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Work Appropriate To Street Style – Here Are The 8 Vogue Options To Join The Leather Blazer Thunder 

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A leather blazer is a signature attire that serves a hybrid purpose – an immaculate intersection of wear-to-work fashion and celebrity street style. 

The silhouette and design of leather blazers efficiently bridge the gap between comfort and style. A slim-fit or oversized leather blazer in black or brown is a necessity for someone with a minimalist style approach.

Invest in a boxy leather blazer in black and pair it with glossy, skin-tight faux leather pants for the ultimate Matrix-esque fashion profile. At the same time, the same outerwear can be worn with denim shorts and a graphic white tee; exuding the girl-next-door charm. 

Whether you’re aiming for a girl-boss style with androgynous cuts and construction or want to keep it glamorous with a satiny sheen and loud colors, we recommend the following 8 best leather blazers to you.  

Listing Down The Best Leather Blazers For Women 

Before you invest in a leather blazer for women, make sure you understand its material, construction, and the synchronicities attached to it – like its maintenance, repair, and style genesis for multipurpose usage and fashion assessment. 

Although leather blazers came into prominence in the 90s, the best thing about a leather blazer for women now is that it’s always in style and not stuck in any era of the fashion chronology. There’s absolutely no hindrance when it comes to its placement in the realm of style anymore. 

Today, leather blazers for women are being worn as business casual wear as well as for glammed-up, everyday looks. Thus, advance your style profile by investing in this vogue outerwear staple. 

1. Classic Black Leather Blazer | A Black Swan in Sheepskin 

Selina Black Women’s Leather Blazer

Selina Black Women’s Leather Blazer

This black leather blazer is made from finely constructed sheepskin leather protected with quilted viscose lining. The aniline finish gives this outerwear a soft, satiny look that is further enhanced by the vertical quilted padding design, notch collar, and zipper cuff style, bringing functionality to this understated and versatile leather blazer jacket.

2. Women’s Real Black Leather Blazer | Ascend the Black Sheep 

Cora Quilted Black Leather Blazer

Cora Quilted Black Leather Blazer

This black leather blazer has a single-buttoned closure with an open-hem cuff style and two pockets. The gorgeous sheepskin leather feels like a hug, and the embrace is supplemented with a soft aniline finish. A fine leather blazer jacket to support you and boost your confidence on special occasions.

3. A Chic Women’s Leather Blazer | To Take Fashion A Notch Up

Lee Tan Brown Leather Blazer

Lee Tan Brown Leather Blazer

A flamboyant piece from this list of best women’s leather blazers and jackets – this tan brown leather blazer is made from real sheepskin leather and given a matte aniline texture. The addition of quilted viscose lining strengthens the overall stitch and construction of the outerwear. This notch collar is truly a signature design, making this women’s leather blazer a must-have in your outerwear collection.  

4. Solid Leather Suit Jacket for Women | Tan It Down With the Soft Nubuck

Norma Brown Nubuck Blazer

Norma Brown Nubuck Blazer

If you’re going for a classic, vintage vibe, this brown leather blazer is ideal for you. This leather suit jacket is slightly longer in length and is given a buttoned closure. The nubuck finish extends its soft and fuzzy texture to the real cowhide leather from which this women’s leather blazer is made. This tan-brown number is water and dirt resistant. 

5. Metallic Leather Blazer for Women | Conformity with Chaos

Ruby Metallic Maroon Leather Blazer

Ruby Metallic Maroon Leather Blazer

This metallic maroon leather is amongst the most popular women’s blazers. It’s exquisitely woven and protected with quilted viscose lining. The overall sleek look redefines professional attires for women all across the world. Create a unique leather blazer outfit by pairing it with a monotone outfit. Follow the latest trends by getting it as an oversized leather blazer for outfits you can Instagram for ages!

6. The Best Maroon Leather Blazer for Women | An Everyday Office Staple

Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

Norma Maroon Leather Blazer

This long leather blazer is made from real sheepskin leather and is given a satiny semi-aniline finish as a means to enhance its texture and vibrancy. This long and oversize leather blazer can be used as an everyday staple. With two four pockets, a notch-style collar, and a buttoned closure, this maroon outerwear is deemed the most popular women’s blazers on the list – it’s not only versatile but also incredibly durable and easy to wear. 

7. Popular Choice for Leather Blazer Outfits | Long Live the Tan Dynasty

Marilyn Tan Brown Leather Blazer

Marilyn Tan Brown Leather Blazer

If you want to dress modestly without losing your oomph, this real sheepskin leather jacket will truly serve you in the long haul. Its trendy sartorial appearance shouldn’t deflect you from its functional aspects and longevity. You can use this tan-brown long leather blazer to create leather blazer outfits to attend corporate functions, private meetings, and even lunches and dinners. 

8. Leather Blazer for Gen Z | Integrating Tie & Dye Fashion with Sophistication

Donna Blake White Leather Blazer

Donna Blake White Leather Blazer

This tie & dye number is the best leather blazer for women with a loud personalities. This real leather blazer is an immaculate choice for women who retain their originality in a world full of chaos and opinions. It’s understandably not the most popular women’s blazer on the list but it’s something that directs all the attention to you should you choose to wear it anywhere. Workaround solid colors when curating this leather blazer outfit. 


Are Leather Blazers Still In Fashion?

Yes, women’s leather blazers and jackets can never go out of style. At the moment, oversized leather jackets and blazers are trendy and in fashion. You can see popular models assert power and elegance with this simple addition to their streetwear looks. 

How Do You Wear A Leather Blazer In 2023?

From social media to streetwear to corporate attendings, women’s leather blazers and jackets have owned every space they’ve been worn in. Invest in the most popular women’s blazers listed above and wear them with an all-black or all-white outfit for an effortlessly cool look that matches almost all dress codes from semi–formal to business casual. 

Are Leather Blazers Worth The Purchase?

They truly are! If you want to make purchase the best leather blazer for women, you cannot go wrong with The Jacket Maker. They swear by fine construction and full-grain, original material that exudes longevity and style. You can opt for the custom leather blazers regardless of your size and frame – The Jacket Maker caters to both petite and big and tall customers. There is a huge collection of long leather coats that you can eye for your girlfriend or female friends in case you’re looking for a gift for a special day ahead!

Are Leather Blazers Work-Appropriate?

When it comes to curating outfits that are work-appropriate and business casual, blazers are a must-have. This outerwear is not constricted by gender, color, and/or race. Anybody and everybody can wear it whenever they want to “clean up nice”.

Concluding Our Thoughts on A Woman’s Leather Blazer

Women’s leather jackets have gained popularity in mainstream fashion all thanks to the modish and chic appearances of celebrities on the red carpets as well as their daily, streetwear. 

You can get inspired by celebrity fashion and purchase a leather blazer for women that are listed above to curate different blazer pants color combinations. Hence, get loud and erratic with red blazer outfits, or keep it subtle and cool with white blazer outfits – it’s totally up to you! Dressing up in a leather blazer for women has never been so chic and trendy. 

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