10 Best White Outfits For Men in 2023

white outfits for men

While an all-black is considered the easy way to pull up a stylish look, wearing all-white outfits for men is a bit tricky. Only the gentleman with impeccable styling sense can carry an all-white outfit with elegance. If you are also among those who avoid wearing white and think it makes you look washed out like a school going, dressed up in uniform. Then you are surely missing out on some great things in life.

Pulling up an all-white outfit has its bright sides. It’s simple, minimalist, and graceful. All you need is the essential styling knowledge and some right outfit inspiration for a stylish all-white look. Therefore to help you out in your no color palette venture, we have pulled together a basic styling guide with some outfit ideas to inspire you through the journey. So, let’s move further.

How To Style All-White Outfits For Men?

While we all love dressing up in a white outfit, styling an all-white outfit might not be easy. In order to make you master this skill, here are a few styling points. So, become a pro and level up your fashion game.

The Skin Tone 

Generally, an all-white outfit suits everyone regardless of skin color. But, here is the tricky part: not all shades of white go along well with all skin tones. Therefore, considering your skin color is essential. As a rule of thumb, the darker white tones complement the dusky complexions, while cool skin tones can wear bright whites to avoid an all-white washed-out look.

Adding Texture 

Wearing an all-white outfit without a contrasting color may make you look like a flat sheet with no dimensions and structure. The trick to adding depth to your existing all-white outfit is to wear your outfit with contrasting shades and patterns. For Instance, you can try wearing bright white pants with an off-white shirt or a striped jumper for a well-defined white look.

Consider The Dress Code

For an all-white outfit, the formal setting and dress code are important. No matter how sophisticated a white outfit looks, you cannot adorn them at a funeral or a formal black-tie event. So, deciding on the right occasion to wear your favorite white outfit is crucial.


Men’s all-white outfit does not mean that your whole look should be restricted to white. You can style your outfit with different color accessories to make your look pop out more. For Instance, wearing a leather belt with brown leather shoes and a wristwatch will work wonders to elevate your basic white outfit look.

The Fabric 

For an all-white outfit, fabric choice is also a crucial factor. Choose a non-transparent, lightweight, and breathable cotton all-white outfit for summers to beat the summer heat. In contrast, warm knitted woolen clothes will work well against the freezing weather in winter.

The Proper Fit 

The right fitting plays a vital role in the outlook of your clothes. For men in an all-white look, the fit is even more crucial because of its ability to prominent every little flaw more than any other color. So, choose carefully.

Men’s All White Outfit Ideas 

All White Casual Outfit 

Dressing up white casually does not have to be complicated. You can pull up a trendy casual look with the items and accessories already present in your closet. A pair of basic white pants with a t-shirt or polo hanging in your cupboard may make up a nice casual outfit. Also, wearing regular white sneakers may work well, for a man in all-white clothing.

Smart Casual Look

Choosing what to wear to the office that equally fulfills the professional need and does not look too formal is challenging. That’s when the smart all-white casual outfits kick in. An all-white smart casual outfit can cover you for all your long workdays to weekend outings in style. So for a smart-casual look, style your basic white shirt and jeans outfit with a contrasting white shade blazer and sneakers, and you are good to go.

White Formal Suit

Looking forward to attending an event that demands a bold and confident look, like a birthday bash, a business dinner, or any such semi-formal event. A slim-fit ivory white suit paired with formal loafers and a dress shirt would be perfect for making a style statement at such important events. Lastly, do not forget to wear a stylish watch to make this look pop out even more.


All white outfits essentially makeup perfect sportswear. So whether you want to shed some sweat in style at the gym or opt for a slow-walking session in the park, a white tracksuit or joggers will serve all your athleisure needs with your fashion game on point. Lastly, pair your athleisure outfit with comfortable white workout shoes to complete this look with maximum comfort and style.

White Outfits For Summer

White is among the most appropriate colors to wear in summer because it repels heat. For a trendy summer look, wear your white cargo shorts with a casual t-shirt and style this outfit with a contrasting white button-down shirt layer. You can wear this look as an all-white party men’s attire at a summer pool party, or any casual summer day with maximum comfort and style.

 Double Denim Look 

If you are a fan of wearing denim outfits, then you must try this incredible outfit combination. Pair your white t-shirt with white denim pants and a denim jacket to pull off a trendy double denim look. Styling this outfit with white sneakers may elevate this look beyond measure.

The Party Outfits 

Whether it’s a white-themed party or your desire to stand out of the crowd, an all-white party outfit for men will always be a super choice. To pull off this look, all you need is to adjust your outfit according to the party’s dress code.

For Instance, a white blazer outfit paired with slacks and a button-down shirt makes a great option to adorn at semi-formal parties. Just be careful not to ruin your white attire by spilling drinks or food.

The Minimal White Look

Often, we encounter a social situation that demands a minimal look with a relaxed vibe, like hosting a casual dinner or lunch. An all-white button-down shirt paired with a white chino and footwear makes a perfect, minimal outfit to save the day on such occasions. Try not to put on any accessories to maintain a minimal vibe of the outfit.

White Winter Look

White is mainly considered a summer color but looks equally stylish in winter. For a trendy, all-white winter look, try styling your white chinos or denim pants with sweatshirts and a peacoat for extra warmth and style. Lastly, complete this look with a pair of Chelsea boots for some added style.

Sweater Outfit 

This outfit is all you need if you are looking for some trendy spring outfit inspirations. Style your basic off-white crewneck sweater with a pair of white pants and sneakers for a splendid sweater look. You can try wearing this look with a collared dress shirt and formal shoes for a semi-formal setting.


How should men wear all white?

For wearing an all-white outfit, style by contrasting different shades of white, i.e., bright white, off-white, or ivory. In addition, Adding some basic patterns and texture is also a good idea.

Is an all-white outfit OK?

Yes, wearing an all-white is ok for most casual,semi-casual, and formal settings. But, do not wear an all-white outfit to a predefined dress code event.

Can you wear white anytime?

Yes, you can wear white anytime and anywhere unless it conflicts with the dress code or formality of the occasion.

How do you wear white clothes?

You can wear white clothes by contrasting them with textures, darker tones, outfits (black, brown, dark blue, khaki), and suitable accessories.


A white outfit is considered the ultimate epitome of style in men’s fashion. However, unlike all-black outfits, not everyone can pull off a great white look. The trick to dressing up elegant and trendy in white attire is to consider combining different shades and patterns of white with some contrasting accessories and shoes, which requires some basic know-how of the latest fashion trends and color palette.

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