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29 Styles & Colors of Shoes for Blue Dress That Will Make You Look Chic & Fashionista

Owning a single stylish blue dress is all you need to look good on most occasions. However, is this the right approach to fashion? Relying on the inherent style of a dress without adding anything of your own, will that make you a knowledgeable fashionista? The answer is no, it will not.

Instead, you have to take control over your outfits and the first step of that is finding the ideal style and color for shoes for your blue dress. One way to find a great pair of shoes is following 2024 fashion trends. That said, choosing based on trends will not be a learning experience.

You need a deeper understanding of how to pick the color and type of shoes for blue dresses, and the best way to learn that is with example. Without further ado, these are the most glamorous examples of shoes for blue dresses based on different colors and designs.

Let’s get started.

What Color Shoes Go with Light Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes Go with Light Blue Dress?

Light blue is a calm color, and light blue clothes have summer written all over them. Picking the right shoes for a light blue dress requires a choice. Do you want to keep up the calm and soft vibes or disrupt them with a strong contrast? If you want to keep treading the tranquil path, a pair of low-top white sneakers is your best bet. They both look and feel comfortable.

On the other hand, if you’d like to disrupt the light blue dress feel with a sharp diversion, nothing will get the point across faster than a pair of yellow crocs. There is other yellow crocs outfit that might feel more normal, but choosing these shoes for a light blue dress outfit will make it stand out as unique and creative.

The safest color choice when it comes to shoes for a blue dress is black, and light blue dresses are no different. In fact, the contrast of a light blue dress with black shoes is quite charming. This is especially true for sharp combos like a slip dress and scarpin heels. The only outfit that might not be a good match for black shoes features a light blue and white dress.

What Color Shoes Go with a Dusty Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes Go with a Dusty Blue Dress?

In many ways, dusty blue is the complete opposite of light blue. This is most apparent in terms of vibe. Where light blue symbolizes fresh summer days, dusty blue reminds us of a dimly lit fall afternoon. So, the process of choosing shoes for a blue dress of this shade should reflect that connection.

Thus, the No. 1 choice here has to be a pair of brown leather loafers with a pegged dusty blue dress. Adding a cream furry scarf would make this particular go from gorgeous to exhilarating. Top this already brilliant combo with a navy blue woolen blazer, and you’ve got a fantastic thanksgiving outfit as well.

Alternatively, lean more into the muted side of dusty blue and choose pastel shoes for dusty blue dress. Pairing a dusty blue baby-doll dress with pastel pink ballerina flats will make you look the cutest. Or, you can rock a drop waist dusty blue dress with pastel green gladiator shoes for a subtly hot aesthetic.

What Color Shoes Work with Slate Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes Work with Slate Blue Dress?

As far as dresses are concerned, slate blue is one of the most mature-looking colors. Remember this sense of maturity when picking shoes for a blue dress of this shade. The safest option here is a pair of light gray platform heels.

Black will work as well, but it might make the whole outfit look darker than necessary. White, on the other hand, feels a bit out of place due to its brightness. So, logically and practically, gray is the ideal middle ground in shoes for slate blue dresses. 

Another method of picking shoes for a blue dress of this shade is sticking to the same color and letting the design and texture do the talking. Following this approach, a slate blue cowgirl boots outfit offers the best looks. The ideal dress style for this can be either a thigh-length A-line or a halter for special occasions.

Now that you understand how to maintain the reserved nature of slate blue dresses, it’s time to subvert everything with a pair of maroon peep toe or stiletto heels. Being a bit bold with your footwear color choices will certainly pay off with this specific shade of blue.

What Color Shoes to Wear with White and Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes to Wear with White and Blue Dress?

The addition of white opens up a lot more footwear options than a solid blue dress could ever achieve on its own.

For example, wearing white shoes below a solid blue dress looks great. But rocking the same white shoes under a white and blue dress results in an outfit that feels more definitive and complete.

White shoes look even better with blue shirt dress featuring white collar and sleeve lining. An all blue dress with limited white lining feels very minimalistic – making the lining pop when paired with white shoes without undermining the position of blue as the primary color.

When searching for the ideal shoes for a blue and white dress (or any multicolored dress), consider its pattern as well.

For example, a pair of blue suede heels would look immaculate if the lower half of the dress is mostly white. Similarly, a pair of dark gray Chelsea boots would be the ideal footwear for a dress with blue and white vertical stripes.

As a side note, white and blue dresses are also ideal for matching couple outfits. This is because a similar color combo of a white t-shirt and blue jeans is the simplest yet best-looking outfit for men. Not to mention the oversized jean jacket outfits you can rock as a couple.

What Color Goes with Aqua Blue Dresses?

What Color Goes with Aqua Blue Dresses?

Aqua is one of the most majestic and exhilarating shades of blue out there. It elicits a feeling of happiness which is why it’s so common at weddings (the happiest day of many people’s life).

Unfortunately, this distinct beauty of aqua blue is also its downside as it makes picking the pair of shoes much harder. The safest color of shoes for a blue dress this vibrant is definitely white. More specifically, a pair of scarpin heels or pumps.

