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12 Tips to Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

dress shows with jeans

Dress shoes with jeans may seem like an odd outfit combination. But with the right fashion instinct and styling knowledge, you can actually pair them together in multiple different ways to pull off a chic smart casual look.

Dress shoes and jeans are a wardrobe staple for every man. But, did you ever think of styling both of them together? No? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Picking up the right dress shoes for jeans only isn’t enough, there are a whole lot of other factors that may influence your overall look.

Therefore, today we will tell you all the styling tips and tricks on how you can pull off a casual professional look by pairing your smart dress shoes and jeans together. 

So, let’s begin!

Dress Shoes With Jeans: Styling Tips

Dressing up professionally might seem like an easy task. But, you will only know how things work when you actually get into the business. There are a bunch of different things that need serious consideration.

Here are a few styling tips that will ace your dress shoes and jeans styling game like nothing else. So, follow the lead for a dapper smart casual look.

1. Shoe Style 

Shoe Style 

The choice of your shoes plays a crucial part in your entire look. When pinning down the right dress shoes to wear with jeans make sure to go with a more casual and sleek style.

For Instance, oxford with jeans is a great option. Being a more formal variant of busines casual shoes, they are considered  a tricky style to wear with jeans. However, with the addition of a few formal elements like a suit blazer and a silk necktie, you can easily wear them with your jeans.

On the contrary derby and brogue dress shoes with a more casual vibe can be paired with most jeans styles. The construction and vamp design of these dress shoes give them an edge over oxford shoes in terms of casual formality.

Additionally, leather loafers are also a good summer dress shoe option with jeans. Whether you go with authentic leather or suede, these shoes blend in effortlessly with jeans, giving out a more put-together and laid-back vibe.

Other dress shoe options that work well when paired with jeans include monkstraps shoes, chukka boots, Chelsea boots, desert boots, and boat shoes.

2. The Right Size 

The Right Size 

When pinning down dress shoe style with jeans, considering the right shoe size is crucial. Make sure your shoes have a tight snug fit. However, there should be an inch of space between your toe and the shoe cap to avoid any discomfort while walking.

By any chance, if you have bought a size bigger than your actual size. Do not worry. We have got you. Try putting a full-size insole into your shoes. It will not only provide extra comfort but also make your shoes feel right on your feet.

3. The Jeans Cut 

The Jeans Cut 

There are various jeans styles, but not all jeans go well with dress shoes. While almost all the jeans styles are casual in terms of formality, there are a few styles that fall on the dressier end of the spectrum. Those shoes are the best match for all your dress shoe aesthetics. 

Never opt for distressed, ripped, or light-washed jeans with dress shoes; as they are a mismatch with smart casual attire. Instead, go for denim styles that sit well on your waist and hips, with an appropriate length that falls just right above your shoes. 

Baggy, boot-cut, or skinny jeans are also a no-go area, as they do not complement dress shoes. However, slim-fit and regular-cut jeans are a wise choice to wear with dress shoes for a smart and sophisticated look.

4. Color Contrast

Color Contrast

The right color contrast is important. Your shoes always have to be in a lighter tone than your jeans. Never opt for a  black pants and black shoes combination, it will make you look obsolete. Adding a splash of color contrast will add texture and definition to your entire look.

On the other hand, choosing the appropriate denim shade is also important. As a rule of thumb keep your denim pants in a darker tone than your shoes. Navy, indigo, dark blue, and black denim are some appropriate matches for your brown dress shoes.

5. Socks 


As much as we all love to go sockless, it is not an option with dress shoes and jeans. While many shoes like some types of loafers and boat shoes can be paired with no socks, casual leather shoes for jeans are not one of them.

In smart casual attire, the aim is to upgrade your casual look into a more presentable one, by adding a few formal elements to them. Going sockless in this situation will work otherwise and will only show your ignorance and lack of effort. So, choose accordingly.

6. The Sock’s Color

6. The Sock's Color

While wearing flashy white socks may be a better option instead of going all socks less. However, it is better to avoid white crew socks. They may be a great option for other smart casual outfits but inappropriate to wear with dress shoes and jeans.

On the other hand, jet-black socks are another extreme. So, save them for your formal shoes with suits. Instead, try to go the middle way and add some patterns and bold colors to induce fun and trendy vibe.

Polka dots and stripes in neon colors make a great match with your dark jeans and brown dress shoes.

7. The Appropriate Accessories 

7. The Appropriate Accessories 

No matter what your outfit is, accessories play an important role in enhancing your look. However, sometimes getting too hard on your choice of accessories may work otherwise. So is the case with jeans outfits.

Try to keep it minimal and to the point. While wearing cufflinks or pocket squares will be too formal with jeans outfits, you can try styling them with a decent watch and sunglasses. However, do not go overboard with the choice of colors when choosing accessories.

