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What is Black Friday?

when is black friday

As the winters enter the paradigm of the universe, they indicate the sorrows and the happiness people went through all year. Considering the last two months in which many religious, as well as cultural days, are celebrated all around the world.

Black Friday comes right after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas, which makes it the weekend of shopping. Let’s guide you through what black Friday is and how it came to be. 

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Black Friday

Many people who don’t know what black Friday is, get confused with the word “black” which does impose a negative feeling. But, in actuality, Black Friday is more of a business terminology that sublimated itself under cultural ones. 

Black Friday originated in the 1980s when the retail sales were hyped on the Friday right after Thanksgiving. People used to shop so much that it caused traffic jams and overcrowdedness all around the world. 

In Which U.S. City Did The Term “Black Friday” Originate?

The term Black Friday was initiated by police officers in Philadelphia in the 1960s to state the chaos that resulted when a large number of people started shopping right after Thanksgiving. The term holds more of a cultural heritage rather than a spiritual one.

People used to shop so much that it caused traffic jams and large crowds all around the world. The term, “Black” is a business term that many analysts use to state that the business is in profit, the opposite of it is “Red” which associates that the business is in loss or deficit. 

When is Black Friday?

Initially, Black Friday used to be the Friday right after Thanksgiving but nowadays Black Friday is celebrated on the 26th of November every year. The event is said to be the one that gathers the most sales to a business every year. Most retail sales take place on this day which features many exclusive discounts.

Black Friday’s sales are followed by a shopping season which includes many days like Cyber Monday. The time frame for most businesses is like this, they start their discounts on Black Friday, and with temperaments, in the deals, they end it on Cyber Monday.  

Is Black Friday Sale Only For E-commerce?      

No, Black Friday is a huge event that originated in the United States but is now being followed all over the world. Black Friday Sales were initiated only for the brick and motors, but with time every business opted to follow black Friday to generate the most sales in the entire year.

Black Friday in 2023 is not limited to only brick and motors, many eCommerce stores follow the trend and impose various discounted deals on this day. 

When Do Black Friday Sales Start? 

Nowadays, most Black Friday deals start at the beginning of November to create hype for the shoppers, but the real discounts do happen on the day itself. Many analysts say that November is solely for shopping as many events line up altogether. Starting from November, there is Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Christmas, and New Year. 

When Do Black Friday Sales End? 

Black Friday sales finish at the end of November, or at some stores in the mid of December. The sales are followed by Cyber Monday in which the discounts only happen on the eCommerce stores. 

Does The Jacket Maker Have Any Black Friday Deals in 2023?

Yes, The Jacket Maker is offering an incredible Black Friday deal on all products. You can now get the best men’s leather jackets and women’s leather jackets at discounted prices. The offer this year is something you can’t pass by. It’s an incredible discount and you will enjoy it from the 24th of November as soon as Black Friday starts. There are so many different styles of leather jackets, from bomber leather jackets to puffer jackets and much more, so make sure you check out all of its stock beforehand and bookmark the jackets you want to purchase on the big day.

What Happens On Black Friday? 

black friday

Black Friday is a chaotic event for retailers, as the deals are so well packaged and cost-effective that they cause chaos among customers but it can be said to be the essence of that very day. And many online retailers’ websites tend to crash due to such high traffic.

This imposes chaos in every retailer’s back-end, as the developers spend day to night to retain the stress and serve as many customers as they can. The Jacket Maker also offers discounts on men’s leather jackets as well as women’s leather jackets.

How To Deal With Black Friday Effectively?

There are many ways in which you can deal with Black Friday sales and get the most out of it. For the physical stores, you can get up early and be outside your favorite store before it opens, hence this will provide you enough time to get what you want at discounted prices without it being sold out.

This practice leads to many stores opening for 24 hours straight as the customers don’t hold back. As for eCommerce you can select the product and add it to the cart, and as the sale starts you can select the checkout option. 


Black Friday is the sale of the annum if seen logically. The sale allows almost all the retailers to sell their items at discounted rates which causes chaos all over the world. The season is followed by many other shopping days which boost every retailer’s sales hence putting them in the “black” at the end of the year. The Jacket Maker also offers exciting deals on Black Friday which allows you to save a lot while you shop for real full-grain leather jackets

Black Friday is a chaotic event for the shoppers in which many retailers impose exclusive discounts. The day features the most sales.

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