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Your Ultimate Black Friday Fashion Shopping Gift Guide For 2024

black friday

Black Friday, the much-awaited shopping extravaganza, brings infinite discount deals on various products in the fashion category. All the hustle and bustle of online sales and abundant variety make it tough for you to think about the actual things that you need. With The Jacket Maker’s ultimate Black Friday guide, you can easily decide which outerwear your wardrobe actually needs. 

There is nothing more exciting than buying a new jacket. But before buying, don’t forget to consider what style is perfect for you? Make sure the outerwear you buy goes well with your existing clothes to get the true benefit from the Black Friday sale. 

Black Friday Guide to Leather Outerwear for Your Wardrobe

Various Black Friday deals for men offer jaw-dropping discounts for a brief period. Some of us make the most of these deals by making a list beforehand of wardrobe staples that we actually need to buy. For instance, a particular design from the best leather jackets for men. While some just do impulse buying without thinking much about whether the thing they are buying will be useful or not. 

Black Friday

The same goes for men’s outerwear like jackets, vests, and coats. Rather than just filling your cart with pieces that seem stylish, you should make an informed choice as to how this particular clothing will be a fit for your style.

Even if you are buying a jacket as a gift for a man, take a little time to think whether a certain jacket style is appropriate for him or not. A studded biker jacket may not be suitable for a guy who prefers a minimalist style. Or an oversized coat may not be the best choice for a short man. 

Your customized real leather jacket is waiting to make it to your wardrobe. Stay tuned for our Black Friday 2024 deals to get your hands on your favorite jackets while saving money. 

Styling Ideas for Various Types of Jackets/Vests/Coats in Black Friday Deals

Here are the types of jackets and coats that you might want to add to your cart this Black Friday. Our styling ideas with these jackets will guide you about different designs and suitable ones for different body types. 

Classic Timelessness with Men’s Bomber Jackets

leather bomber jacks, black friday deals

Let’s admit; some jackets are so versatile, that they can give a range of looks from an elegant gentleman to a rugged one. The bomber jacket is one such piece of outerwear that serves many purposes, given you get the right style.

Whether you don it over a basic white t-shirt and jeans or a checked button-down and chinos, the bomber jacket will add a classy touch to your outfit. Men with broad shoulders can take advantage of the unstructured shoulders of the bomber jacket.

An idea for a street-ready look is to wear light blue distressed jeans over a grey Henley and top it up with a black bomber jacket. Add black and white sneakers to the mix and sprinkle the finishing touches with accessories like chained bracelets and aviator-style shades.

Or, you can put together an appropriate travel look with a maroon Henley, charcoal grey jeans, and a brown bomber jacket. White slip-on sneakers will go well with this look.

Rugged Masculinity with Leather Biker Jackets

Leather Biker Jackets

Every man should have a classy biker jacket in his wardrobe. Be it a simplistic biker jacket with a straight front zipper or the double rider jacket with notch collars and an asymmetrical zipper. Biker jackets are enough to give a badass style statement. It is a popular choice for men with a rugged style or those who have a confident personality.

Styling a leather biker jacket is quite effortless. A fashion-forward monochrome look can be created with a black polo shirt, black slim-fit jeans, and a black double-rider jacket. Throw in some more quirkiness to the look with a pair of laced boots. 

Win the style game with layering using your biker jacket. Use a white T-shirt and electric blue jeans as a base outfit and wear a black and grey plaid shirt over it. Add another layer with a black biker jacket. Brown Chelsea boots will round off this stylish look.

Clean Cut, Handsome Looks with Men’s Suede Jackets

Men’s Suede Jackets

Suede jackets are the best for your fall outfits, and choosing the right color will further elevate the versatility of this jacket. We suggest opting for a neutral color like mocha brown, tan or beige. 

Style your tan suede jacket with a cream turtle neck, blue jeans, and a lightweight woolen scarf. You can complete this look with light brown suede boots and a sports watch.

Another way of wearing a suede jacket during the cold season is to wear it over a contracting pullover hoodie and grey joggers. Wear slip-on sneakers to add to the laid-back look.

The Unmatched Panache with Men’s Trench Coats

Men’s Trench Coats

A trench coat tops the list of garments that give a very luxurious yet comfortable feel. Your dapper persona can be well maintained with outfits using a stylish trench coat. 

