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The Best Yellow Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men

yellow shirt outfit

A yellow shirt is an oft-misunderstood piece of menswear. Too bright and you risk blinding everyone near you; too muted, and everyone thinks that you are wearing an old white shirt. However, when done right, it’s a powerful way to add a dose of color to your outfit rotation. 

With spring at its peak and summer coming in hot, there’s never been a better time to perfect your style palette with a yellow shirt outfit. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what to wear with a yellow shirt and some best yellow shirt outfits for men, so you can dress in style and use this color to give your look a lot of oomph.

What Color goes with a Yellow Shirt?

Yellow has long been used in menswear as a way of adding personality and energy to an outfit. If you are a fan of classic cinema, the first thing that jumps into your head when you think of a pale yellow shirt is an image of Roger Moore as James Bond in “For Your Eyes Only.” 

In the current times, pop stars have made vivid yellow hues iconic. But, before you run out to buy a yellow shirt, it’s vital that you know what color goes with yellow shirts?  

The color itself is a sign of optimism and happiness. It’s the go-to warm-weather color and perfect for springtime festivities, but yellow can be intimidating. Yellow can clash with so many other hues and, when misused, can make even the most suave of men look boring. 

But this should not deter you; yellow is still a great color to incorporate into your wardrobe. To keep it simple, stick to a neutral tone when it comes to pairing. Black, gray, khaki, beige, and navy blue are the best colors to wear with yellow pants. White and light blue look equally good as well. But if you are feeling experimental and looking for an eccentric yellow shirt outfit, you can wear it with red pants. Keep the shirt in a hue leaning towards mustard and pants in deep crimson, or go for burgundy pants.

Five Yellow Shirt Outfits to go for in 2023

A yellow shirt is a trending menswear clothing item. It’s a bold statement piece and often associated with the “young at heart,” – but it can work for everyone and in every setting. We have the perfect five very different outfits with yellow shirt suggestions. Have a look!

1. Shorts & Yellow Shirt Outfit For Summer

1. Shorts & Yellow Shirt Outfit For Summer

Yellow is a vibrant color that invokes feelings of summer. So it’s a great idea to get some yellow shirts and wear them with another summer essential “shorts” When merged together, this short summer outfit is the epitome of summer-ready aesthetics and looks effortlessly cool as you hit the town or the beach. 

Be a sensation of summer with a yellow shirt in a leafy print teamed with turquoise jean shorts and black sneakers. Or you can go the sophisticated and more relaxed route by reaching for a yellow button-down or mandarin collar shirt worn over a crisp white t-shirt with taupe chino shorts. Keep the shirt open and jazz up this yellow shirt outfit for men with black and white striped espadrilles.  

Go on, get yellow! 

2. Street Style Yellow Shirt Outfits

2. Street Style Yellow Shirt Outfits

The new-age streetwear aesthetic is a powerful force in fashion. Oversized garments like puffer jackets, track pants, and shirts are a mainstay in street style, and according to fashion insiders, shades of yellow are one of the many trending street style colors. So why not combine the two and upgrade your streetwear style.

A mustard color shirt in an oversized fit can add a subtle flash of color to a streetwear outfit, subtly individualizing your look without drawing too much attention to itself. Wear it with skinny black jeans and complete the look with black leather sneakers

On the other side of the spectrum, you can opt for a skinny-fit yellow button-down shirt and a nicely fit blue jean jacket. It brings us to the question of what pants to wear with a jean jacket, so for this outfit, ripped black jeans are a fantastic choice. Finish off this outfit with black sports shoes and let the world know about your sartorial credentials.  

3. Formal Yellow Shirt Outfits

3. Formal Yellow Shirt Outfits

The conservativeness of a men’s suit color is the first thing that determines its acceptability in formalwear. Darker tones are the safest option, particularly if you wear a white dress shirt. However, with the lines between formal and semi-formal wear becoming blurred (at least in some circles), it’s essential to know how to pick up on color trends. 

