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Women’s Leather Jacket Black Friday Sale 2023

black friday womens leather jackets deals

Black Friday is almost here; an exciting opportunity that our customers wait for throughout the year as it gives them a chance to get their hands on the latest outerwear and apparel trends to upgrade their wardrobe, and that too, at shockingly low prices. 

Due to the success of last year’s sale, The Jacket Maker is back with yet another creative Black Friday campaign to add value to your shopping experience. Find the best Black Friday 2023 deals for coats and jackets; whether you’re on a hunt for the best Cyber Monday deals or Thanksgiving deals, we have got you covered. 

Our Black Friday outerwear sales have a lot to offer; from genuine leather jackets to full-grain leather coats and blazers, Black Friday 2023 is ready to bring out some of our finest. 

The aim is to contribute significantly to your shopping sprees and make this season jubilant and joyous for you. A leather jacket is a lifetime investment which is why we believe this is the perfect opportunity for you to find the right apparel for your aesthetics and functional wardrobe. 

Find the best discounts for stylish bomber, biker, and suede jackets for women along with gorgeous-looking and comfortable winter coats, leather coats, and vests. 

Black Friday is the best time to send gift cards to your loved ones or plan corporate gifts since the price becomes half of its original price. Many of our customers also place custom orders on their jackets and coats as they are at a lower cost than usual.

Best Black Friday Women’s Biker Jackets Deals

Best Black Friday Women's Biker Jackets Deals

The Jacket Maker has the best black Friday deals for customers; do check out our women’s motorcycle jackets or biker jackets and make the most of them. 

Rave Black Leather Biker Jacket

Womens leather jacket

Made of sheepskin leather, this leather biker jacket for women has a banded collar with a snap button and zipper cuffs. It also has a semi-aniline finish and quilted polyester lining, making it extremely comfortable and functional. 

Alison Green Leather Biker Jacket

Womens leather jacket

The super stylish notch collar and zipper cuffs along with shoulder epaulettes and a removable belt add to the intricate design and functionality of the biker jacket. Made of real sheepskin leather, this jacket has a quilted polyester lining for additional protection. 

Flashback Blue Leather Biker Jacket

Womens leather jacket

The use of real sheepskin leather backed by a semi-aniline finish makes this jacket the perfect go-to this season. The blue color is electric and refreshing to the eye and easy to match with any outfit. There is a zipper closure adding to its edgy and raw vibe. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Bomber Jackets Deals

Bomber jackets are effortlessly stylish and a must-have for casual outings. Find our biggest discount and Black Friday deals below. 

Westa A-2 Green Leather Bomber Jacket

Womens leather jacket

Closed with a zipper and button flap, this bomber jacket has rib-knit cuffs that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable. The color green is dramatic and works as a great substitute for individuals looking for an alternative to a black bomber jacket. 

Cole Silver Leather Bomber Jacket

Womens leather jacket

The silver and black combination complements the varsity style of this classic bomber jacket. Made from real sheepskin leather, this jacket is one of a kind. Make sure to add it to your Black Friday purchase list. 

Bliss Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Womens leather jacket

The rib-knit-varsity culmination can never go wrong. The maroon leather bomber jacket lives up to its name by facilitating innumerable functional properties without compromising on its aesthetics. The use of a zipper with a wind flap is truly a stroke of genius if you ask us. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Shearling Bomber Jackets Deals

Take a look at our beautiful collection of Black Friday Shearling Bomber Jackets:

Stella G-1 Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Women's Shearling Bomber Jackets

There’s something unique about the bomber and shearling combination that makes a leather jacket extremely soft, warm, and comfortable. This one has a shirt-style collar with a removable shearling. With four external and two internal pockets, there’s ample space for carrying your essentials. Add this maroon leather bomber jacket to your cart right away! 

