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Dismantling Gender Norms Through Unisex Clothes!

unisex clothes

A woman wearing a suit and tie is seen as dominant and powerful while a man in a skirt and heels is prone to negative attention. There is something seriously problematic about our view on gender identity and norms.

The rise of unisex clothes is probably one of the forces challenging the archaic model of gender-specific clothing; a philosophy or notion that is patriarchal and outdated. 

The fashion moguls have been quick to understand the significance of changing times; instead of losing momentum, they vouched to create a genderless niche for the individuals tired of labels and unwanted categorization.

Some brands even prompted a narrative that streetwear has always been genderless. Most streetwear designers argue that it is the only style that encourages oversized and unstructured silhouettes

Sweatshirts are possibly the first piece of clothing that is genderless; no one questions whether a sweatshirt is designed for a male wearer or a female one. And along with that, there have been efforts to make clothes baggy and untailored so as not to fit any particular body shape or size. 

What Is Unisex Fashion?

What Is Unisex Fashion?

People who are new to unisex fashion are often misguided as they believe that gender-neutral clothes are nothing but shapeless monochromatic sacks. That would actually be an oversimplification of the entire movement and a reductionist view of genderless fashion. 

Here’s an attempt to explain what unisex clothes really are: Unisex clothes are essentially garments that aren’t designed with a gender-related notion in mind. This style of clothing is established for individuals who want to deviate from the barriers created by society in the world of fashion. 

What Is Unisex Fashion?

Gender-specific clothing is evolving with time; this small yet essential step is now an outlet for people restless to start broader conversations about equality. Not only does unisex clothing aid in breaking the metaphorical walls of gendered clothing, but it also allows people to freely express themselves.

Unisex clothes are sensitive to the emotions of people struggling with concepts of gender and sexuality. It serves a deeper purpose than an aimless rebellion by making room for gender fluidity.  

Unisex Clothes in High Street Fashion

Unisex Clothes in High Street Fashion

Major clothing brands acknowledge that clothes are genderless. Fashion labels now promote and launch unisex clothing lines that allow people to dress the way they want. 

Whether it is popular male singers dressing up in ball gowns and leather jackets on the cover of famous magazines or the face of female empowerment drawing attention to bigger subjects while adorning genderless jumpsuits, everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon and creating channels for self-expression. 

Unisex clothing isn’t just limited to celebrities, many high street labels and sustainable brands are designing gender-neutral clothes at affordable rates. These fashion outlets offer gender-neutral clothes like basic tees, different types of pants, boiler suits, dungarees, jumpers, and outerwear. 

Unisex Fashion in The Mainstream Media

2015 was an important year as many designers and fashion labels got together to shatter the shackles of gendered clothing. Some brands merged their menswear and womenswear sections while others put out their unisex pieces on display. Androgynous models were also hired to promote this particular style of clothing. 

Has The Female Wardrobe Become More Masculine? 

Critics have raised concerns about the female wardrobe becoming more masculine after the rise in genderless fashion. Of course, this was coming since the time women decided to adorn blazers and jeans. However, this argument is baseless and reeks of hatred.

This is how such critiques are responded: The genderless or unisex movement might have made womenswear slightly more masculine, but it still doesn’t take away from their feminine side. Some people also claim that the wave of men adorning feminine clothes was short-lived. 

The attitude of Y2k Stylists seems different from genderless clothing since they’re more open as a generation. This has led us to believe that we have exciting years ahead as gender-neutral clothes might experience another powerful wave, leaving more room for exploration and self-expression. 

The Future is Gender Fluid

The Future is Gender Fluid

This is a huge statement. In the future, we’re going to witness unisex clothing bridging the gap between the gendered divide. Here’s why unisex clothes should be under your radar!

Options for Everyone

The most heartwarming reason to celebrate the rise of genderless clothing is this: It accepts everyone and allows people to express themselves freely. Unisex clothes are for all genders, colors, shapes, and sizes. You could be a big and tall body or have a petite frame and still manage to rock a unisex style. 


How to size women in unisex clothes?

All unisex clothes are sized differently. This is why women should always go for clothes that are 2 sizes smaller than their usual size. For example, if you’re a size 9, go for a size 7. 

What clothes are unisex?

People tired of the labels and gender norms should try unisex clothes as they make them feel limitless and creative. Apart from streetwear, ball gowns and types of skirts have also become gender-neutral. 

What does unisex mean in clothing?

Unisex are clothes for all people; designed for people regardless of their gender. For example, anyone can wear a pair of denim jeans and rock them with a basic white tee and leather sneakers

Are unisex sizes bigger?

Yes, unisex sizes are generally bigger than your normal size, especially for women. 

In Conclusion

Unisex clothes have changed the landscape of the fashion industry. It’s not just a statement that will lose heat in a couple of years – it’s here to stay. This is a good sign because it celebrates diversity. This allows fashion designers to step up and experiment with loose cuts, baggy clothing styles, and more. 

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