Try pairing a black leather trench coat over a white buttoned oxford, beige sweater, and navy blue chinos. The right footwear for this look would be a pair of dark brown chukka boots. This outfit is a perfect travel look as you can remove the layers as needed.

Another way to take your style up a notch is to wear a white crewneck sweater and cream chinos with a tan trench coat. Make sure you wear a dark brown belt to break the pale-toned outfit. 

Sophisticated and Luxurious Looks with Men’s Shearling Jackets

Men’s Shearling Jackets

Nothing beats the fancy and stylish look of shearling jackets. The best quality of a shearling jacket is that it is lightweight but provides adequate insulation. The wide buckled collar reveals the soft, faux fur lining, which is the highlight of the shearling jackets. 

Wear a light blue chambray shirt with a mandarin collar and pair it with dark blue straight jeans. Wear a classy brown shearling jacket over it and put on your beige Chelsea boots for a look that blends the rugged and refined looks perfectly.

Or, you can try another dapper fall look by wearing a grey Henley and black jeans with a black shearling jacket over them. Go for black chukka boots with this look.

Practicality at its Best: Men’s Windbreaker Jackets

Men’s Windbreaker Jackets

The invincible windbreaker jacket is something that you must get for your winter wardrobe for absolute protection from the brisk winds. The high-quality material they are made of keeps you warm and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look stylish. With the right styling, your windbreaker jacket will score you high points on the style meter.

Flaunt a rock-style look with distressed black jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a green windbreaker jacket. Add some more modish vibes by wearing a black beanie and sunglasses. You can wear your chunky white sneakers with this outfit.

When the weather turns cold enough for multiple layers, wear your windbreaker jacket over a quilted vest, slim-fit jeans, and classic brown boots. This is the most functional yet stylish winter look for men who take their style seriously.

The Ultimate Fusion of Style and Function with Men’s Hooded Leather Jackets 

Men’s Hooded Leather Jackets 

What’s better than a leather jacket? A leather jacket with a hood!

The hood on your leather jacket is not just an additional detail that keeps you protected from wind and cold. It also adds to the rugged look. The hood may be made of leather, fleece, or woven fabric. 

Leather jackets with a hood are very comfortable to wear. You can come up with many trendy casual outfits with these jackets. Team up a solid black t-shirt and jeans with a brown hooded leather jacket for a charming look that impresses everyone. Round off the look with brown tassel loafers.

Macho Style with Men’s Vintage Leather Jackets

Men’s Vintage Leather Jackets

Many men prefer beautiful vintage leather jackets over contemporary ones including vintage-inspired leather jackets or even retro styles that are big trends at the moment. Also, with leather being high quality; it ages well and looks even more splendid. You can get vintage jackets for a good deal this Black Friday.

Put together the macho look with distressed blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black vintage leather jacket. Amp up the style with a brown belt and brown brogue shoes. You can also opt for an oversized vintage leather coat and use it for travel purposes.

Nail the 2024 Winter Looks with Men’s Wool Coats

Men’s Wool Coats

Have you been eyeing that warm wool coat all these days and waiting to get a good bargain over it? Now is the time to do it. Add a fashionable wool coat to your wardrobe to ward off the winter blues with its elegance. As the wool coat is longer in length, it caters well to men who have a very tall height. 

Wear a light brown knitted sweater and grey slim-fit jeans. Add the top layer with a brown wool coat for a refined look. You can also nail the preppy look with a wool coat by wearing it over a white polo, a v-neck sweater, and grey flannel trousers. 

Refined Looks for Dapper Men with Blazers


Your style move with a blazer is something that will never look boring. Choose something that you would prefer wearing among a wide variety of blazers made with leather, suede, wool, or poly-cotton. You can go for a customized blazer that fits you right and gives a neat appearance.

A well-dressed look can be achieved by pairing black jeans with a dark grey Henley and a beige suede blazer. Or, you can try wearing a splendid tan leather blazer with a basic white t-shirt and black chinos. Complete this dapper outfit with brown chukka boots. 

Modish Looks with Men’s Leather Vests

Men’s Leather Vests

For men with a dandy style, leather vests offer a variety in their wardrobe when they don’t want to go for a full-size jacket. Leather vests provide a very distinguished, suave style that any fashionable man would love to create.