Sherilyn B-3 Maroon Leather Bomber Jacket

Women's Shearling Bomber Jackets

With a buckled collar and roll-back cuffs, this maroon leather bomber jacket is constructed with real sheepskin semi-aniline leather and is fully lined with faux fur. This jacket is an absolute must-have for your winter wardrobe. Whether you are a plus size or you have a relatively petite figure, this black Friday deal is a steal. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Hooded Bomber Jacket Deals

Find the best deal for hooded bomber jackets for women here:

Fiona Black Hooded Shearling Leather Jacket

Women's Hooded Bomber Jacket

A beautiful sheepskin leather which is given a snuffed finish for that glorious mattifying look. The high neck with a belt combined with fully faux fur lining makes it a great addition to your winter capsule wardrobe. Don’t miss the chance to add this to your Black Friday purchase cart!

Roslyn Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

Women's Hooded Bomber Jacket

This is a sleek black number constructed with real sheepskin semi-aniline leather with quilted polyester lining. The shoulder epaulets and removable fabric hood make this bomber jacket supremely versatile and an immaculate outerwear. You can create numerous smart-casual looks with this sporty yet sophisticated jacket. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Suede Jackets Deals

black friday jacket deals

Suede jackets give a minimalist vibe — perfect for individuals with a subtle taste and styling principles. Check out our best Black Friday women’s suede jacket deals. 

Kelsee Navy Blue Suede Biker Jacket

Womens leather jacket

Step out of your comfort zone and try this goatskin suede real leather jacket in navy blue. It has a band with snap buttons and a gorgeous quilted polyester lining that adds to its comfort and style.  

Alison Brown Suede Biker Jacket

Womens leather jacket

This real leather jacket is made from goatskin; highly durable and extremely comfortable. It has a suede finish that contributes to its semi-formal appeal. The suede biker jacket has a natural, grounding look due to the shade and undertone of brown. It has a removable belt that makes it even more functional and stylish. 

Bliss Brown Suede Bomber Jacket

Womens leather jacket

Another brown suede jacket in the category, with a mocha undertone, this brown leather jacket is an essential garment for any functional female wardrobe. It’s got a luxurious look; something you should take full advantage of keeping in mind it’s on a Black Friday discount. 

Sasha A1 Brown Suede Bomber Jacket

Sasha A1 Brown Suede Bomber Jacket

This beautiful goatskin leather jacket has quilted polyester lining and a velvety soft suede finish. The knit rib collar design is one-of-a-kind and great for creating a signature look this winter. Go for this brown goatskin bomber jacket with buttoned closure for its sophisticated and classy aesthetic. 

Collar Leather Jacket Deals for Women

Vixen Brown Classic Collar Leather Jacket


Collared leather jackets for women are trendy and super sleek. Important for creating business aesthetics, this brown collar jacket is constructed with real sheepskin leather and has a breathable semi-aniline finish. With a zipper closure and snap-buttoned cuff style, this leather jacket is a worthy addition to your wardrobe. 

Vixen Pink Classic Collar Leather Jacket

Vixen Pink Classic Collar Leather Jacket

Celebrate your femininity by choosing pink this winter. Our classic collared jacket is exquisitely designed and is made from full-grain sheepskin leather which is extremely durable and soft. The functional element is visible – so create clean girl looks with this one-of-a-kind leather jacket. 

Collarless Leather Jacket Deals for Women

Elixir Grey Collarless Leather Jacket

Elixir Grey Collarless Leather Jacket

Should you want a collarless design, this sheepskin leather jacket should be your pick. The color grey is stunning and elevated by our classic semi-aniline finish. Integrated with internal and external pockets, this collarless grey leather jacket is a must-have for all women who like business casual aesthetics. 

