15 Looks: What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress

shoes to wear with midi dress

A white dress can be appropriate for many different occasions, including date nights, vacations, maternity attire, and many more. Your white dress ensemble can change from glamorous to edgy to casual depending on the color of your shoes. 

White shoes with a white dress are a timeless combination that never goes out of style. However, there are no fixed principles to help in selecting the color of shoes to wear with a white dress. Black shoes are usually a safe bet if you like to be cautious. However, use neutral or pastel hues if you wish to add some color to your ensemble.

Taking into consideration  what color shoes to wear with a white dress, you must first evaluate the occasion you’ll be wearing the white dress to and the appearance you’re striving for. There are many appearances adored by women such as the smart casual look for everyday, cocktail look for parties and bohemian look for themed events. These factors will help you craft dresses that make you feel empowered

We recommend you choose a shade that harmonizes with the outfit and produces a unified appearance. Here’s our best 15 looks that show what color of shoes go best with white dresses depending on the style and the situation.


A white dress with black shoes is a no-brainer. We would even go as far as to call it the winning combo! However, some women think this pair would sabotage the appearance of their clothing. 

The fact is, if you desire to give your ensemble a little bit of boldness and style, black pumps are a terrific choice. Although black is a common hue, it looks amazing with almost every outfit!

The white-black combo continues to be effortless and elegant and allows the shoes and the dress to stand out without competing with one another’s brilliance. To dress up an ensemble, choose a pump with pointed toe or a strappy stiletto. However, if you are a fan of close-knit dresses and lacy dresses, black ankle or knee boots will look lovely especially as comfortable shoes for work


A white dress and nude heels are a sophisticated way to achieve a more understated look, which is the polar opposite of the classic combo involving a white dress and black heels.

If you wear naked shoes that complement your skin shade, the dress will stand out and your legs will appear longer. 

For a summer wedding or other formal occasion, nude heels and a white outfit might be a great combination. By picking the proper dress and shoes, you may create a classic appearance that will make you feel confident and beautiful.


Beige shoes are another modest alternative, in contrast to “nude” shoes that match your skin tint. These coloured shoes give a relaxed look and go well with all skin tones.

For ladies of all ages, beige heels are a very popular choice. They go well with almost any white dress and are appropriate for any season of the year. But what shoes to wear with dresses besides heels? The answer is simple; try a stylish wedge. Beige wedges are a wonderful option for the summers. They complement both casual and semi-formal attire.

We also recommend you to wear a nice beige leather shoe or sandal with a dressy outfit. If you want to be very fancy, select a version with jewels.


Metallic shoes are ideally suited for a more formal setting and look fantastic with white. Even the most basic white dress may be dressed up with strappy gold sandals or heels.

So, if you are deciding what color shoes to wear with white wedding dress, our recommendation will gravitate toward this metallic shade. A champagne gold shade will definitely add some color and brightness to your grand look. 

Gold shoes are also quite adaptable and they can serve as shoes that go with everything. So the next time you need a new pair of shoes to wear to a special occasion, think about going with gold shoes!


Wearing silver with white is a terrific metallic choice. There are a lot of styles of silver shoes that go with white dress. 

You can try from a wide range, each of them are statements in itself, such as holographic colors, shiny metallics, and glittery silver shoes. For a creative look, you can wear one of these shoes with a white dress and then top it with a black leather jacket.

White dress will look better with silver shoes that don’t draw attention away from it. However, the newest shoe trend is silver barrette shoes, which are fantastic for adding a little bit of flare to any ensemble. You can choose a pair that complements your style because they go with different types of dresses.


The color brown looks great with white. Brown is a nice neutral tone to combine with your white ensemble for an office style.

We recommend you to wear a white dress in ivory shade because it will look fantastic with brown sandals. Brown is the ideal shoe color to wear on a casual occasion because the earthy tone of the ensemble gives an overall soothing effect. 

The easiest color of shoes to wear with white dress is undoubtedly this one. Since brown is a neutral hue, it goes well with all other colors. However, brown can get boring, so it’s crucial to avoid wearing any old pair of brown shoes. Choose a pair of brown shoes that contrast with your dress instead. This will make your entire look stand out.

Keep this tip that brown shade boots are bound to give your white outfit an earthy impression, however,  strappy brown sandals or clogs will exude a sunny boho mood.

Animal print 

The first thing that springs to mind when recommending what to wear with leopard print shoes is a small white dress! Shoes with snake or leopard prints that are brown or beige are considered neutrals. Why not combine the two because white also lies in the same category.

Keep in mind that wearing shoes that have leopard designs or cheetah prints will make you look more relaxed, especially when the print is huge, such as on a boot or pump.

Choose a slide or strappy shoe with an animal design for the summer. A white sweater dress will look great in the winter and you can try pumps for in-house gatherings, ankle boots and knee boots for out-house gatherings.


