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All You Need to Know About A Seersucker Suit 

what is a seersucker suit

Summer is just around the corner, and while you’ll want to stay in pajamas, the dress codes at work or formal events will state otherwise. So if you’re going to wear something that’ll make these rinsing temperatures more bearable, but is stylish enough to make you look dapper, then a classic men’s seersucker suit should be your pick. 

Are you reading this term for the first time? Or have you heard about it but want to know more? Then continue reading because we have everything you need to know about a classic seersucker suit, one of the emerging trends this summer. Let’s get started!

What is a Seersucker?

What is a Seersucker?

Is it a pattern, material, or name of a suit? Seersucker refers to a specific type of light, durable, and comfortable fabric. It is often made from 100% cotton, where tight-tension yarns alternate with loose-tension yarns, creating a weaving pattern that gives it a puckered surface. 

This fabric was initially made with pure cotton and silk, so when you damp it, only the cotton shrinks, giving it a crinkled appearance, which adds to the stability of the fabric. The patterned appearance and the comfortable fabric are why this fabric is all the rage in summers, and you should get your hands on it as soon as you can.

History of Seersuckers

History of Seersuckers

The historical records of Seersuckers date back to the 1600s when it was traded through the East India Company in India. The first seersucker pattern was made from light tan and white stripes, similar to sugarcane and milk, which is why it got the Persian name “shirushakar’, translating to “milk and sugar.” Iconic? Absolutely!

Around a century or two later, the European men embraced this fabric as the perfect fit for summers and renamed it Seersuckers. From Europe, the material traveled to the hot states of the US, where it was a part of men’s casual clothing.

Soon Seersuckers transitioned to men’s formal attire when Joesph Guerney Canon wore a striped seersucker suit to meet president Roosevelt in 1903. Next, Joseph Hasel accepted the new fabric in total style and made it the star of his clothing company in New Orleans. 

As the Seersuckers gained more recognition, people understood how impressive the fabric was with its durable material and extraordinary features like quick-dry, leading to a popularity explosion. After World War 1, Seeruckers were a staple for relaxed style-conscious culture and became a fashion inspiration for intellectuals, diplomats, celebrities, and artists. 

Tips for Wearing a Seersucker suit 

Before we dig into the various staples, athletics, seersucker materials, and color combinations, it is vital to know some of the basics that should be your guideline for styling this popular summer essential.

Here are some great tips to help you get the ball rolling: 

Find a Good Fit

Since it’s made from heavy material and still has a medium weight, the fabric can often look stiff and angular, which is not a good shape. To avoid this, make sure you go for a slim fit that touches the top of your leather shoes to stop them from looking baggy or over-wrinkled. 

Avoid going for a wider cut because that will make you look like you’re dressed in crinkled paper, which is never a good sight. As for the suit jacket, make sure it fits you well and stops at the wrist for a more polished look. 

Avoid going overboard

The textures and stripes of a Seersucker are everything a fabric needs to be a statement on its own, so it does not require the support of additional materials or accessories. Do not pair it with clashing patterns or bright colors, as it will steal from the fabric and make it look like you tried too hard. 

Instead, team up a Seersucker jacket with darker shades like navy blue and black or neutral like white or grey for a more refined look. Wear a simple teeshirt or polo inside and finish the look with a pair of Chelsea boots

Accessorise Strategically 

While you should avoid doing too much, it doesn’t mean that you leave the Seersucker suit alone. Instead, add contrasts for a more dashing look. For example, if the case is in a light shade, go for a dark-colored shirt or pocket squares to add a bit of contrast. 

As for fabric, make sure the shirt or pocket square is made from complementary material such as cotton, rayon, or viscose, and there’s nothing with a visible weave. Of course, you can always perk off the look with a matching watch or a metal chain to dress to impress

How to Style a Seersucker Suit

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the fabric and know some crucial tips let’s get into the fun stuff. Here are some of the ways you can wear your Seersucker outfit, to flaunt an elegant yet easy-going attire: 

Break it up as Separates

Yes, you read it right! A Seersucker suit is as versatile as it can get, so you can separate the pants and jacket and wear it for separate occasions. For example, you can wear the suit pant with a matching button-down for a fantastic summer smart-casual outfit. 

Pait your seersucker jacket with a simple polo shirt, and roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed, dressy style. You can also wear the suit jacket alone by teaming it up with a good pair of chinos in a complementary color. 

