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Dresses for Broad Shoulders- The Ultimate Guide

dresses for broad shoulders

Are you one of those women; struggling to figure out how to style your strawberry figure and wide torso? Not to worry, we have got your back with this ultimate style guide to help you choose dresses for broad shoulders.

When we picture women with broad shoulders, a sketch of an athletic woman or a supermodel VSCO girl comes into our minds. Their distinctive wide physique does not allow them to wear all those trendy fashions. Instead, they have to be very careful while choosing the right outfit that goes well with their body type.

Therefore, to help you find the perfect styling ways for your wide shoulder body type, let’s dive into this comprehensive guide without further waiting. 

How To Dress Broad Shoulders?

How To Dress Broad Shoulders?

Dressing up as a broad-shoulder woman, you have to put a lot of effort into your styling. Try to choose outfits that withdraw attention from your trunk and highlight your hips and waist. In addition, mix and match with the color for a flattering look. For instance, you can wear a dark-tone top and pair it with a light shade bottom to create an illusion of narrow shoulders.

What To Wear With Broad Shoulders?

What To Wear With Broad Shoulders?

If you are a woman with wide shoulders. You cannot wear any dress hanging in your wardrobe and expect it to be on point. So,  choose a dress that flatters your body and gives you a stylish look. You can wear V-neck shirts, halter tops, and  A-line dresses to compliment your body type. Moreover, adding long-length necklaces and accessories is an excellent way to divert attention to the good parts to make your look even more attractive.

Outfits For Broad Shoulders

As a woman with a strawberry body type and wide shoulders, we often come across the problem of not having enough clothing options available in the market. Therefore, we have curated a list of outfits you can slay in with your wide shoulder to address this problem.

So keep on scrolling to find out more!

Top Outfits 

Here are a few top options you can style with your usual skirts or boot-leg jeans outfit or skirt to create an effortlessly chic look.


If you are a broad-shoulder woman, scoop neck tops are your best friend for life. Wearing a scoop neck is the ultimate trick to avoid undue attention on your shoulder and divert it to the good parts of your figure. Wear a scope neck top and pair it with wide-leg denim pants or a skater skirt for a trendy look. 


The V-neck T-Shirts are one of the best tops for wide-shoulder women. It makes your trunk look narrow and smaller. The finest way to wear a v-neck t-shirt is to pair it up with shorts and a few accessories that can steal the show without highlighting your shoulders.

One-shoulder Top 

The asymmetrical tops are trendy and give you a balanced look. For example, when you wear a one-shoulder top, it splits your upper body it two sections, making your shoulder look narrow. Moreover, you can style your one-shoulder top with flared pants to add volume to your lower body and highlight the good parts of your figure.

Halter Neck 

Wearing a halter neck is another way to minimize attention from your shoulder to your neck and waist. These trendy tops will work with any type of bottom to pull off a chic look in no time.


Wearing a dress outfit to overshadow your wide physique is a pro styling tip. But, not all of those beautiful dresses available in the market will work for you in this case. So, to help your pout, here is a list of a few dresses for wide shoulder women to effortlessly create a vogue look.

Fit and flare

The best part about fit and flare dresses is the flared bottom that gives you ample opportunity to highlight your waist while distracting from your broad shoulders. So, next time you are in a rush to attend a party, put on your fit and flare midi dress and be the slayer.


The perfect fit and the right amount of flare add to this dress’s beauty. The A-line dresses are among the most popular dress types for broad shoulders. Wear this dress with a few accessories and a pair of pointed-toe heels for a perfect formal look.

Wrap Dress

If you are looking for an outfit that is trendy and equally flattering. Then a wrap dress is a dress for you. The sleek v-neckline, defined waist, and perfect fabric fit are some feature that makes it the ideal option for women with a broad shoulder. Then a wrap dress is a dress for you.


The one way to dress up for broad should is to emphasize their waist while getting off attention from their shoulder. So what can be a more suitable way to do that than wearing a peplum dress? The sleek design fits right o the face while balancing out your whole physique.

Formal Wear

 For women with wide trunks choosing formal wear that compliments their figure is a daunting task. Whether it’s a cocktail party or a wedding reception, choosing the right dress is crucial. So, below are a few excellent ideas on formal dresses for wide shoulders that you can adorn for a sexy formal look.

Dresses with kimono sleeve 

Dresses with kimono sleeve 

Having its roots in traditional Japanese clothes, Kimono sleeves are the newest fashion rage these days. The dresses with kimono sleeves are perfect for broad-shoulder women to make them look petite and narrow. 

Unlike puff or cap sleeves that make your shoulder the center of attention, making them look even broader. Therefore, next time when you are uncertain about what to wear to a party, your midi kimono sleeve dress and be the slayer.

Maxi dresses 

Maxi dresses 

The fit at the top and the right amount of flare at the bottom makes maxi dresses excellent formal wear for wide physique women. But, make sure to avoid off-the-shoulder and boat necklines to make your maxi look even prettier. Lastly, style it with a neckpiece or pendant for making your neck stand out.    

Shorts Outfits

Shorts Outfits

Wear your usual V-neck T-shirt or halter top with denim shorts to create a fun, casual look. Styling shorts with broad shoulders is an excellent way to emphasize your lower body taking your wide trunk out of focus. Moreover, you can style it with a pair of sunglasses, a stylish handbag, and a  pair of comfortable shoes to enhance the look even more.

The Glamourous Gowns 

The Glamourous Gowns 

Whether you are a woman with big arms or a lean figure who does not want to be all glam up, glamorous gowns are the foremost choice to adorn on that particular day for all brides and bridesmaids. So, if you are hunting options for gowns for broad shoulders and big arms, go for deep v-neck, asymmetrical necklines with heavy flare to emphasize your torso. It will never disappoint you.

Jackets For Broad Shoulders 

Jackets For Broad Shoulders 

Looking for a leather jackets and blazer that fits right on your body without making you look even broader? Try to shop for leather or suede jackets that lack structure and do not have shoulder paddings. Shoulder pads are a big no for broad shoulder women as they take all the focus on your shoulder. Instead, choose a slightly loose-fit jacket that fits right on your hips.

Outfits For skinny Women

Outfits For skinny Women

You often go for the sleek fit outfit that emphasizes the curves of a plus-size, but the scenario is different for skinny women. For them, dressing up in a flare is the best trick to add volume to their figure. Therefore, the best-suited outfits for skinny women with broad shoulders are fit and flare dresses and kimono tops that provide the proper dimension without highlighting your wide physique.


How to make shoulders look smaller?

The trick to making your shoulder appear smaller is to withdraw attention from them. Therefore, wear a v-neck outfit with wide-leg pants and flared skirts for a narrow-shoulder look. Moreover, avoid wearing strapless and shoulder embellished outfits; they will highlight your truck, making you look wider.

Do off-the-shoulder tops look good on broad shoulders?

Styling an off-the-shoulder outfit is a big no for women with broad shoulders.  These types of tops are a little difficult to carry for wide physiques. In addition, wearing an off-the-shoulder top brings all the limelight to your shoulder, appearing them look even wider.

Are halter tops good for broad shoulders?

Yes, halter tops are the most suited options for hourglass bodies and broad shoulders. A halter neck top focuses on your neck, pushing your shoulders into the background, making your shoulder look smaller with less attention drawn to them.


Women with wide shoulders may look like supermodels but choosing the right type of dress according to their figure is a daunting task. But, with the correct kind of neckline and the perfect fit to flare ratio, you can achieve an effortlessly beautiful look without diverging much attention to your broad trunk. So, be the style diva and dress up with your wide shoulder like a pro!

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