A blend of a striped dress shirt faded jeans, and a brown leather vest ensures that your dandy style is not compromised. Try another fashionable look with a white crew neck shirt, blue jeans, and a biker vest. Make sure your footwear game is on point by choosing Chelsea boots. 

Black Friday Guide for Women?

women leather jackets

At the Jacket Maker, men and women will get amazing discounts on all product categories. Behold beautiful divas! We make sure that your inner fashionista is channeled well with our massive Black Friday deals for women. You can get the best leather jackets for women and a lot more to add trendy staples to your wardrobe all year round.

Be it our snazzy biker jackets, bomber jackets, or trendy blazers and vests, you can pair them with your outfits for a chic style. You can also browse through our stylish trench coats and winter coats collection to get one for yourself this holiday season. 

Powerful Leather Biker Jackets for Women

Womens biker jackets

The Jacket Maker is proud to associate itself with such a magnificent range of biker jacket collections for women. Whether you want an edgy café racer that gives your outfit a ultra-cool and laid-back look or you are looking for something flamboyant and chic like a double rider, there’s something available for everyone. 

Made from full-grain leather, the biker jackets for women are supremely durable and premium in quality. From zipper closures to banded collar styles, quilted viscose lining to semi-aniline finishing, every jacket is meticulously crafted. You can style them with a nice pair of skinny jeans or keep up with the 2024 trends by wearing straight-cut washed-out jeans. 

Chic Leather Blazers for Women

leather blazers for women

Blazers are an important addition to any woman’s wardrobe; more so, if you’re a working woman. Add that extra oomph to your professional looks with our meticulously tailored blazer collection. Available in a variety of colors, the women’s blazer collection is stitched to perfection with several functional features. 

Wear this shiny and posh-looking blazer to a cocktail party or pick this sleek, maroon blazer for your everyday looks. You can even experiment with your style by adding this dip & dye outerwear.  

Distressed Leather Jackets For Women

distressed biker jackets for women

In 2024, most styling trends have revolved around the androgynous theme. Keeping the spirit alive, The Jacket Maker presents a popular collection of distressed leather jackets for women. This Black Friday, make the most of the quilted, functional, and highly fashionable distressed leather jackets. 

You can wear the dark and dusty tones as streetwear or for your next road trip. Blacks and browns never go out of style and that is exactly what makes our collection of distressed leather jackets supreme. 

Comfortable Leather Shoes for Men

leather shoes

Men have a knack for buying leather shoes. Footwear is, in fact, a way of exuding power and style while not being too aggressive about it. Our collection includes all styles of leather shoes, covering the arena of men’s dress shoes with flying colors, we have also designed some of the most comfortable and eclectic casual leather shoes. Whether you’re looking for a formal pair of shoes like Oxford or Derby shoes or you want something more understated and appropriate for daily wear like sneakers and loafers, we have it all. Constructed with real leather, our leather shoes exhibit exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs. 

Stylish Leather Bags for Men & Women

leather bags

Leather bags are everyday accessories that are no longer limited to gender. We have a collection of minimalist leather bags that showcase timeless and functional designs. From trending tote bags to business-oriented folio organizers and briefcases, we have travel bags like messenger and backpacks. We walk through a tightrope of opulence and feasibility to give you leather bags that are versatile, classy, and super spacious. 

Different Ways to Style Women’s Leather Jackets 

Leather outerwear adds an exclusive touch to your outfit and works with a variety of dresses, tops, and shirts. One of the simplest ways to wear a leather jacket is to wear it over a white t-shirt and dark, slim-fit jeans. You can also go a step ahead and pair your mini, midi, and maxi dresses with these jackets.

Opt for a customized blazer to add that exclusive look to your street-style ensembles. Apart from that, our winter coats will cover your fall and winter lookbook by adding that ritzy feel. Pull off an elegant semi-formal look with a black faux leather skirt, a white buttoned shirt, and a black leather vest. 


This Black Friday, don’t miss the chance to grab amazing discount deals on your favorite items from The Jacket Maker’s assortment. We have designed this Black Friday guide as we strive to provide you with real leather jackets at affordable prices. Premium quality jackets at reduced prices are not something that you should ignore.

Plus, the ease and comfy shopping experience is like a cherry on top, ensuring that the jacket you order is specifically yours while saving some dough in the process. 

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