Funky Carnival Outfit Ideas That Would Make You Stand Out

carnival outfit ideas

Carnival is the occasion where you get to party on the streets. Well, what can be more fun and exciting than that? Nothing can beat the crazy fancy dress parade on the streets full of vibrant colors.   

The best part of a carnival is that it is a festival for people of all ages. There are no rules to follow when dressing for a carnival, just follow your heart. It is the time to think out of the box and get creative. Don’t forget to choose an outfit that aligns with the latest fashion trends and keeps you comfortable too, because it will be hours and hours in the parade.

But hey! Who said you can’t be funky and comfortable together? Here, in this article, we will discuss some funky, stylish, and eye-catching outfits that will make you stand out in the crowd without compromising your comfort.

Funky and flirty

A dress is an all-in-one attire for the carnival. In just one piece we get all the fun, color, and style. We suggest you go for bold colors and prints so that you stand out. Try a bright blue mini dress with funky buttons on the front. Pair it with white sneakers so you can take on those long walks. Add a funky hat for the sake of fun.

Funky and creative

One of the most hassle-free outfits comes in one piece –namely, a jumpsuit. You can go for a mini jumpsuit in rainbow color with extra details in frills and knots. Wear sneakers for any unexpected dances and run around. Add some funky bracelets and a small cross-body purse to hold your essentials.

For a different take on the jumpsuit outfit, try wearing a full-length one. Choose bold color stripes or a single fluorescent color so that an outstanding dress can be spotted from far. Wear comfy sandals, sunglasses, and a straw hat to add a bit of funk.

Funky and striped

If you want to wear pants, we got you covered. Choose multi-colored striped pants or even two-toned striped pants. They will look super cute with a dash of funky vibes. Now you need to pair these funky pants with a plain shirt with some details on the buttons and sleeve style. You may go for balloon-style sleeves or spaghetti straps. Wear flats and get going with this comfortable and stylish outfit.

Funky and cropped

A revealing top works best as a carnival outfit. If you are a fan of showing some skin, then get your hands on a lovely crop top. Pair it with shorts and wear your lace-up flats. To get the funk on point, get bold colored shorts and match them with a floral printed cropped top. If your footwear laces are also multi-colored, then you have aced your carnival outfit.

Funky and bohemian

How about a boho-styled take on your carnival outfit? You can show off your skin with this look. Wear a long flowing skirt with a bikini top and a vest with tassels and stones. The secret recipe of this outfit includes wearing long layered necklaces with a statement funky belt. To add some more spice and fun, wear a jewel-studded headpiece that gives the ultimate female hipster vibes.   

For a more striking and bold take on the bohemian style, go for ripped wide-leg denim. Wear a white lace top with long sleeves with added frills that reach the ground. That’s not all, now you just need a statement necklace and belt in a contrasting color –how about sea green? Also, wear big and bold earrings and a matching bandana that brings all the focus to your long wavy hair.

Funky and melodious

Can’t find your style until now? We are guessing you are a fan of music carnivals instead! We have something for you as well.

Rompers are a famous Los Angeles trend. Following that trend, get a sparkly multicolored mini romper that is bright like the sun. Top it with a girly pink fringed jacket and white knee-high boots. Add up matching jewelry and a cowboy hat to travel back to the retro concerts.

Another look can be achieved with an all-black outfit. Wear a gorgeous lace top with distressed denim shorts. Top it with a fringed black kimono and slip into matching black knee-high leather boots. Increase the funk level by adding a black cowboy hat to this ensemble. To add further drama, apply makeup in grunge style.

Coming up is a stunning outfit for women who love maxi dresses. Select a maxi dress with long bell-sleeves in a wrap style so you can show off your legs. Wear a matching chunky belt to score high on the funk-o-meter. Add a pair of ankle cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

Funky and furry

Are you wondering what outfit ideas we have for the winter carnivals? Think no more, just trust what we have to present. Wear a striped dress and top it with a fur coat. Wear funky slip-on shoes because carnivals are meant to roam around and dance.

Funky and fluffy

Cheers to all the curvy women out there! Did you know that fluffy is a Caribbean term to honor plus-sized women? So do not hesitate in planning your carnival outfit because we are going to splash you with ideas. Get a vibrant two-piece bikini and show off those curves. Wear statement jewelry and add some jewels to your outfit. For the grand entry, wear big peacock feathers and surprise everyone.


What to wear to a carnival-themed party?

You can wear short flirty dresses, blouses and skirts or dresses to a carnival-themed party.

How to make a carnival outfit?

To make a fancy carnival outfit you need to look into your wardrobe for inspiration. The most popular carnival outfits are that of policemen, sailors, mermaids, etc. You need to improvise by crafting an outfit with what you already have. For example, wear a black bikini top and shorts and add a police hat and handcuffs to complete the policeman look.

What to wear to the carnival in Rio?

The carnival parades in Rio go on for hours and it gets quite hot, so wear something light and airy like a top and shorts or a summer dress.  


Carnivals are one of the best times of the year. You sing, dance, and enjoy the parades, rides, and concerts. You get to wear outfits that are vibrant and creative and score a ten on the funk-o-meter. You can experiment with your dress and even push your comfort zone a bit further. Don’t worry what others will think because everyone will be a funkier version of themselves on the carnival day.

Above you must have found different outfit ideas that are flirty, furry and fancy and whatnot! Choose a style according to your level of funk and start preparing for the carnival!

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