Pants

Now when you know why you should have green pants in your wardrobe and what colors match green pants, we are going to move to the styling. You should know that you can wear green pants with almost anything, whether it be, tank tops, fall jackets, sweaters, button-down shirts, suede or leather boots, oxfords, and whatnot. Think about outerwear and you can match green pants with it. So, let us turn your imagination into reality and style some outfits with green pants for you 

Casual Green Pants Outfit 

Casual Green Pants Outfit 

You don’t have to keep green bottoms for some special occasion, as you can wear this color almost every day or at any event. If you are dressing up casually just for running daily errands you can wear green joggers or sweatpants. Pull out a white t-shirt from your wardrobe and pair together olive green joggers or sweatpants, put on white canvas shoes with it and that is all. The green pants are going to give your white outerwear more character. This simple outfit is really classy and comfortable, you can literally spend your whole day in it. So let’s get going!

Combination Of Green Pants And Denim 

Combination Of Green Pants And Denim 

Denim is a man’s best friend so incorporating it in your outfit is a must. ‘Denim with green pants? For real?’ Yes sir, for real, and it is going to look dapper. Put on green pants and tuck in a white button-down shirt. You can layer it over with a blue sweater and then slide it over your denim jacket. Add a brown belt to your pants and wear contrasting brown suede shoes. Do you already find green pants with a jeans jacket quite alluring? We knew you would. This outfit is perfect for brunch dates, small parties, or even on a day out with friends/ 

Formal Outfit With Green Pants 

Formal Outfit With Green Pants 

We all have seen men wearing blue, black, or grey suits, but what do you think about going in a different direction and wearing a green suit? For your formal wear, you can always pick dark green pants and tuck in a black button-down shirt. Put on a black-tie, wear a green matching vest and a coat over your shirt and finish off with black loafers. Woah, that is a true smoking look. Different, attractive yet great addition to your formal dress family. This is perfect attire for business meetings, big parties, and weddings, you should look handsome everywhere.  

Green Pants With Turtleneck 

Green Pants With Turtleneck 

A turtleneck outfit is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Nowadays, we have seen how turtlenecks have gained popularity amongst all men and women, so we can never skip it while styling. You can take out sage-colored high-waisted pants and pair them together with a dark-colored turtleneck, tuck it in. To give it a vintage look wear an overcoat, a pea cap, and leather shoes. This outfit can be worn in winters when you are not willing to layer up a lot but you get the needed warmth through these clothing pieces. 

Knitwear And Green Pants

Knitwear And Green Pants

Sweaters are a must when it comes to styling. So, with your green cotton pants, you can wear a navy blue hand-knit sweater with a v-neck. To give your outfit more character, wear a leather jacket to add more texture. Sneakers or canvas shoes are going to suit your clothing. Wear this outfit on bike rides, to concerts, or just at any random place out with friends.  

Streetwear Green Pants Outfit Mens

Streetwear Green Pants Outfit Mens

Have you ever thought about how you can incorporate green pants into your streetwear? Take out your baggy green pants and you can wear a baggy statement brown hoodie over it. Wear your favorite pair of leather sneakers with it, wear a cool round hat, -boom, you have a cool baddie streetwear outfit. 


What goes with olive green pants?

Olive green pants work pretty well with a neutral-colored buttoned shirt, or just a simple black or white t-shirt to wear on an everyday basis. 

Do grey and green go together?

Grey and green go pretty well together, in fact, they are a match made in heaven. Green pants with a grey shirt tucked in, and a black blazer over it will give you a complete stud look.  

Does blue go with green?

Blue and green are colors that have the same sort of vibe, so yes they both work pretty well together. In fact, pair green pants with a blue denim jacket, this look will surely be edgy and very guy-like. 

Does green go with navy blue?

Navy blue is a dark tone and green works with any color that is dark. If the color does not seem to overshadow the green color then it will look great if paired with green. 
What color shirt goes with green pants?
White, black, grey, blue are some of the colors which will suit grey pants. Such colored shirts let the green pants have the limelight, making them more attractive. 


We usually have seen green cargo pants outfits and were not ready to accept the fact that other types of green pants also give an edgy look to your personality. So, we are sure that after reading this blog, all the men are going to buy green pants or dig them out of their wardrobe. It is necessary for us to take a chance when it comes to how it looks as changes are always great. Also, if you pair up your old clothing pieces with your different outerwear you are going to have a different look, which means there are no repeated clothing pieces ever. 

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