40 Leather Gifts for Him: Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Graduation, Christmas, One-Year Anniversary & More

Ask us girls, what is the hardest decision you have to make when in a relationship? It’s coming up with great gifts for men. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how much you ask them, they just never give you a straight-up answer. But hey, that is why we are here. We have culminated a list of gift ideas for men that will at least initiate the process and give you a place to start with. 

For instance, if you have to plan a Christmas gift for your boyfriend, we would recommend you give him a leather jacket. If nobody has told you yet, men are obsessed with leather jackets. And if you’re dating a man who is just as obsessed with leather jackets as the next man on the street, give him a personalized leather jacket

Leather Jacket Gifts for Him

What we essentially mean here is that you don’t really have to buy him a regular gift that holds no meaning whatsoever – whatever you do give him, make sure it has meaning and a purpose. At the end of the day, what you give him doesn’t matter, the intention and meaning do. 

Thus, plan personalized and creative gifts for him to show him how much he means to you – and that you actually pay attention to his likes and dislikes. Customized jackets are meaningful and show how much you care for the other person. There are other options like luggage bags, cardholders, coasters, etc. as well. 

Whether you’re giving him a gift on Valentine’s Day or Christmas, it could be your one-year anniversary or simply a graduation gift — a leather jacket is a way to make him smile.

While shopping for men, especially around the holidays, maybe challenging and utterly confusing, we at The Jacket Maker are working dual roles, the duality being special holiday helpers who are more than glad to help you shop for that perfect gift of a cool leather jacket we know he’ll love.

Thus, take a look at this gift guide for men as you will find many presents for men that will be great for young as well as more mature men. Some of them are luxury leather gifts while others are unique and custom gifts for him just to say that you can also be creative and thoughtful. Let’s start the gifts for him a list, shall we?

Anniversary Gifts for Him 

1. Leather Blazer

Men's Daron Black Leather Blazer 6

If you’re celebrating your 5th wedding anniversary, it’s time for you to take things seriously. Give him a gift that is practical and something that is going to be of use to him. You want to give him a leather blazer that is stylish, comfortable, and business casual – apt for attending corporate meetings. Get him Wine Black Leather Blazer as it’s not only resistant to abrasions but also edgy and classic in appearance. And the best thing about it is its price — only $235!

2. Leather Duster

Men's Army Brown Leather Duster

Halloween is just around the corner, and so, if you’re planning on creating a look from the Medieval times, you should definitely give him the Army Brown Leather Duster. The design and cut instantly take you back in time and remind you of the stone age, making it great for costumes and party looks. Kill two birds with one stone if your anniversary is also arriving around the same time. Leather dusters are quite trendy anyway!

3. Leather Bowtie

Leather Bowtie

Step outside the conventional zone and give him a leather bowtie. If you and your partner regularly attend cocktail parties, this gift for him is going to be just what he needs. Make sure you invest in quality and top grain leather, though. 

4. Pouf


Do you and your husband like to watch movies together? If so, this leather pouf is going to bring you two closer than ever before. Spend quality time resting your foot on a pouf gifted by you to him. Besides, it will be a great investment in the long term. A gift for you both, what do you think? 

5. Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase is exactly what your husband needs to feel confident and up his toes when he enters his office. Whether you’re spending your 1st wedding anniversary or the 50th wedding anniversary, a custom leather briefcase is perfect for both occasions. You want to make him feel important and responsible. 

6. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

If you’re interested in buying him a gift that is practical and viable, a leather wallet is a way to go. This is going to be used by him throughout the year and constantly. Hence, a good reminder of you every time he opens and uses it. Furthermore, you can find customized leather wallets with their name or initials embroidered on them.

7. Suede Jacket

Mens Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket 3

A suede jacket says a lot about your relationship. By giving him a suede jacket as a gift, you’re saying that you want to take this relationship to the next level and how serious you really are about him. Let’s be honest, a suede jacket is expensive and a serious investment. Therefore, you would only spend so much money on someone who actually deserves it. Thus, give him the Charcoal Mocha Biker Suede Jacket by The Jacket Maker. It costs $280 which is relatively affordable but exceptionally stylish and comfortable to wear. 

8. Leather Coat

Mens Infinity Black Leather Coat 3

If you’re still confused, you should give him a leather coat as a gift. This is, of course, only going to be possible if you have arranged a budget. This gift will be useful and practical as we said earlier. But more than that, it will make him look his best and exude confidence like never before. For this, we recommend you go for the  Cinnamon Distressed Leather Fur Coat. It’s affordable and an attractive piece of clothing.

