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The Fashionably Chic Combination: Dress With Ankle Boots and Tights | 13 Unique Ways to Style

The arrival of the cold season means it’s time to start planning cozy wardrobe combinations that will keep us warm and stylish. Dress with ankle boots and tights are one look we’ve come to rely on.

Your summer clothing may easily transition into a new season with this straightforward combo. Even the most delicate slip can function properly when added to a dress with tights and ankle boots.

When selecting a new pair of ankle boots to add to our shoe collection, many of us question how to wear a dress with ankle boots and tights. It’s a typical fashion query that might be challenging to answer because there are so many variations on dress and boots outfits that wearing them together can be confusing! 

With the upcoming 2024 fashion trends, even a playful shift dress can be made fashionable by pairing it with chic tights and classic over-the-knee boots or heeled ankle boots. Thus, ankle boots are one of the best boots to go with dresses. 

In this article, we will discuss 13 unique and trendy ways to style your favorite dresses with tights and boots. Some are suitable for extremely cold temperatures, while others are preferable for slightly warmer conditions. Whatever the weather may be like outside, you’ll find some exclusive wardrobe inspiration below.

Black with a statement

Black with a statement

We all know dress outfits with boots with the black-on-black trend never fails to impress. Black ankle boots with high heels are something worth trying out if you want to dress sexy and might make you look taller too. Ankle boots with high heels are quite advantageous from a fashion and utility standpoint. The many styles of leggings can be matched with thick-heeled shoes, creating an elegant and cozy appearance.

As the first idea of dress with ankle boots and tights, we recommend this chic ensemble involving a dress with black tights and ankle boots. Keep all the elements of your outfit black and then top it with a camel leopard coat. The leopard print of your coat will add some extra style to your persona.

Can’t spend a lot of time digging through your wardrobe? Here’s our second idea of dress with ankle boots and tights.You can easily craft an attractive look by teaming your all black outfit with a beige pea coat for a smart look. For an instant style boost, choose a cowl neck sweater underneath your coat. This can be one of your best graduation outfits in winter.

Maxi style

Maxi style

A pair of ankle boots can bring an element of sultry refinement to any outfit. Rock boots with maxi dress for a laid-back look with a chic twist. Your choice of fabric for the maxi can dress up or dress down your outfit.

Try our third idea of dress with ankle boots and tights with this casual ensemble. Choose a long dress and boots and top with a gray knit open cardigan— these items go perfectly well together.

For the fourth suggestion of dress with ankle boots and tights, try this chic combination. Put on a flowy dress with boots and add a dark green military jacket to this equation for some extra glam. This can be your ultimate choice of jacket to wear with a dress when going for a girls night-out.

Brown in style

Brown in style

Brown ankle boots are fantastic because of how versatile they are. Any color or pattern of clothing goes great with brown ankle boots. Remember that ankle boots are the next best shoes to wear with dresses beside heels; you just need to pay attention to the height of the boot’s heel and where the boot will land on your ankle and calf.

To look really stylish and feel confident, the fifth idea of dress with ankle boots and tights revolves around wearing a yellow dress. You must be wondering what shoes to wear with a yellow dress, right? Add a pair of brown ankle boots to your ensemble to increase the glam level.

However, if you are tight on schedule, we present to you our sixth idea of dress with ankle boots and tights. Trying an easy combination of coat over dress is a surefire choice in this case. Wear a gray coat and gray tights and finish off your look with a pair of brown ankle boots to really show off your outfit coordinating skills.

Fall style

Fall style

There is no doubt that tights and boots are the magic duo of the fall season. When picking your fall dress with boots you should also take into account the dress’ pattern and color. Note that neutral colored boots perform well as fall footwear. 

The seventh idea of dress with ankle boots and tights is a relaxed yet fashionable outfit. You can pair a skater dress and tights with a brown shearling jacket. To quickly increase the fashion factor of your ensemble, finish it off with a pair of ankle boots. This style is a really great concept, particularly for fall weather when the temperature is starting to drop.

Statement boot style

Statement boot style

If you’re wearing a pair of ankle boots with zebra print, floral embroidery, or even a bright burgundy color, you probably want them to steal the show. What’s the greatest way to let them have their moment? Keep to the classic black cotton leggings. These statement boots can be your go-to winter shoes for dresses.

The eighth outfit idea of dress with ankle boots and tights is a statement style! Turn to this pairing of a burgundy floral dress and black tights for an incredibly stylish outfit without having to give up on functionality. With the help of burgundy suede ankle boots, spruce up this appearance. Also, accessorize your burgundy dress with a statement necklace.

A straightforward yet fashionable red dress with black tights and boots ensemble delivers a sophisticated winter style for festive occasions, Christmas parties, and various everyday occasions. Take this as our ninth recommendation of dress with ankle boots and tights. You can combine a fit and flare red dress with black tights and black ankle boots to create a chic casual winter look. For extra warmth, top this outfit with a beige trench leather coat and add this to your trench coat style dresses

Floral style

Floral style

There can never be enough types of dresses for women to choose from. And amongst all of them, the most feminine is a floral printed dress. 

To enjoy the frosty days, we propose our tenth idea of dress with ankle boots and tights. Try wearing a red floral dress with tights and matching red ankle boots. Adding some genuinely cool accessories is a plus.

Coming to our eleventh idea of dress with ankle boots and tights,  a combination of black floral dress and black tights work incredibly well together to create a nice and casual ensemble. This look may be made instantly more elegant by adding a pair of black leather lace-up ankle boots. You can classify this ensemble in your category of cute dresses to wear with boots. 

Winter style

Winter style

Winter dress with boots is a classic fashionable combination. This boot type, which is a winter wardrobe must (and possibly the most popular one), helps keep your legs warm. 

Try a combination of sweater dress with tights and booties. Choose a light violet sweater dress and black tights for a relaxed yet stylish style. Chelsea boots are a great match to this second last idea of dress with ankle boots and tights.

However, if you have a mixed collection of boots, try Chelsea boots with dress and tights. Wear a white swing dress and black tights with a black leather motorcycle jacket for a relaxed look; these two things go well together. A nice footwear choice to go with this last outfit idea of dress with ankle boots and tights is a pair of black Chelsea boots.


Can you wear boots with a dress?

Yes, you can wear boots with a dress. Whether the length of the dress is full or short, boots can seem quite fashionable.

What boots to wear with dresses?

Every season, whether it is winter or summer, short boots like ankle boots and Chelsea boots are ideal for pairing with dresses. Due to their short silhouette, ankle boots are perhaps the most popular choice for pairing with dresses because they make your legs appear longer.

Can you wear black tights with brown boots?

Yes, a combo of black tights and brown boots can create a chic and refined look.  Consider adding a camel coat to this ensemble to highlight the contrast of your boots. 


In conclusion, we believe after going through the article above, you will have mastered the most chic combination of dress with ankle boots and tights. This combination is versatile and can be your go-to style for all year round. 

As a general rule, wear light-hued ankle boots in the spring and summer and dark-colored ankle boots in the fall and winter. It will be a lot simpler to create an ensemble that looks put together if you keep those color guidelines in mind. However, there are no hard and fast rules in the fashion world.

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