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Leather Jacket Outfits Men: Look Your Best In Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket Outfits Men

Leather jackets outfits men are a versatile fashion. Let’s be honest, every guy out there has had an itch for an aesthetic leather jacket at some point in life. Here is how you can wear them correctly without ruining the classic vibe.

Men’s Leather jackets are an absolute wardrobe staple. If you do not own at least one of them, you are missing out on a lot. However, it’s not that late to be back in the game.

So, it is your time to sit back and enjoy, as we present you the ultimate leather jacket outfits men guide to help you make the right choice.

History Of Men’s Leather Jackets 

Before becoming everyone’s favorite fashion accessory, leather jackets were a practical clothing item. Historian narrates back its origin to the 1900s as military wear for soldiers.

 During the first World war, German fighter pilots started wearing a leather jacket as protective gear at high altitudes which, later on, became an essential part of military uniforms.

In 1928, our favorite leather jackets made their debut in the fashion world. The initial design was similar to the modern leather biker jacket, featuring a bold zip closure instead of a button-up, which was part of the conventional design at that time.

From that day and until now. Leather jackets remained a timeless clothing trend and never went out of style!

Choosing The Right Leather Jacket

If you are a newbie and do not know anything about what to look for while buying a leather jacket, we have got you covered. Here are all the qualities that define a good quality leather jacket and can make or break your whole look.

Leather Quality 

The true leather enthusiast can recognize authentic leather texture from the fake one by only touching it. However, you can also do so by looking into the leather grain. 

The top grain leather is considered the most appropriate for authentic leather jackets, as it is made by smoothing out all the textures and scars from the animal hide, giving out a lightweight and polished look.

It might be a little heavy on your pocket but will last you a lifetime.

The Right Color 

Choosing the right color is another crucial factor, especially if you are aiming to get your hands on a versatile piece to complement all your outfits.

If you are not good at experimenting then play it safe and go for the classic black or shades of brown and tan. However, green, red, white, orange, and blue would be great choices if you are up for an edgy style statement.

Features And Details 

As these jackets were first introduced as practical clothing items so different styles will have different features, so it is better to pick the one relevant to you.

The lining of your jacket is an important feature to look for, if you live in a cold weather area go for thick wool lining otherwise good quality cotton lining will work. also, ensure the right placement of zippers and pockets that suits your personality and style preferences.


There are so many styles of leather jackets available today that sometimes it gets confusing picking the right one. But, there are mainly two basic types, one that is the vintage and the modern, others are just the variations between the two.

The vintage leather jacket style would have a bulky look with a lot of hardware elements while the modern style would have a slim fit and sleek appearance. Whatever you choose please avoid going to the old-school styles that relate to the 70s and ’80s era.


There is no hard and fast rule to finding the jacket that fits well to your body. What’s important is that you feel confident and comfortable in the jacket, it can be a slim fit or a loose fit, it all depends upon your fashion inclination.

Having said that, there is no harm in getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with new styles to figure out the best for you.

How To Wear a Leather Jacket?

Although leather jackets are versatile clothing accessories that can transform your whole look effortlessly, figuring out what to wear with a leather jacket men is sometimes daunting. Here are some styling tips to make this task a little easy for you.

  • The leather jacket has a bold vibe. Make sure you have enough confidence to carry them the right way.
  • Choose the leather color that best compliments your clothing and footwear, going for a classic black or brown is a wise choice.
  • While styling a leather jacket outfit for men keep the outfit as simple as possible to let the jacket make the style statement.
  • If you want your authentic leather jacket to age well, take good care whilst protecting them against moisture and stress marks.

Leather Jacket Styles

Before styling a chic leather jacket outfit, it is better to look into all the versatile types of leather jackets men available and what styles go with which outfits and dress codes. So, without further waiting, let’s dive right into them!

Bomber Jacket 

The leather bomber jacket design is among the pioneer of leather jackets. Back in the nineteenth century, pilots wore them as flight jackets. The style of the jacket is simple and sleek and generally has a tight clinch across the wrist and waist.

Bomber jackets have become a popular trend these days and for all the right reasons.No matter, if it is a casual day at work or if you are up for a lunch date, the best of the best bomber jackets will never disappoint you. You can pair them with different clothing elements and accessories to pull off a chic look according to your fashion taste.

Biker Jacket

Biker or rider jackets, as their name suggests, were initially designed for bikers as practical riding gear. The sleek crop style allows bikers to move their body freely over the bike whilst providing them with extra protection with padded layers in case of an accident.

These jackets have an edgy bold vibe with some eye-grabbing hardware such as metal buckles, zippers, and poppers and a large lapel collar cut to fold over that can elevate the look of any outfit, effortlessly.

You can wear these leather jackets during the day or night while roaming around the streets or having fun at the club with your fashion game in check.

Racer Jacket 

A racer or cafe racer jacket is a modification of a biker jacket with a minimalist style and a sturdy vibe. The design usually incorporates a round collar, straight zippers, and two to four pockets on the chest and waist area.

These jackets trace back to the second world war time when people started taking more interest in motorbike racing at local cafes and bars, which led to the invention of this minimalist design. 

Racer jackets are not only stylish but the heavy back provides sufficient protection and coverage. This flattering jacket style is perfect to pair with your casual outfit for a sturdy look.

Flight Jacket 

The original flight jackets were initially designed with a shearling inner to keep the pilots warm at high altitudes and in extreme weather. Today, this jacket style is equally endorsed by both pilots and the general public, in fact, most pilots consider them an essential part of their flying gear.