9. Messenger Bag

Messenger bag

Men love bags. Yes, you heard that right. See — men love bags but it’s society that has made them feel uncomfortable with their existence. And why shouldn’t they like it? Bags are comfortable, they carry all your tools and accessories that you can’t carry with you everywhere otherwise, and they also go well with some of their outfits. A leather messenger bag is one such gift come to think of it. Whether he’s still in college or has just begun his professional journey, a custom messenger bag will help bring sanity back to his life and enhance his organization skills as well. 

10. Duffle Bag

duffle bag

A leather Duffle bag is a great gift for him. It will make him happy for various reasons, why wouldn’t he like it if it is contributing to his organizational skills? Besides, duffle bags complement several outfits like a pro. This can be a great 40th birthday gift for him or just a simple anniversary gift idea for him. 

11. Leather Shirt

Mens Ranchson Black Leather Shirt 2

Ranchson Black Leather Shirt is exactly what your boyfriend needs. If he’s been experimenting with his looks and wants to try different styles of shirts, you have to give him a leather shirt as a gift. It’s an interesting idea for men who have everything. 

Birthday Gifts for Him 

12. Leather Pant

leather pants

Leather pants are the new cool. Sure, they can’t be paired with anything and everything like jeans but they are great when it comes to creating looks for formal events. In fact, if you’re going out with friends at the pub, this will come in handy. Be different and make him feel special by giving him a nice pair of leather pants. 

13. Hybrid Varsity Jacket

Men's Harrison Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket 6

Varsity jackets are ultra-modern and exceptionally easy to wear. You can use them to dress up and dress down with a few changes in your outfit. Make your boyfriend or husband’s life easier by giving him this cool hybrid varsity jacket – this way, he wouldn’t have to spend hours wondering what to wear. 

14. Belt


Belts are underrated and highly important when it comes to completing an outfit. They’re the most overlooked item in your fashion closet. Don’t let that be the case for your Mr. Perfect and buy him a cool leather belt that goes with every outfit that he wears. 

15. Leather Vest

Men's Roland Black Leather Biker Vest 6

Leather vests are fashion-forward and cosmopolitan. You can give this as a gift to your husband or boyfriend. Either get it customized or simply give it as a birthday gift. Some would argue that it’s a luxury item, considering it’s made of leather. But at the end of the day, you must always look at the intent and emotion rather than the price tag. 

16. Travel Bag

If your man likes to travel, a leather travel bag would be the best birthday gift for him. It shows that you care about him and his likes and preferences. By giving him this gift, you might also signal to him that you are very much part of his life and that you would like to be part of his ventures and activities more often than not. 

17. Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve

If your man is into gaming and technology, a laptop sleeve will be something that he would appreciate. Don’t take too long thinking about birthday gifts for him; sometimes, the most obvious choices are right in front of us and we fail to recognize them. A leather laptop sleeve is just one of those things! 

18. Leather Loafers


If you are with a man who loves shoes, he would be delighted to receive leather loafers from you! Add a new pair of shoes to your man’s shoe collection and let them know you’re involved and understanding of their likes and dislikes.

19. Boat Leather Shoes

Boat Shoes

Another addition to the shoe category, boat shoes are perfect and a sign that your man deserves a break from the monotony of life. Shoes are an investment and will last for a long time so another underlying signal is that you’re looking at this relationship for a long term.

20. Leather Bracelet

leather bracelet

You can count it as a friendship band or a promising band — a leather bracelet is cool and something that can enhance the bad boy image of a man. 

21. Passport Organizer

passport organizer

Again, a gift for him that is thoughtful and indicative of you taking things seriously. Give him a passport organizer if he likes to travel or maybe his job requires him to. 

22. Wine Tote

wine tote

If your man likes to drink, and drink well, you must give him a wine tote for his birthday. You will be surprised to see how much he actually likes it. Trust us on this. 

23. Eyeglass Case

eyeglasses case

If your husband requires eyeglasses, it’s best to give him this gift. It says that you care about him and his needs. An eyeglass case will also be helpful in keeping them safely and carried comfortably in travel bags. We definitely agree that it is a unique gift for him. 

Leather Cufflinks

Leather cufflinks are top choices for men who love to dress up and look good. You should consider getting your boyfriend or husband leather cufflinks not because they are ideal for formal wear but also because they are divine to look at and affordable. 

