The Ultimate Style Guide: How to Wear a Brown Leather Jacket

brown leather jacket

Men today have a great variety and endless options to choose from when it comes to brown leather jackets. Available in many different colours, styles and designs to suit various individuals. This calls into question whether brown leather jackets are truly in style.

Are Brown Leather Jackets in Style?

While there may be many fashion trends that come and go on a regular basis, some things are indeed timeless, even when it has to do with style. One of the more prominent examples of this phenomenon is the coveted brown leather jacket. So, yes! Brown leather jackets are very much in style and will remain in style for years to come. This bit of good news; now leads to how to style a leather jacket? Let’s try to answer this question the best way we can.

Before we get into the different looks that we can create, we need to know about the different styles of brown jackets available. Below are just a few great examples.

Jackets in Fashion

The standard or “normal” leather jacket is the most basic form of jacket you can buy. The biggest advantage these standard men’s leather jackets have the ability to work with almost all clothes, silhouettes, and overall outfits imaginable, as well as carry a relaxed, at-home feel; in whatever situation you may find yourself in.

The standard leather jackets thrive on their minimalism and ability to blend in with anything you wear under them. Not to say that these jackets are bland or uninspired, far from it is this particular style of jacket. It is just that they are meant to be an awesome addition to your look, not the focal point of it.

What do you Wear with a Brown Jacket?

There is no limit to matching options and things that you can wear with the jacket when it comes to brown leather jackets. If we were to list every single good combination, this article would be tens of thousands of words long, and we would still miss a big chunk of possibilities for great looks. So, here are a few awesome ideas for you to try:

The Jacket and Jeans

Evan Hart Fur Brown Leather Jacket

This combo puts a spotlight on matching your jacket with your jeans. To achieve this look, you have to focus on how you would like your jacket’s color and design to gel with your jeans. This can be further divided into a look that is monochromatic which carries different tints and shades of the same colour throughout your look or a more contrasting measure which calls for using contrasting colours that will go well with your jacket. If your jacket is an earthy brown, then the best option is to go for blue or grey colored jeans. This gives you some contrast. Going for lighter and darker tones of brown will give you a spot-on monochromatic look. 

Another angle you can take to this type of styling is going either light throughout or dark. If you own a vintage, dark, or distressed brown jacket, then going for dark grey, black, or other dark tones will give you a contemporary, urban look. However, light or muted tones will give you a clean, upscale appearance. Accordingly, the colour of your shirt and footwear, should then complement the chosen colours. For instance, white shirts and trainers go well with most colours, as do light hues and dark shades.

The Casual King

Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket

This is more of a look that is excellent for some offices and work environments. The star of the show being your shirt and tie combo. You can experiment with different colors and patterns to create a look that is unique to you. The key here is to go for a colour that isn’t too loud, nor a pattern that has too many colours that are too eye-catching. Unless of-course you work in a creative office environment. Muted colours with contrasting ties is one approach you can take. Prints or patterns that are checkered, plaid or even some subtle paisleys add visual interest to your look.  If it’s particularly cold outside, then you can add a wool or woven sweater into the mix for a bit of texture that will give you added points on both the style and comfort of this awesome look.

The Urban Biker

Gatsby Distressed Brown Leather Jacket

This is one of the most fashionable looks you can achieve with a brown jacket. The weight of this style lies on the shoulders of a good-looking biker leather jacket. The whole point of this look is to be as creative with your ensemble as you can. As an example, wear a dark grey buttoned t-shirt under your biker jacket, with a pair of navy or black jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Or another great example would be a cream-colored buttoned-down shirt, with a pair of dark blue pants and brown dress shoes. Accessorize with a pair of aviator glasses for some further hype.

Black Under Brown

Bomia Ma-1 Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Going all black is a look that never gets old, so why not put an exciting twist on that by topping your all-black outfit with a crazy cool brown leather jacket men’s outfit and make it the centerpiece of your attire. The jacket can be a simple suede, a fancy bomber or anything in between. As long as you keep the focus of your black attire on your jacket, you are golden. But if you want a bit more color, you can also add a pair of high brown leather boots to the mix.

