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What Are the Right Pants for Your Jean Jacket?

what pants to wear with jean jacket

Men’s fashion is a contrasting combination of two different ideas. On the one hand, we see a lot of diversity and nuance. There are hundreds of stylish items to choose from and thousands of unique outfits to craft. But, on the other hand, we see a lot of consolidation and the power only a few items have on the whole male fashion industry. One such item is the coveted jean jacket. 

This guide is about using them in stylish outfits and understanding what pants to wear with your jean jacket.

Status of Jean Jackets

Denim is a core part of modern men’s fashion. The pants made from denim are literally the most famous pants in the world. However, pants are the only things this fabric is good for, and the jean jackets made from the material are not far behind in prestige.

In fact, to say that jean jackets are a must-have would be an understatement. They are the type of jacket to own above anything else. The only other jacket that comes close to the popularity and potential of jean jackets is the leather jacket, but that is in a realm of its own.

What Makes Jean Jackets So Good?

There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of jean jackets, like their a-tier durability and lightweight qualities. However, one reason stands tall above all else, and that is the universal nature of jean jackets. The jean jacket in your closet will work with almost anything and everything.

You don’t have to worry about how to wear the denim jacket, as it just fits right in with your existing outfit. That being said, not all jean jacket outfits are created equal, especially when it comes to pants.

Best Pants to Wear with a Jean Jacket

Shirts and other stuff under the jacket will get covered and go unnoticed. The pants, on the other hand, will attract all the attention, and your overall look with the jean jacket depends heavily on your selection of pants. Sure, it will work with any pair of pants but choosing the right one will be the difference between an OK jean jacket and pants outfit and an amazing one. So, here are the types of pants that you should wear with your jean jacket.

Khaki Pants

Khaki Pants

Let’s start our list with a classic combination of khaki pants and blue jean jackets. All you need for this look is a pure white crewneck t-shirt and a pair of white low-top sneakers, that is it. You might think that this outfit is way too simple, and it is, but it is also elegant in its simplicity. Worn with confidence, your ensemble may look minimalistic but not bland.

If the classic khaki and blue jean jacket combo feels too default, then you can switch things up by opting for a green jean jacket. The best shirt for this outfit would be a black turtleneck and a pair of black high-tops. Khaki is very well-suited for other colors of jean jackets like black and brown. Just make sure to pick the shirt and shoes accordingly.



Next in line is the comfort king of men’s pants, sweatpants or joggers. The style you will be going for with these pants for a denim jacket is very loose and easygoing. This might not work if your denim jacket is too fit, so wear it accordingly. A pair of gray or black sweatpants combined with a black printed t-shirt and a blue jean jacket is all you need to slay the casual style.

Another point of customization in this combo comes from footwear, as you have plenty of freedom to choose the type and color. Everything from low-top sneakers to tactical boots is an acceptable option. Though, the best match is certainly a pair of colorful basketball shoes. Their color can be anything between blue and white and pink and white. As long as it doesn’t outshine the rest of the outfit, you’re good.

Camo Pants

Camo Pants

Camo pants are an unexpected match for jean jackets. They not only work with jean jackets, which is surprising on its own, but they work flawlessly well. Now, you might think that camo pants and sweatpants will have a similar vibe with a jean jacket, but they cannot be more further apart. Instead of the loose outfit styles of sweatpants, camo pants are well-fit and to-the-point.

Such an outfit requires a pair of well-fitting camo pants, a plain black t-shirt, a light blue jean jacket, and a pair of brown tactical boots made from leather. You can switch out the jacket for a black one, but you will have to swap the boots for black ones as well.

Plaid Pants

Plaid Pants

The pants we’ve looked at so far have given us a certain vibe to work with. Some fit better with loose clothing, while others like to be sharp. Plaid pants, however, give this choice to you. An example of a loose outfit would be a pair of gray plaid pants with a jean jacket in dark blue and a casual white button-down.

On the other hand, a great example of the sharp side of plaid pants would be a pair of charcoal plaid followed up by a maroon turtleneck and a distressed jean jacket. The footwear, in this case, would be a pair of white low-tops for a neutral but complete look.

There is also a wide middle ground between these two extremes. So, you can experiment with your pair of plaid pants and try to find the balance that works best for you.