Additionally, wearing a matching leather belt to your dress shoes would be a plus to your entire look.

8.  Avoid Shiny Shoes 

8.  Avoid Shiny Shoes 

Glitters are not always gold, especially when styling a casual jeans outfit. When wearing men’s dress shoes with jeans avoid shiny leather shoes such as black patent leather as they are more appropriate for the formal dress code. 

Your shoes and jeans must be in coordination for a complete look. Going for a sparkly texture will throw your smart casual vibe down the drain. However, styling your jeans outfit with suede or matte-finish leather dress shoes would be a wise choice with your casual dress shoes and jeans look.

9. The Dress Code 

9. The Dress Code 

Knowing how to wear dress shoes with jeans is not enough. In order to pull off sophisticated jeans and dress shoe outfits considering the formality of the occasion is also important.

Apart from the business casual dress code, dress shoes and jeans are smart streetwear outfits. You can wear them on a casual lunch with friends or an after-work hang out at the bar with your fashion game on point.

However, this outfit combo is not appropriate to be worn at semi-formal or black-tie events. So, think twice before you wear jeans and a dress shoe outfit at your best friend’s wedding party.

10. Create a Balance

10. Create a Balance

Apart from choosing denim pants and dress shoes, there are multiple other elements that are crucial in creating a balanced look. The choice of your shirt is one such feature. If you think you can get away with a regular t-shirt or sweatshirt then you are wrong.

The dress shoes being on the formal end of the spectrum demands to be paired with a more formal shirt. A well-tailored button-down or dress shirt is all you need for a balanced dress shoes and jeans look.

Additionally, wearing a silk necktie with a smart sports coat can also be a nice addition to your entire look.

11. Brown Shoes With Jeans

11. Brown Shoes With Jeans

Jeans with brown dress shoes are the most appropriate casual dress shoes to wear with jeans. 

When styling dress shoes with jeans, the shoes must be in a lighter tone than the color of your pants, and brown is the color that goes well with most denim shades and has less chance to conflict with the casual vibe of the outfit.

For casual workwear, tan or light brown may work well. However, for a more formal smart professional look, going for dark brown shoes with black pants is a foolproof idea. But, never dare to wear chocolate brown shoes with faded or light-wash denim jeans.

12. Black Dress Shoes And Jeans

12. Black Dress Shoes And Jeans

When pairing dress shoes with jeans, black is often thought of as a difficult color, especially lustrous black. You can opt for black jeans and a dress shoe outfit, but going for a black dress shoes may be a tricky road and you better not go that way.

While styling black jeans, make sure the colors of your shoes and jeans are different. An outfit lacking the right color contrast and texture will take you no way.

FAQs – Dress Shoes With Jeans

Is It Ok To Wear Jeans With Dress Shoes?

Yes, you can wear dress shoes with jeans. However, do not pair distressed or ripped jeans, and make sure the style of jeans and shoes coordinate with each other.
Maintain an appropriate color contrast by wearing your shoes in a darker shade than your jeans. Avoid baggy or skinny jeans and instead, go with a slim-fit style for a sophisticated and sleek look.

Should Your Shoes Match Your Jeans?

Always be careful while matching shoes with your pants. Make sure the color of the shoes maintains an appropriate color contrast with your pants, but never opt for a shoe pair in light color than your pants. While brown and tan suede leather shoes are considered the most appropriate footwear to wear with jeans, never opt for shiny black patent shoes with jeans.

What Is The Best Dress Shoes To Wear With Jeans?

Some of the most appropriate dress shoes to wear with jeans include derby shoes, oxfords, brogue, wingtip shoes, monk straps, and loafers. Always opt for brown or tan suede leather shoes because of their ultra-casual vibe compared to patent black dress shoes.

Do Black Shoes Go With Blue Jeans?

No, black shoes do not go well with blue jeans. The color of your shoes must be a lighter shade than your jeans. The black shoes being on the darker side of the color spectrum can ruin your entire look if paired with blue jeans.

What Shoes Go With Blue Jeans And White Shirts?

The choice of shoes is determined by the formality of the occasion. For a trendy casual look, you can try wearing a crisp white pair of leather sneakers with your blue jeans and white shirt outfit. On the other hand, a pair of brown or tan dress shoes will be a good choice for elevated smart casual attire.


Dress shoes with jeans are among the most sought-after trend these days. But choosing the right men’s dress shoes for jeans is no less than a climb uphill. However, with the right styling knowledge, you can overcome this task, effortlessly.

When choosing the right dress shoe style with jeans, make sure to maintain the right color contrast while staying within the dress code of the occasion. Apart from dress shoes and jeans, also pay keen attention to other important elements of your outfits such as the right accessories and shirt to pull off a sleek, smart casual look.

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