The flight jacket is a practical yet fashionable variant of a leather jacket, perfect for the extreme winter season with enough amount of warmth. However, do not go overboard while layering it up with your winter clothes, rather try to keep it low-key with plain trousers and light-knit sweaters.

Field Jacket 

Field jackets have a very close association with military wear. They were initially made from cotton drill fabric but with time they were updated to leather material. The design consists of multiple pockets with slightly longer lengths than the usual jackets.

Unlike other leather jackets, you will often not see a field jacket playing around. They are some serious business and require a bold sense of style.

Outfits With Leather Jackets 

Now that you know all the leather jacket styles, it’s time to move forward to the actual and most awaited part which is men’s leather jacket outfits. Here are all ways you can wear your leather jacket outfit with a fresh and modern look.

1. Black Leather Jacket Men’s Outfit

1. Black Leather Jacket Men's Outfit

If you are new to leather jacket styling, opting for a classic black leather jacket men’s outfit is the safest option. A black leather jacket especially a biker jacket would complement all your casual outfits.

For Instance, you can wear them with a pair of black ripped jeans and high-top sneakers for an easy breezy casual look. For a bold and edgy vibe try styling the jacket with combat boots and black chinos. 

Additionally, adding a few accessories such as a metallic silver watch and a pair of stylish sunglasses would be a plus for this look.

2. Men’s Brown Leather Jacket Outfit 

2. Men’s Brown Leather Jacket Outfit 

Brown leather jackets men are an absolute style statement. Besides black, if there is one leather jacket that can be paired with most outfits in your wardrobe is a brown leather jacket.

For Instance, you can pair your brown leather jackets with black, navy blue, brown, tan, and khaki pants for a laid-back look. 

The choice of your footwear depends upon the formality of the occasion. However, crisp white sneakers, lace-up boots, leather loafers, and casual dress shoes are some suitable options to pair with your brown leather jacket outfit.

Matching the color of your leather shoes with your jacket. Is a good idea to color-coordinate your look.

3. Outfits With Red Leather Jacket

3. Outfits With Red Leather Jacket

If you want to stun everyone with your fashion sense by making a bold statement, a red leather jacket is all you need. Although most men do not feel very confident while carrying a red or burgundy leather jacket, it is a nice option for a casual fun look.

The red leather jacket is best paired with a white shirt ( can be a t-shirt or a dress shirt) and faded blue denim pants. You can opt for a ripped or distressed style but it is better to stick to the usual. For the choice of footwear go with the classic white pair of leather sneakers.

Other outfit options with a red jacket include black chinos and dark blue jeans outfits.

4. Casual Leather Jacket Outfits

4. Casual Leather Jacket Outfits

If you are a low-key person who has an ache for casual laid-back dressing then a leather jacket can be your savior for times when you need to add some texture to your basic casual outfits. 

You can pair these leather jackets with your jeans and chinos or even with linen trousers and add a bold statement to your existing casual look. 

However, the only thing to focus on while dressing up with your leather jacket is the color contrast. The right color contrast has the ability to make or break your entire look. So, choose accordingly.

5. Streetwear Leather jacket Looks

5. Streetwear Leather jacket Looks

If you are into street-style fashion, leather jackets are a must-have clothing item for you. Just throw a black or brown leather jacket over your typical streetwear clothes to add some elegance and dapper style to your entire look. 

Try styling your jacket with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of slim-fit jeans and sneakers to make your street-style fashionista come out to play. Adding a baseball cap and a stylish pair of sunglasses will elevate the entire look beyond measure.

6. Workwear Leather Jacket Outfits

6. Workwear Leather Jacket Outfits

No matter how much fashion knowledge we have, we always trip a little when it comes to styling everyday workwear outfits. If you are also bored of styling the same old clothes every day to work and want to break the monotony, leather jackets outfits men are the only thing you need to add to your office wear wardrobe.

If you want to pull off a classy men’s leather jacket outfit, all you need is to pair your versatile black and brown leather jacket with your smart casual clothes.

For instance, you can try styling your brown leather jacket with a white button-down dress shirt and chinos, or workwear slacks. For the choice of footwear go with brown oxfords to maintain the sophisticated vibe.

7 . Men’s Leather Outfit 

7 . Men’s Leather Outfit 

If you have a fearless style and want to create a daring fashion statement, wearing a monochrome leather outfit can be a boss move.

In order to create a bold leather outfit look, pair black leather pants with a t-shirt and black leather jacket. You can also try experimenting with the different shades of leather and color contrasts. However, wearing leather footwear i.e boots or dress shoes is optional.

8. Winter Men’s Outfits

8. Winter Men’s Outfits

Winters call for warm clothes and layers and what can be a better layering option than a leather jacket? These jackets keep you warm with no need to add excessive layers and compromise your overall style.

There are a dozen ways you can style your leather jacket with your winter clothes to create a fashion-forward look. For Instance, you can wear them with warm corduroy pants, turtle neck jumpers, and lace-up boots. Wearing a warm wrap-around neck scarf and a beanie would be a nice addition to this entire look.


Leather jacket outfits men are a raging trend these days. With so many leather jacket styles and colors available today, sometimes it becomes difficult to come up with a perfect leather jacket look to suit your style and personality.

Considering a custom leather jacket can be a great solution, allowing you to tailor your jacket to your specific preferences and ensuring it perfectly matches your unique fashion sense.

However, What to wear with a leather jacket entirely depends upon the occasion. Whether it’s a casual work day or a night out with friends leather jacket outfits for men will always have your back.

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