If you want to go for an extreme leisure fashion approach, pair your seersucker jacket with jeans and a light summery t-shirt. Finish your look with casual sneakers and a chain, and rock this versatile fabric at its best. 

Pair it with a Dress Shirt

It is always the safest bet to pair your summer seersucker suit with matching dress shirts to pull off a more sharp look without suffering in the heat. Go for a white or black dress shirt which is a tradition for this combo, owing to its simplicity and elegance. However, you can also go for a light-colored dress shirt like pastel teal to add a bit of a modern flair. 

Be mindful of the fabric of the dress shirt, and make sure it’s breathable and lighter to complement the compactness of your leather blazer. For example, avoid a thick fabric such as twill as it would feel jarring next to such an airy material. Iron the dress shirt, and make sure it’s all tight and crisp to go well with the fitted blazer or jacket. 

Ties and Pocket Squares 

If you want to amp up your seersucker suit, pair it with a matching bow tie or necktie, which adds some contrast and depth to the whole look. Go for a classic silk black tie for a fantastic mix. You can also choose cotton or linen ties, but avoid heavy fabrics like wool which will undermine the lightness of the material. 

A pocket square makes any suit look more robust, so you must add it to your suit. First, make sure it harmonizes with your trie or matches your dress shirt or suit’s print or color. Then, use it as an accessory to add a bit of contrast and fun element to your suit and add more personality to your outfit. 

Shoes to wear with Seersucker Suits

Since Seersucker is a summer material, there are only certain shoe styles that pair well with this fabric. Oxford shoes or classic white buck shoes are an excellent choice for a seersucker suit, while white and light brown is the color combination you should be opting for.

Since it’s casual, you get to wear leather loafers too and skip the whole matching socks fiasco. Yay! However, if you wear socks, make sure they are of the same color as the stripes on the seersucker suit and lighter fabric. 

Best Color Combinations 

One crucial factor that makes or breaks any outfit is the color combination, which is why we; be picked out the most popular color combinations that will help you pull off any seersucker suit in total style. 

Blue Seersucker Suit

If you want to stick to the classics and still pull off an iconic color combination, go with the evergreen blue and white stripes or checks. Then, pair your timeless white blazer with a powdered or baby blue dress shirt and classic white shoes to embrace that classic appeal. 

If you decide to add a tie, go for a slightly darker shade to brighten the outfit without going overboard. Then, add a little contrasting color, like yellow or brown, through a fun pocket square, and wear a matching watch or bracelet to seal the deal. 

Grey Seersucker Suit

Nothing more refined than a statement grey and white seersucker suit will give you the sharpness you need to look best dressed. However, it can get a bit monotonous and may require something cheery to brighten it up. 

Pair your grey blazer with a crisp white shirt, and add a pastel-colored tie such as light pink, yellow or green. This will make up for the perfect shirt and tie combination and add the justified amount of color needed to give this suit an edge. 

Navy Seersucker Suit

You can never go wrong with a classic navy blue suit to add sophistication and diversity to your outfit and make a strong impact. For elegant attire, pair your navy blue blazer with a white dress shirt and finish off the look with matching brown dress shoes

If you’re leaning more towards the casual side, pair your blazer with a navy-blue dress shirt and no tie. You can even team it up with a t-shirt that screams laid back yet looks so trendy at the same time. 

Where can you wear a Seersucker Suit?

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re willing to try on this fashion masterpiece but have no idea where. So we’re here for you, and we’ve picked up a few places where you can rock these dashing Seeruskcer suits. 

Here is when you can wear a seersucker suit:

  • Summer Weddings 
  • Semi-Formal Events (engagement party, baby showers)
  • Smart-Casual Events (BBQ Night, Fourth of July Party, Community Picnic) 

This seersucker suit will make a lasting impression wherever you go, so wear it with complete confidence and pull it off in style. Remember, this is not your ordinary suit and screams statement. 


When can you wear seersucker? 

You can wear it at summer weddings, any semi-formal or smart-casual events. 

When is it appropriate to wear seersucker?

Where a seersucker in summers, at places where the dress codes are not too rigid. 

The Bottom Line

A classic Seersucker suit is all you need this Summer 2023 to spice up your wardrobe and add exciting, fun clothing bound to turn heads. So, which of the styling and color combinations will you try first? Have fun styling! 

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