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How to Wear a Crossbody Bag? A Guide for Men

how to wear a crossbody bag

Cross-body bags are a trending men’s fashion today. However, being a popular women’s bag style lately, not many of us know how to wear a cross-body bag correctly.

Not long ago crossbody man bags other than messenger bag style were considered an alien thing. Carrying a smaller size bag was seen as unmanly. But, with the advent of fashion, this stereotyping broke, and cross-body became an ultimate fashion trend for men.

In this ultimate man guide on how to wear a cross-body bag, you will get to know ways you can style these bags by embracing your personality. So, let’s dig in!

What Is Crossbody Bag?

Crossbody bags have a very similar look to a messenger bag and are mostly worn on one shoulder with the strap hanging across the body. The thick strap crossbody bag design makes it easier to carry heavy loads by dividing the weight all over the body, instead of burdening the shoulders only.

Today, the crossbody bag is a popular bag style for both men and women because of the effortless and casual vibe. Whether it is a casual work day or an outing with friends a long strap crossbody bag will cover you for all, in style.

What Is The Standard Crossbody Strap Length?

Selecting the right strap length is a deciding factor when choosing the appropriate crossbody bag. A bag strap that is too small or long and causes inconvenience with an unflattering effect on your overall look.

Straps for crossbody bags are generally somewhat in between 50 inches range. The standard thick strap crossbody can be worn securely over the head with the straps sitting right on the shoulder and the bag resting around the hip on the opposite side. 


Where Should A Crossbody Bag Sit?

The fit of a bag plays a crucial part in your overall look, especially if it’s a cross-body style. In the best case scenario, your bag should sit just right above your hip. This will not only make your bag easy to carry and will give out a sleek overall vibe.

Considering the shape and size is also important for deciding the perfect fit for your crossbody bag. For instance, if you are a minimalist and like to keep only the essentials in your bag, wearing it close to the chest will work for you.

However, for heavy-duty bags that can keep your laptop, notebooks, and other items, making them sit around the best is best, as it will distribute the weight evenly across your torso.

How To Wear A Men’s Crossbody Bag?

The thick strap crossbody bags are among the most trending fashion and practically have no competition to any other men’s street style. From the college boy across the street to the men off for work, this practical bag style almost caters to everyone’s needs in style.

However, answering the question of how to style a crossbody bag is not that simple. Unlike those low-hanging Satchel man bags, this thick strap crossbody design is made to be carried tightly against the body but not in an uncomfortable way.

No matter, if your leather bag is a luxury label or a mediocre brand, the crossbody styles can instantly transform all of your casual wardrobe pieces into cool street smart outfits in an effortlessly chic way.

Adding to this trendy accessory, pairing your cross-body bag with a custom denim jacket elevates the outfit to another level. The denim’s rugged texture contrasts nicely with the sleekness of a cross-body bag, offering a balanced look that’s both stylish and practical. Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back weekend vibe or a smart-casual appearance, incorporating a custom denim jacket into your ensemble brings an edge that complements the functionality and style of the cross-body bag perfectly.

Outfits With Crossbody Bags

Tired of bloating your pockets with your everyday stuff; a man crossbody bag is the ultimate answer to your problem. Here is how to wear a crossbody bag with your everyday casual outfits without ruining the entire vibe. 

Jeans Outfits

Wearing a small crossbody man bag with your casual jeans outfit is the most effortless way to enhance your overall look. You can wear them with a basic summer t-shirt/ polo or layer them up with a denim jacket for a cool vibe.

For winter styling wearing your crossbody bag with a leather blazer or peacoat, would and jeans is a look that will never disappoint you. When choosing the right footwear with your jeans and crossbody bag outfits, consider the formality of your outfit and play by the rules.

Outfits With Shorts

Whether you are going for a workout session in your gym shorts or opting for a laid-back cargo shorts summer outfit look; carrying a small crossbody man bag is a smart way to elevate your look with keeping all the essential items like phone, wallet, keys with you.

Wearing trendy leather sneakers or trainers is a suitable footwear option to wear with cross-body shoulder bag outfits and shorts.  

With Button-Down Shirts

If you are looking for a smart workwear crossbody bag outfit; button-down shirts are the one for you. 

So, style your basic dress shirt preferably in white color with a  pair of basic jeans, black slacks, or khakis, and get ready to be the ultimate fashionista among your colleagues.

Smart Casual Suits

The laid-back smart casual work suits are a perfect ensemble to pair with a crossbody man bag. However, these sling crossbody bag styles are not appropriate for strictly formal suits and occasions. You can only wear them on your casual work days with no tie or other formal elements.

Moreover, these types of bag styles also work well with smart short suits. Wearing sneakers and custom leather loafers makes a good option to complement these smart casual outfits.

FAQs – How To Wear A Crossbody Bag 

How To Wear Shoulder Bag?

A shoulder bag can be worn in multiple ways. Either you can wear them the classic way by placing the strap on one shoulder like a messenger bag or try styling them like a crossbody bag by placing the bag across the body. However, there is also a third way which is carrying them in your hand through the handlers.

How To Wear A Small Man Bag?

Men can wear small man bags in a crossbody style or around the waist like a fanny bag. The small sling bags and man purses are also a good option for men to carry their essentials like wallets, keys, cards, and cash hassle-free.


Crossbody bags are a versatile men’s fashion. But, unfortunately, not many men know how to wear a crossbody bag correctly with their everyday casual outfits. The thick strap crossbody bags are an effortless way for men to carry their essentials in style.

Choosing the appropriate strap length to ensure it sits right across your body is crucial, Moreover, If you are into street smart fashion, you can wear your casual jeans and cargo shorts with crossbody bag outfits for an ultimate dapper vibe. 

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