This year, if you’re looking for a bit of spice in your formal outfits, we recommend giving yellow shirts a try. It’s bold and vibrant yet still flattering on a wide range of complexions. Still, if you’ve been too afraid to dive into the world of color, wear a black suit in a fresh way with a solid chartreuse button-up shirt. Go for a red or light blue tie and bring the whole look together with patent leather shoes

4. Avant-Garde Yellow Shirt Outfits

4. Avant-Garde Yellow Shirt Outfits

Avant-garde fashion is a challenging style. True to its name, avant-garde fashion does not obey the norm. It questions, subverts & innovates it. Avant-garde fashion is unafraid to put bold, new ideas into practice — but not often in the form of bright colors.

There is no second opinion about the fact that black is the default for avant-garde fashion. The use of dark colors remains a cornerstone of this genre. However, fitting in with the avant-garde approach of all things rebellious, many avant-garde designers champion the use of yellow and other bold colors to express their individuality.

If Avant-grade is your scene and you want to create an outfit with a yellow shirt, keep the unconventional approach of avant-garde fashion unshaken and go for a yellow shirt in an asymmetrical design with ruffled details– better if the fit is oversized and there are some sort of accents on it. 

Let your yellow shirt shine on an otherwise all-black ensemble that involves black pants and black dress shoes and outerwear like a shiny black leather biker jacket.

5. Transitional Weather Yellow Shirt Outfits

5. Transitional Weather Yellow Shirt Outfits

Transitional weather is a fickle thing. Hot one day and cold the next — what’s a guy to do? If you’re struggling with dressing for autumn and spring, yellow can help. That’s right — the color that we usually associate with spring and autumn is actually an excellent tone for transitional weather.

When the temperature rises and your winter coat is just a bit too warm for what it is, get into the spring spirit and wear a yellow shirt with your lightweight jackets— your best suede jackets are most suitable to wear this time of the year. Throw on a yellow button-down shirt with a blue suede jacket and selvedge denim. Suede loafers are a great pick in the footwear domain.

For fall, when it gets a little too chilly for a regular dress shirt, but you’re not quite ready to wear a full-on winter coat and topcoat, it’s time to break into your best aviator jackets on that classic autumnal staple yellow shirt. Lightweight corduroy pants, khaki chinos, wool trousers, and leather boots are great options to complete this look.


Can guys wear yellow?

Yes, because it is a great color to revitalize any wardrobe. The general consensus about it is that you should always try to control the use of color. This means using neutral tones such as black, white, navy blue, gray, and beige in other garments to tone down a look consisting largely of yellow.

What color pants go with a yellow shirt?

Navy blue, black and beige pants work with yellow shirts of all shades. Khaki and gray pants are suitable for lighter and pale yellow shirts. If you plan on wearing a bright yellow shirt, soft blue pants are perfect for pairing with it. 

Do yellow and blue match?

Not sure what to wear with yellow? Try the tried-and-true blue. Yellow and blue are complementary colors, and they always make for a harmonious match. These two hues can be paired for a look that’s both low-key and stylish by anyone.

Is yellow complementary to red?

Complementary colors are those situated directly opposite each other on the color wheel. So red is not complementary to yellow. The complementary shades of red are blue & green, and for yellow are blue and violet. 

How do men style yellow?

Yellow can be intimidating for men, but stylish men are incorporating it into their outfits in a variety of ways. From outerwear to foundational pieces like pants & shirts to accessories like socks, contemporary men are experimenting with yellow in all forms. 

Ending Note

It’s easy for men to get caught up in a one-style-fits-all mentality. But let’s face it: having a closet full of every shirt, jacket, and pants in neutral tones can make even the most seasoned fashion enthusiasts lose their enthusiasm. Bringing yellow shirts in your style arsenal is like a breath of fresh air. And if you can get your head around some yellow shirt outfits, the world will be your menswear oyster.

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