Chinos are the perfect blend of casual and professional. They aren’t quite on the formal level, but they still work flawlessly in offices, business meetings, and other professional settings. Not to mention the levels of comfort a pair of chinos provide. So, is it a surprise to anyone that they are fully compatible with jean jackets as well?

Chinos belong to a very preppy style of clothing, and the outfits with them should reflect that. A warm and good-looking combination is light olive green chinos with a white button-up, a deep space blue sweater, and a navy blue jean jacket. Another chinos outfit with a similar idea but much less work is the black turtleneck with a pair of dark-gray chinos and a light blue jean jacket.



We’ve saved the best match for the last, and there is nothing else that even comes close to this. Sure, a lot of fashion is subjective, and men have different tastes, but there is something about rocking a jean jacket jean pants combo that just suits everyone.

The best part about this combo is how easy it is to set up. You just have to pick a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, or any t-shirt from your wardrobe, and you’re done. That is all you need. It is sometimes even simpler than wearing leather jackets.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is to avoid wearing the exact shade for both the jacket and the pants unless you’re intentionally going for the Canadian tuxedo look. Wearing the same can work with certain shades in certain situations, but it will look awkward in most others.

What Color Pants To Wear With Jean Jackets?

Picking the design for your right jean jacket and pants combo is critical. But there is another important piece to this puzzle, which is the color of the pants. This is, honestly, not talked about enough, even though it can have a massive effect on your final look. So, what color pants should you wear with jean jackets?

The Usual Colors

First, we have colors that are pretty much expected. The most used colors of neutral outfits that include black, gray, and white. Styling for these specific colors is incredibly easy and can be done in a matter of minutes for most outfits.

Then there are the light gray, charcoal, blue, and brown colors that are also common enough to be considered the usual. Figuring out how to style these can take some time, depending on the exact shade of the pants, but it can still be done in a short enough time.

The Unusual Colors

These colors are the ones that look great with jean jackets, but hardly anyone wears them. The most prominent example of these would be tan pants. They are vibrant and full of life and a perfect match for blue jean jackets.

Similarly, burgundy pants also fall in the category of vibrant and lively with a bit more flair. If we go a step further into unusual pants colors for jean jackets, we reach green and red. Integrating pants of these colors into your day-to-day activity would be difficult, but they are so worth the effort.

FAQs – What Pants To Wear With Jean Jacket

What Can I Wear A Jean Jacket With?

Jean jackets are incredibly versatile, and they work with almost everything. You can just wear an outfit that you wear regularly, let’s say jeans and a t-shirt, and throw a jean jacket on top to instantly improve your overall look. Above, we’ve discussed the various types of pants you can wear with jean jackets. As for the shirts, button-ups, casual button-downs, crewneck t-shirts, V-necks, turtlenecks, and hoodies are all viable options.

What pants do I wear with a jean jacket?

Jean jackets work flawlessly with both black and blue jeans and slightly loose-fitting sweatpants. Chinos and khaki pants are fantastic options if you need something a bit sharper that you can wear to your work as well. Lastly, camo pants are perfect for weekends and when heading out for a hike.

Is It OK to Wear A Jean Jacket with Jeans?

Yes, it is absolutely OK. In fact, this combo can look majestic if you pull it off correctly. Just make sure that the shade of the jacket is different from the pants. Even a slight difference will do just fine. Also, the jacket can be both darker or lighter than the pants as there are no rules regarding this.

Can You Wear Sweatpants with A Jean Jacket?

Yes, rocking sweatpants with a jean jacket is a quick and easy way of reaching the peeks of casual street style. The comfort of sweatpants combined with the looks of jean jackets make outfits that you can wear almost anywhere with a casual dress code and fit right in.

Do Black Jean Jackets and Blue Jeans Go Together?

Yes, they do. In fact, a black jean jacket and blue jeans combo are one of the best you can craft in a denim on denim outfit.

Final Words

To say that jean jackets hold a special place in men’s day-to-day casual fashion would be an understatement. They are right up there with leather jackets on the “must-have” status and provide enough benefits to justify their title.

The best part about owning a jean jacket is that you don’t have to do anything for it to be effective. Just wear it over your regular clothing, and you’re done.

But, if you put a little effort into choosing the right shirts and pants to go with your jean jacket, you can transform your overall sense of style drastically. You don’t have to follow some guidelines either.

Just experiment with the pants and shirts you already own. Note down the combinations that stand out from the rest, and you have your personal catalog of amazing jean jacket outfits.

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