Elixir Beige Collarless Leather Jacket

Elixir Beige Collarless Leather Jacket

Beige is a color that has been trending a lot lately. Not only is it an extremely versatile color, but it is also neutral and gives you a classy and understated look. Go for this sophisticated beige collarless leather jacket as it’s exquisitely crafted with sheepskin leather. Our full-grain sheepskin leather is durable, soft, and supremely comfortable. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Trench and Winter Coat Deals

Winter sales are incomplete without women’s trench coats. Usually, overcoats and winter coats are expensive, which is why people look forward to Black Friday sales the entire year to scoop up the best at their lowest prices. Check out our top three trench coats along with their discounted price tags.

Sweet Susan Black Leather Trench Coat

Womens trench coat

Made of real sheepskin leather, this jacket has an inherent charm that is sophisticated and classy. The aniline finish helps it achieve the mattifying look which is backed by the quilted viscose lining; added warmth and protection. 

Fixon Hooded Brown Trench Coat

Womens trench coat

The hooded collar is backed by shoulder epaulets and a button and belt closure. The outerwear is as functional as it gets. Made for cold and breezy days, this outerwear is exactly what you need to wipe off the Black Friday sale. 

Missoni Maroon Leather Trench Coat

Womens trench coat

The silver eyelets on this jacket are the actual beauty of it. The use of sheepskin leather is further complemented by an aniline finish – both work to make this leather trench coat matte and silky in texture. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Leather Blazers Deals

Blazers are essential garments, especially for formal and professional outfits. Get the best Black Friday winter coat deals at The Jacket Maker.

Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

Made from real sheepskin leather, this leather blazer for women is designed for corporate workers who like to maintain a minimalist wardrobe. It has a button closure and two outer pockets giving room for storage. 

Cora Quilted Black Leather Blazer

Womens leather blazer

A leather blazer designed for women with an understated and sophisticated style, it is made from real sheepskin leather and has a quilted viscose lining underneath. The color black is absolutely gorgeous, as it highlights the quilt added for protection. 

Cora Quilted Brown Leather Blazer

Leather blazer for women

As a working woman, there’s nothing more essential than a leather blazer. Create a powerful image for yourself by investing in a brown leather blazer. This one is made from real sheepskin leather and has an aniline finish. There’s the classic buttoned closure fused with a notch collar. It’s constructed with quilted viscose lining, making it breathable and comfortable at the same time. 

Best Black Friday Women’s Leather Vests Deals

Vests are back in action and how. These leather garments are essential to a woman’s wardrobe. Hence, this is the best time to purchase one from The Jacket Maker since there’s a huge sale on every product. Check out our very best women’s leather vest deals. 

Vanda Black Leather Biker Vest

Womens leather vest

A v-neck collar and a zipper front followed by exquisite leather laces for waist adjustments and a rugged and raw touch. There’s no better time than now to invest in this black leather vest because it is available at a shockingly low discounted price! 

Rhonda Maroon Leather Biker Vest

Womens leather vest

There’s nothing more edgy and stunning than a leather biker vest in maroon. This leather vest by The Jacket Maker is made from real sheepskin leather and has an understated aniline finish. The use of silver metallics makes it a centerpiece in terms of styling and outfit conceptualization. 

Brand Value

The Jacket Maker is known for providing just-in-time service to its clientele. We make orders just for you, according to your specifications, adding value to your experience and investment. Black Friday is an important event in the life of every shopaholic  — the best time to buy jackets and coats at their lowest price. Our exquisite craftsmanship is dedicated to providing quality garments made from real and full-grain leather. Attention to detail is a concept we abide by as well as individuality and freedom of expression. Make the most of this season’s biggest sale — the Black Friday Sale — It’s for the ones with style but want to spend the littlest money. 

Find the difference between Cyber Monday Vs Black Friday Deals and discover the ultimate Black Friday fashion shopping gift guide for 2023. We also have a a list created for the best Black Friday Deals 2023 for Men which you must take a good look at.


Black Friday is the best time to make the most important decision of your life: What to buy and from where? The Jacket Maker launches its best work and that too at an unbelievably low price. You can buy your aesthetically pleasing and high-function leather jackets and winter coats at a steal-worthy discount. Don’t wait now and make your move!

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