The white of these shoes acts as a neutralizer for the dress, while the sharp design prevents the shoe from looking out of place. Aqua dress outfit with tennis shoes in white looks pretty cute as well.

If you’re in a daring mood, wearing a pair of light brown ugg boots under an aqua A-line dress with white leggings will give you a distinct winter vibe that’s difficult to replicate with anything else. The same goes for wearing an aqua sundress with off-white gladiator shoes.

Aqua also happens to be one of the few colors that look great with perfectly matching shoes, as long as they have a good design. So, if you can’t think of anything else, a pair of aqua pumps under an aqua dress would look just as incredible as anything else.

You can go further down this matching color of shoes for blue dress route and play around with different types of aqua dresses and shoe textures. For example, the same pair of shoes will be completely different between a shiny material and a soft velvety surface.  

Do’s and Don’Ts of Choosing Shoes for a Blue Dress

You should a decent idea of what color and style of shoes work well with blue dresses of different shades and designs. However, these are not the only options at your disposal. You can and should look for unique styles and colors of shoes that speak to your personal taste in fashion.

But, before you go looking, these are the essential do’s and don’ts of matching shoes for your blue dress. Keep them at the forefront of your mind during the search.

  • Do factor in the occasion. Think about when and where you’ll wear that blue dress and pick a pair accordingly. For example, if you’re going to a music festival in your fancy blue dress, pairing it with thin heels wouldn’t be a good idea. In this specific situation, you should look for shoes that are stylish but also comfortable like a pair of ballet flats.
  • Don’t forget about the rest of your wardrobe. Buying a pair of shoes that looks good under one blue dress is not practical. Think about the colors and designs of other dresses you own and choose accordingly.
  • Do keep your comfort in mind. A pair of shiny black stiletto heels looks magical under A-line dresses. But can you actually wear them for extended periods of time without hurting your feet? If you can’t, opting for a shorter variant like kitten heels would be the way to go.
  • Don’t forget about contrast. Wearing shoes that match your blue dress is nice, but sometimes going for a contrasting look is the better choice. Case in point, maroon heels below a navy blue wrap dress.
  • Do experiment. It’s easy to get comfortable with a certain style or color of shoes – drastically limiting your options. Try to venture outside your comfort zone and experiment with uncommon shoe designs with your blue dress.
  • Don’t forget about the season. If you’ll be wearing the blue dress in winter, consider opting for warm boots instead of stylish heels or other open shoes.

What Accessories to Wear with A Blue Dress

Footwear is an essential part of a dress outfit, but it is not everything. Sure, you can just wear fancy shoes for your blue dress and call it a day. But nine times out of ten, this approach will leave your outfit feeling incomplete. This is where accessories come into play and make your dress outfits that much more interesting. Here’s what you can rock with a blue dress. 


The first and arguably the easiest to manage option is a scarf. All you have to do is tie it around your neck, and you’re done; it’s that simple. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a basic A-line dress or trapezoid dresses for broad shoulders; they all behave pretty much the same for scarfs. 

As for the color and material of the scarf, that depends on footwear. The easiest way to style choice is a basic knit white scarf. Almost every type and color of shoes will at least work with it. If your shoes are suede or velvet, using a slightly fluffy scarf would provide better results. 



The next major accessory to accompany your shoes for the blue dress is a handbag, and the choices are endless. You can spend hundreds of hours looking for the perfect bag and still not find anything to your taste. So, it’s best to stop overthinking the details and worry more about the vibe of a bag. 

For example, say your outfit consists of a pair of white sneakers and a light blue blouson dress. This ensemble would now look very good with a large distressed leather bag. On the other hand, the same outfit would look chic with a smaller cobalt blue purse-like bag. 



Jewelry is a powerful tool. The right use of jewelry can turn another okay outfit into a glorious one. But it is a double-edged sword as poor taste in jewelry can sink everything down with it. So, it is best to start small, like with either a pair of minimal earrings or a thin bracelet.

Try as many combinations as you can to find the one that fits with shoes for blue dresses. 

While the final jewelry in your collection should be a mix of what works and what you like, for now, you need to start with what works. For starters, silver-colored jewelry (silver, platinum, etc.) looks better with blue dresses than gold.

Similarly, colorless gems fare much better than red, yellow, or even blue ones. That said, certain navy blue dress outfits will look incredible with sapphire blue gems on the necklace.  


What matches with light blue?

The answer is simply everything. Light blue is a very neutral color and works well with almost everything you can pair it with, though, black and pink fit exceptionally well.

Can you wear light blue to a wedding?

In general, weddings ask you to wear something lightweight and pastel link baby pink. Light blue fits this description perfectly and is thus perfectly viable for wedding.

What jewelry goes with a navy blue dress?

Silver-color metals are preferred over gold, and shiny color-less gems are ideal. Other gems that can work well with navy blue dresses are the sapphire-colored ones.

Final Words

Dresses are a powerful but necessary tool of women’s fashion. However, just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re bland as well. You can do so much with blue dresses alone, and this guide on picking the right shoes for blue dresses proves that. Another thing this guide provides is that you don’t need a closet full of unique dresses to look good. Even a single blue dress can fulfill so many styles with just footwear and accessories change. 

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