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What Color Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress: An Easy Guide To Achieve Feminine Style

The world is a colorful masterpiece. Each hue holds a place of its own. For example, the blue of the oceans creates a sense of calmness, while the green of grass reflects an aura of comfort. However, the yellow of the sun is our absolute favorite. How the warmth of yellow embraces you, embodies you, is just magical. 

The color yellow is more than just a tint. It’s a feeling. Out of all the fashion trends of 2024, the color yellow being fashionable is the one that will stay for an eternity. Yellow is such a good color. The minute you put it on you begin to glow! It’s as if you start creating your own sunshine. 

There are many ways in which you can introduce yellow into your wardrobe. Like, a yellow pants outfit or yellow accessories. All these are cute options but, if you ask us, a yellow dress is the way to go. 

Dresses are like poetry. They flow at their own pace, dance to their own rhythm, and are an artistic wonder. When you combine yellow with the silhouette of a dress, it creates something mesmerizing. A yellow dress, no matter what style, looks absolutely stunning. Putting on a yellow dress is the first step. Styling it is the next. The most important question is, What color shoes to wear with a yellow dress? This question is what our guide is all about. 

The Top 7 Shoe Colors To Wear With A Yellow Dress

We have put together shoes of the finest styles, colors and patterns that you can pair with a yellow dress. These shoes, with a yellow dress, will look absolutely gorgeous. They bring out the best the color yellow has to offer, and can be worn to multiple occasions. We have also mentioned how you can accessorize a yellow dress and style it accordingly. Keep reading to learn about our top 7 shoes for a yellow dress. 

  1. Yellow Dress with Black Shoes 
Yellow Dress with Black Shoes 

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite, black leather shoes. Yellow and black look amazing together due to their sharp contrast. These colors give off major queen B vibes. The best part about this color combination is that the subtlety of the black allows the yellow of your dress to shine through. 

For a glam look, pair a yellow bodycon dress with a cute yellow jacket. Add on a pair of black heeled pumps to complete the look. Black shoes with a yellow dress look incredible. 

If a cute everyday look is on your mind, pair a yellow shirt dress with a pair of black oxfords. This look is perfect for carrying out day to day errands. 

Want to give off main character energy? Say no more. Pair a long chiffon dress with a pair of black ankle boots. Leather boots are the perfect shoes with a yellow dress, especially if you want to create a stunning yellow dress outfit. The chiffon dress will flow as you walk, creating a look bound to turn heads. 

  1. Yellow Dress with White Shoes 
Yellow Dress with White Shoes 

Carrying on with the neutral color-bold color duo, white shoes are next in line. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a pair of white shoes. Pair a yellow skater dress with a pair of white loafers. Add on a crossbody and you have the perfect color combination to style with a yellow dress. Loafers not your style? No problem. Add on a pair of white tennis shoes. Outfits with tennis shoes give off a cute, sporty vibe which goes perfectly with a skater dress. 

Got a fresh new tan, you’re dying to show off? We have just the look for you. Pair a mustard yellow off-shoulder, body con dress with white heeled pumps. This look is clean, classy and sexy. White shoes with a yellow dress are just the choice when you want a chic look. 

Bring a little sunshine into autumn by sporting a yellow dress. Pair a flirty yellow wrap dress with a pair of white ankle boots. Add on a mustard sweater or a leather jacket to make the look more fall appropriate. 

  1. Yellow Dress with Nude Shoes 
Yellow Dress with Nude Shoes 

Nude Shoes, our last, but definitely not the least, neutral color shoe option. If you’re confused about what shoe to wear or which color would look the best, then nude is your safest bet. The thing about nude shoes with a yellow dress is that it won’t steal the spotlight from your dress. Nude shoes are like a supporting friend so that your yellow dress can glow in all its glory. 

Pair a yellow sheath dress with a pair of suede, nude pumps. Add on some small studs to complete this princess-esque outfit. 

Clubbing with the girls? A vibrant yellow body con dress is an excellent option. Keep all the attention on the dress by pairing it with a pair of strappy nude heels.

