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Classy & Trendy Colored Heels that go Best with a Black Dress

Dresses are one of the most dominant staples of women’s wardrobes. At least for most women. When nothing else works, or appeals to you, there’s always a dress that you can turn to, for effortless style. They’re also one of the few outfits that look great as both casual and professional attire.

This all sounds great when it’s smooth sailing. However, there are times when you find yourself scrambling to put a look together with a dress you simply have to wear on any given day. Regardless of what you try, it seems to look like one confusing outfit. There are so many different types of dresses to choose from, each offering something unique to your overall look.

Do you know how you can avoid all of this confusion? All you have to do is pick a black dress, and you’re done. Wouldn’t a jet black dress look bland, though? Yes, it will. That’s why you also need to pick the right heels to team up with your dress.

Heels with a Black Dress

The concept behind this fashion trend is simple. You pick a basic outfit and contrast it with a colorful element. This element can be an accessory like a scarf or a purse, a belt, hat or shoes.

For this guide, we’re focusing on black dresses and colorful heels that make the most gorgeous casual outfits out there when paired together. All, while also maintaining a vibe of minimalism.

Colorful Heels with a Black Dress – Our Recommendations

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of individual heels that look incredible with a black dress. However, most of them can be bunched together in neat categories of similar style. Here are the best performers from each of these categories.

Just Black

Just Black

You might think that pairing a black dress with black heels will get bland quickly, but that is not the case at all. Sure, it may be possible with certain types of heels, but not when you’re wearing black block heels with velvet on the surface. This understated contrast of a plain matte dress and shiny velvet heels make the whole outfit look livelier and more dynamic than it actually is.

Another way of wearing black heels is to go all out with black knee-high boots with heels made from shiny semi-aniline leather. These paired with a typical A-line dress will make you look like an off-duty goth princess with just the right amount of confidence.

Vibrant Red

Vibrant Red

Red and black are meant to be together, no matter the form and this black outfit with red heels combo cements this notion even further. For this look, you need a black pencil dress and a pair of red heels.

As for the type of heels, red is plenty vibrant and attention-grabbing on its own, so you don’t have to go fancy with the design. A simple stiletto heel with a shiny red surface is all you need to look remarkable with minimal effort.

Taking your outfitting game to the next level with red heels is also much simpler. You don’t need a red handbag or scarf. There is also no need to upgrade your heels to a much fancier version like gladiator heels.

Instead, all you have to do is wear red lipstick that matches the heel’s tone. That is all you need, and now you’re ready to be featured in a fashion magazine.

Fancy Turquoise

Fancy Turquoise

There are a lot of colors that get mentioned next to black all the time; white, red and even blue. One color that is rarely contrasted against black is turquoise, yet it is one of the best matchups. Proving this statement correct is easy, as turquoise heels and black dress outfits speak for themselves. Just make sure the heels are nice and vibrant to get the most style points.

If plain turquoise heels are not doing it for you, try turquoise heels with a contrasting pattern instead. This pattern makes the heels look like they’re made out of a gemstone, giving them a life of their own. This also gives you an opportunity to wear jewelry with turquoise gems – making this the ultimate cocktail attire.

Multi-colored Wedges

Multi-colored Wedges

So far, we’ve looked at heels with only one color. Although this combo is a great match for a dress, the heels can have as many colors as you want. Keeping this in mind, a traditional heel alternative to the mainstream, having a single colored sole and multi-colored straps or vice-versa, make an even better footwear choice with a twist.

You could skip the solid color altogether and find a pair of heels with that vibrant multi-shade of orange or any warm toned color. But, having a solid color, especially one that is deep in tone, helps limit or restrain the vibrancy of color.  

As a side note, this particular heel color combo will also look stunning in a semi-formal setting.

White Pumps

White Pumps

White and black is an iconic combo that has stood the test of time, and it stays true here as well. Wearing velvety white pumps with a black dress creates a color contrast that’s nearly impossible to replicate with anything else. The matte fabric of the heels is important here as something like a shiny white stiletto would just look off.

If the contrast of white and black is not your vibe, swapping out the white pumps with light beige or better yet, tan works as well. It has similar contrasting abilities but also shows a little color and personality of its own.

Blue Tapered Heels

Blue Tapered Heels

The last recommendation on our list is a blue one. However, the thing that makes this worthy of going with your black dress is not its color; it’s the design. Tapered boots/heels are super unique with a fully covered top, tapered heel and in some cases, embellishment. Combine these heels for black dresses with silver jewelry, especially bracelets, to evoke an air of edginess that most believe to be difficult to achieve from a basic black dress.

Heeled Boots

Heeled Boots

This one is for the winter or chillier climate. Say you’re wearing thermal leggings under your black dress, and it is super cold outside. The last thing you want in this frigid climate is your feet getting cold. Ugg boots resolve both issues by being flat and warm. Not to mention some Ugg boots with heels that are even better and a tad bit dressier.

Plus, brown ugg boots with white lining look cute with black dresses. You can also pair these boots with a jacket over the dress to further increase the style and comfort.


What shoes to wear with an all-black outfit?

Black outfits have near-universal compatibility with all shoe colors. That said, black, brown, red and turquoise have a special relation with black.

What color dress goes with black heels?

Black heels look incredible with rich shades of blue, maroon and brown. They are also a brilliant combo for plain black dresses for all-black outfits.

What shoes to wear with a knee-length dress?

Knee-length dresses allow you to wear anything from flat low-top sneakers all the way up to knee-high leather boots.

What color shoes to wear with a tan dress?

You can wear dark shoes that make the dress itself look less saturated. Or you can wear light pastel shoes to make the dress feel more saturated for daytime parties and events.

Final Words

Choosing heels for black dresses can be both simple and complicated at the same time. We can give you a hundred suggestions, and all of them would be incredible, but the decision is yours at the end of the day. You can pick a pair of heels from our guide or find something completely unique to you. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’re wearing it because you like it, not because you read that it would look good.

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