The Fancy Shirt

Old School Brown Leather Jacket

The focus of this look is on a colorful shirt that may have an interesting pattern, print or paneling, that will complement your brown leather jacket. You can achieve this, with any shirt that is checkered, striped, paisley etc. or boasts of some unique design elements. Just make sure that the colors in the shirt don’t clash with the jacket, and you are pretty much good to go. Always try to remember, to stay minimal regarding the jeans and shoes; plain blacks are highly recommended.

Let’s Look at Best Brown Leather Jackets

The different looks mentioned above are only achievable with equally fancy brown leather jackets. Let’s take a look at a few of our best brown leather jackets.

Sheriff Brown Suede Jacket

Sheriff Brown Suede Jacket

Starting things off is the fresh colored suede brown jacket, with its amazingly soft texture, a lengthy and simple design, a comfy faux fur lining for that additional warmth and comfort. Made from goatskin leather and formed into high-quality suede, this jacket offers a sense of style like nothing else.

Due to its fresh color and distinct suede finish, it goes flawlessly with blue jeans, a light-colored shirt, and a pair of brown leather boots. The design of this jacket is very clean and minimalist. So, it is a great idea to introduce some patterns like checkers and stripes into your outfit.

Find more similar jacket by taking a peek at best shearling jackets for men.

Lavendard Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Lavendard Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Next up on our list is a biker jacket that is very simple, as it combines the fit and finish of a fancy biker jacket with artistic minimalism. This allows you to rock this jacket every day, on any set of clothes, without having to come up with extravagant solutions.

The strength of this brown leather jacket mens outfit lies in its ability to blend the stylistic nature of a biker jacket with the simplicity of a standard leather jacket. This pretty much doubles your styling options. You can use it as a daily-driver addition to your wardrobe or a centerpiece that you base an awesome look around.

Inferno Brown Leather Jacket

Inferno Brown Leather Jacket

The name of this jacket pretty much tells the whole story on its own. The overall design is pristine with a snug fit and a clean front. However, the stand-out point of this jacket is its uniqueness, one-of-a-kind polished brown color.

Made of soft sheepskin leather and treated to get this distinct burnishing finish, this jacket is not something that you are going to see on the streets every day. It is also wonderful for both the jacket and jeans and the all-black look, while also allowing you to come up with your own personal style ultimately making a fashion statement.

Noah Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Noah Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Speaking of fashion statements, the Noah brown biker jacket is the prime contender for a jacket that exudes style from every fiber of its being. The whole purpose of this jacket is to allow its wearer to show their passion for fashion. From its chocolate brown color and modern biker aesthetic to the notched collar and angled zippers. This is the jacket you should get if you want to rock the urban biker look.

Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Next up, a jacket that screams classic old-school style; the Aaron brown bomber is the ultimate in vintage style done right. The design is very reminiscent of the bomber jackets that actually popularized this style. This is not to say that it looks old, so it won’t fit with the modern clothing, quite the opposite actually. The contrast created when the old collides with the new leads to looks that are in a league of their own, which many times; are difficult to pull off with any other jacket style.

Agent Shadow Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Agent Shadow Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Last on our list, but not least in our offerings, is the perfect jacket for the casual king style. Pair it with a dress shirt and a tie, and you’ve got yourself a jacket that you can wear to work on a daily basis. Provided of-course your place of work is creative or smart-casual friendly, an environment. The dark color helps with creating depth and the elaborate bomber design keeps it from looking bland and blah.

Yet to end this jacket’s purpose as just casual wear will be a disservice to its extremely confident high fashion look. It also works great with the all-black jeans and the fancy shirt style.


The world of men’s leather jackets is expanding rapidly and brown leather jackets are in an ever-growing world of their own. There is something for everyone here, and it’s all up to you and your taste, as to how you’d like this jacket to best project your personal style and individuality.

The great thing about these brown leather jackets is that you are not limited by the options available to you or the number of styles that are accessible. The only thing holding you back is your imagination and your ability to express yourself through your clothing. So find a brown leather jacket men’s outfit and make it your own by going for looks inspired by those shared above and allow it to speak positively of you.

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