If you’re someone that admires the whole yellow dress trend, but wants a more wearable yellow option then a pastel yellow outfit is perfect for you. A pastel yellow lace dress or romper is a cute way to hop on the yellow train, without being too overpowering. Just, add on some nude block heels, minimalistic jewelry, and you’re all set.

  1. Yellow Dress with Blue Shoes 
Yellow Dress with Blue Shoes 

If you don’t know about color theory, then boy, you are missing out. Without getting too technical about it, let’s talk about a complementary color to the color yellow, the color blue. Blue is a color that, when paired with yellow, is nothing less than magical.

A yellow cutout dress or evening gown when paired with blue high heels looks phenomenal. This color combination demands attention. Both these colors are loud and bold, yet they don’t outshine one another. You can even add on a matching blue clutch to go all out with this fierce duo.

Heels can be tiring, especially if you plan on a lot of walking. If you’re looking for shoes to wear with dresses, besides heels, then sneakers and ballet flats are wonderful options. They are comfortable, trendy and in style at the moment. You can easily pair a midi yellow dress with a pair of blue sneakers or flats for a fashionable yellow outfit. Plus, blue suede shoes with a yellow dress makes an intriguing duo.

  1. Yellow Dress with Gold Shoes 
Yellow Dress with Gold Shoes 

Now, if you’re going to wear a yellow dress, you better do it right. A yellow body con dress is a sexy outfit on its own but, you know what it’s missing? A pair of shiny gold heels. Yes, Shiny!

This outfit has to glow like any other. Yellow paired with golden will do just the trick.

For the girls that want more comfortable shoes with a yellow dress, try out block heels, espadrilles, or kitten heels. Remember to pick shoes with some gold hardware to add a bit more oomph to your whole look.

  1. Yellow Dress with Red Shoes 
Yellow Dress with Red Shoes 

So we talked about pairing a yellow dress with a complementary color like blue. Now, let’s talk about its contrasting color partner, red. Red and yellow don’t sound like the prettiest of combos. They kind of remind us of mustard and ketchup, but in reality, they look incredible together. The rule to make this outfit work is that the dress should be all yellow while your shoes should be red. Now, when we say shoes, we don’t mean loafers or ballet flats. We mean strappy heels.

A pair of red strappy heels add a minimal but ample amount of red to a yellow dress. Red shoes with a yellow dress are a fashion risk. It all depends on whether you can pull off the look with confidence or not. 

  1. Yellow Dress with Brown Shoes 

doesn’t love sunflowers? Sunflowers are beautiful plants. The color combination of yellow and brown originates from these gorgeous flowers. Brown leather shoes with a yellow dress look great especially in the summertime. 

Pair a flowy mustard yellow dress with a pair of brown ballet flats for a cute summer outfit. You can also wear  chunky brown boots for more of an edgy look. Mules are another trendy style of shoe that would look incredible if paired with a yellow dress. 

For a more clean and composed look, you can pair a yellow dress with a straight silhouette with a pair of brown flats or leather loafers. This look is what we like to call, business with a hint of glam. 


  1. What to wear with a yellow dress to a wedding?

Weddings are all about elegance and class. You can pair a yellow dress with a pair of beige, nude, white or gold heels to create a sophisticated yet beautiful outfit. 

  1. What color shoes to wear with a tan dress? 

You can wear tan, beige, white, brown or cream colored shoes with a tan dress. 

  1. How to wear yellow sneakers?

If you want to wear yellow sneakers, then the key is to keep the rest of the outfit casual. Just a simple tee and jeans paired with yellow sneakers can create a stylish outfit. You can also go for a more bold look by pairing yellow shoes with a yellow dress. You can also pair yellow sneakers with complementary colors like blue and purple 

 Focus on Less When Wearing a Yellow Dress

The color yellow is bright, bold and beautiful. It doesn’t need much to shine through. We talked about many different styles of shoes that you can wear with a yellow dress but, the end lesson is to remember less is more. You have to keep things simple when you wear a yellow dress. Adding loud jewelry and bright shoes will only ruin the whole outfit. 

You can wear so many different types of shoes with a yellow dress. Pink pumps, black chukka boots, white sneakers, and even yellow crocs. You just have to figure out what works for you. We hope this guide helps you master the yellow dress trend. Just remember to be confident and let the yellow take over!

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