For almost everyone, white shoes are a very popular choice, but they are not the best option for those who wish to add a little bit of color to their clothes. 

White shoes can still be worn with a white outfit. There isn’t really a “law” about what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress; a wide variety of shoe styles go great with this color of dress. The only factor here is which pair of shoes would make you feel and look your best.

To obtain a trendy look, pair white block-heel shoes with a white dress. For a girls night out, wear strappy heels for white dress. And for a casual look, you may even choose white sneakers to wear with dresses that you love. 


A white dress and red shoes can work well together in a variety of situations. This combination will draw attention whether you’re going to a formal event or are just trying to look your best. Therefore, go ahead and give it a go.

White clothing and accessories look stunning in the company of red shoes. Any shade of white will look beautiful with a real poppy red. 

Red shoes are a fantastic way to give your outfit some individuality. They match well with any color of dress, but an eggshell or off-white dress looks particularly nice with them. 

Anyone who wishes to stand out should choose red heels for white dress. However, if you are wondering what shoes to wear with white lace dress, try wearing it with red sandals when going out with friends. It will make you look trendy and chic!


Do you have an inclination for adding a sweet and sugary touch when wearing a white outfit? Choose pink shoes because they will look fantastic in the spring and summer.  

The combination of pink shoes and a white dress is just lovely. It will stand out more in contrast with the white.You can choose from a variety of pink shoes, including metallic pink heels, blush heels, pale pink heels, and hot pink heels. 

For a summer day, pink shoes and a white dress are the ideal attire. The dress keeps the ensemble light and airy while the heels give it a splash of color. This attire is certain to give you a sense of self-assurance whether you’re heading to the beach or just taking a stroll.


An outfit that works round the clock is one that features yellow shoes with a white dress.

You can go to brunch in a white flowy dress and pair it with yellow slides or shoes. 

For night time cocktails, a white dress with strapless yellow heels looks fantastic. Choose bright yellow footwear to craft a statement outfit!

This combination can also work as a stunning summer outfit. The dress will keep you cool, and the shoes will add some color to the ensemble. To finish the look, be sure to accessorize with a beach bag and simple earrings.


Guess what? Green shoes are also in style and look fantastic with a white outfit. Green footwear can enhance your outfit from chunky clogs and sandals to stylish stilettos!

Any style and shade of white clothing looks great with green shoes and also enhances your appearance. 

When worn throughout the summer or other warm-weather seasons, lime green shoes look gorgeous with white dresses.


Strong blues with a cold undertone, like cobalt and turquoise look amazing with extra dazzling whites.You can pair blue shoes with a white dress if you’re striving for a cool, carefree appearance. 

If you are thinking what color shoes to wear with navy and white dress then choose none other than navy shoes. It complements the white dress nicely. 

Other than that, only wear blue shoes if they are a perfect complement for your outfit or if you want to make a statement. This is a tricky combination because they clash with many various skin tones, from light to deep tan. This is one of the things that makes the blue and white color combination challenging.

For an elegant white dress ensemble, consider a blue satin pump with jewel accents. And for a casual look, choose a pair of baby blue or blue denim shoes to further simplify your outfit!


Bright orange and coral shoes contrast beautifully with white clothing, particularly perfect white outfits. In the summer, more informal dresses go well with orange sandals and peep-toed footwear.

However, wearing a pair of orange ankle boots or pumps throughout the winter will make your outfit shine!


Another statement color that looks really fashionable and goes well with white dresses is purple. It is one of the nicest colors to wear while attempting to impress someone or getting ready for a special occasion, especially in heels. 

If you pair them with a white outfit, they will stand out even more. Even if you don’t know what to wear, it’s a smart idea to buy a pair of purple sneakers because they will look trendy.

FAQs – Shoes to Wear With Midi Dress

How can I look good in a white dress?

The best way to look good in a white dress is to keep it simple. Pair a white dress with a denim jacket and sneakers.

What color jewelry goes best with white dress?

A white dress can be delicately finished with gold, rose gold, silver, and bronze, to name a few metals. If your dress has any kind of elaboration, choose metallic accessories to complement the finish; otherwise, the options are endless.

How do you wear a white dress to a wedding?

One traditional wedding etiquette is not to wear white to a wedding. Although, if you find a floral dress with white background that has lots of other colored floral prints on it, it may be suitable.


White goes well with a variety of colors. When you are wearing white dress with color shoes , you should select shoes that complement the style of clothing you are wearing to avoid clashing colors.

In a nutshell, all white dresses look great with black shoes. Ivory and pure white dresses look stunning with nude heels, off-white and cream. However, eggshell dresses look great with brown footwear, and pure white dresses look stunning with gold or silver. And if you are in a mood to make a statement, then go for red, pink, orange or purple!

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