25. Cup Wrap with Handle

If your man wakes up late and drinks coffee on his way to the office, give him this beautiful and thoughtful gift for his birthday. Nothing better than a cup wrap with a handle to have morning coffee in. It may not seem like the ideal romantic gift for him but it is. 

Personalized Gifts for Him

26. Gift Card

Technically, it’s not a personalized gift but it’s something genuine and thoughtful. First of all, by giving them a gift card, you’re saying they have all the options in the world. And there’s absolutely nothing better than having options and choices to make for yourself. Anyway, give them a gift card to a place they most go-to for everyday items. 

27. Leather Journal

Leather Journal

You can personalize a leather journal according to their favorite color, possibly a design that they’re most fond of, or a quote they live by. It’s also a “just because gift” for him so don’t wait for any important event or date. 

28. Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag

This is honestly the most useful gift that you can give to him. If he’s constantly on the road or living in hotels, a toiletry bag would be resourceful and carry meaning. 

29. Keychain


Custom gifts like a keychain are wonderful. You can customize it using their favorite fictional characters. There are multiple ways to customize keychains but embroidery and engraving are top choices. 

30. Leather Coaster

leather coaster

If you want to give your coffee-loving husband a creative gift, maybe a leather coaster is for you. Make sure you customize it using their favorite characters.

Custom Leather Jacket

Customize a leather jacket for your husband or boyfriend and show them that you know every tiny detail about their life and that you actually listen to the things they say. Engrave their names or initials on the jackets or you could use their artwork and get it embroidered as well. 

31. Fur Coat

Mens Furcliff Black Leather Coat 3

If your man likes to experiment with his clothing, get him a fur coat with shearling and watch him get excited. Fall is already here so this would be the perfect time to give this gift to him. We recommend the Rocky Brown Fur Leather Coat to you!

Graduation Gifts for Him 

32. High School Leather Jacket

Mens Highschool Black Leather Jacket 2

If you’re newly in a relationship and you want to buy the best gifts for him to show your true feelings, you should go for this jacket. It’s perfect for puppy love, after all, we all remember the leather jacket our high school sweethearts gifts us. Don’t worry about the money, The Jacket Maker provides quality jackets at cost-effective rates. 

33. Old School Jacket

Mens Old School Brown Leather Jacket 2

If your man is old school in his approach to everything, the old school brown leather jacket is exactly what you need to give him. It’s got an interesting cut and hemline that will remind you of the lost time and hit you and your man with a wave of nostalgia. 

34. Leather Shoes

leather shoes

Graduation gifts are easy to plan — you think of all the things that a person might need right after their graduation. Leather shoes are one of those things; since they might be planning to join the corporate world real soon and would require them for daily wear. Whether it’s your boyfriend, brother, or son, leather shoes are perfect gifts for him. 

35. Guitar Strap

guitar strap

Does he like to play guitar? If so, you should definitely consider giving him a leather guitar strap. It’s considerably cheaper than jackets and other expensive items. Therefore, remind him of the great time you’ve spent together by giving him this gift. 

36. Laptop Bag

laptop bag

As we said, you need certain things right after you graduate. Joining the list is a leather laptop bag; it should be practical, waterproof, and resistant to abrasions. 

37. Card Holder

card holder

If you’re coming out of college and stepping your foot in the big bag world of corporations and business, chances are that you will need a card holder. Thus, don’t be shy and remind your man of the duties and responsibilities he must not get accustomed to with a leather card holder. 

38. Backpack


Hey, you don’t always have a plan after graduation. If your boyfriend is that way, he probably has only one plan and that is to travel. Give him a leather backpack for his trips so that he can travel with ease and comfort. It’s a fun gift for him; a reminder of how fun you can actually be. 

39. Biker Jacket

Men's Allaric Alley Black Leather Biker Jacket

Thinking about the best gifts for him? Is he planning to go riding with his motorcycle buddies? If so, you should make sure he goes with equipment and precautions. And for that, he would need a biker jacket. Most men go on these trips right after graduation, so, leather biker jackets would be ideal gifts for him.

40. Bomber Jacket

Men's Green Hooded Bomber Jacket 3

Have a man who is stylish but laid-back? Well, in that case, bomber jackets are the best gifts for him. Take a look at the multiple options at The Jacket Maker. They have sophisticated, classic, and eccentric designs. 

In Conclusion

Hope you like the six leather jackets that we listed down for you. You can further take a look at our jacket collection or get help from our bespoke services!

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