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Stylish Neutral Colored Shoes that Go with Almost Everything

neutral color shoes

Picking the right shoes is tough. Every outfit in your fashion arsenal is unique, and you want quality shoes for all of them. An easy way out of this puzzling situation would be to buy a lot of unique shades and designs, so you have the right shoes for almost all present and future outfits. Unfortunately, this solution is both impractical and improbable.

Impractical because it will most likely cost a lot more than the entirety of your remaining wardrobe. Improbable because you have no way of predicting your future choice and sense of fashion.

So, a better solution for this issue is to buy neutral colored shoes that go with anything and everything. These neutral shoes are also away from the latest fashion trends, so there is no risk of them going out of style anytime soon.

Here’s a list of neutral colored shoes we recommend.

What To Expect In This Article?



Let’s start with black, the most obvious neutral choice for anything fashion-related, not just shoes. The universal compatibility of black is simply too strong. You can have all of your shoes in black, and your wardrobe would still function perfectly fine. That said, it is not the best idea to go jet black with anything in American fashion.

The biggest benefit of owning black shoes is that they can do double duty. On the one hand, your black shoes can act as a part of modern urban fashion with its sleek sheen and minimalist vibe. On the other hand, black shoes can be the classic part of an outfit, something akin to a tasteful academia aesthetic.

Black shoes can also be a neutral buffer for crazy vibrant outfits, especially the ones involving unique legwear. You might think that a pair of shoes won’t make much difference in a full ensemble. But in reality, their influence is much larger than their size.



White is at the complete opposite end of the “neutral colored shoes” spectrum, yet it serves a very similar purpose. The compatibility of white is just as vast as black, if not more, in certain instances. However, this does not mean that they are the same.

Black acts as a neutralizer and reducer of vibrancy and flamboyance; meanwhile, white enhances everything. Wearing maroon pants over black will make them look darker. Wearing the same pants over white will push their look into the red category.

That said, many wardrobe staples like dresses and skirts look much better alongside white than they do with other shoe colors. The best examples of this pairing are vibrant cocktail dresses and sundresses. Both of these outfits are meant to be cheerful and lively; white assists in this task and provides additional refreshing energy.



Beige and white have nothing to do with each other. Despite that, beige shoes act as a duller version of white. They are pretty light and work great under vibrant outfits with lively vibes. The difference in enhancement is noticeable but not a deal-breaker by any means.

One area where beige shoes excel dramatically is against outfits that feature a lot of black or other darker colors. Their contrast with pure white can feel a bit too harsh especially if the outfit includes items with all-encompassing influence like a leather trench coat. It is a sharp contrast that works well in very few instances.

Beige, on the other hand, handles those dark tones perfectly. It is light enough to establish that contrast but also has enough color to avoid looking completely out of place and making the transition smoother.

Lip Pink

Lip Pink

Lip pink is a mix of pink and brown that’s designed to approximate the color of average human lips. In other words, it is a lovely pink color with a very light brown undertone. This combo color is the ideal option for women who love their pastels and neutral outfits.

Its subtle pink shade is not that visible on its own. But when you wear it under other subtle pastel colors, this tint shines like a beacon that completes the look. Blush also has the side benefit of making your feet look amazing, no matter the type of shoes.

We haven’t talked much about the weather, but blush is the type of color you’d like to rock in summer. It has that spring vibe weaved into its neutral persona – making it perfect for smart-casual fashion.



Not having any color at all is the peak of being neutral and transparent shoes excel at it. These are usually made from Plexiglas and are transparent all around. The only opaque parts might be the padding on the sole, and that’s it.

The best use case for transparent shoes is for lazy fashionistas that don’t want to pick a shoe color for their amazing dress. Jokes aside, transparent shoes can look incredible in certain scenarios. For example, transparent shoes look majestic in a nightclub or at a party with a bunch of colorful lights.

On the opposite note, do not wear transparent shoes under the hot sun. The plexiglass straps will let almost all of the sunlight reach your skin, giving you a burning sensation under even a mild summer sun.



The final step of picking neutral colored shoes is also deciding the type and design of the shoe. You can’t have boots, sandals, heels and flats all in the same color. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a concrete recommendation for this choice since it all depends on your individual scenario.

For example, say black is your favorite neutral color, and you want to wear something comfortable in black to pair with your cozy winter outfit. In this situation, it would make zero sense to go with black heels or choose some other color for a pair of comfy cowboy boots.

That said, there are a few general guidelines that can make your decision easier.

First is that large enclosed boots look better in darker colors, so black and gray, etc. Light colors can work, but they serve better in fancy shoes like high heels, something reserved for special occasions.

In addition to these, owning a pair of black loafers can make your life much easier. They work all year long and fit almost every scenario.

On the contrary, light colors like blush and beige look exceptional with modern footwear like sneakers and sports shoes, especially when mixed with a non-neutral color like blue.


What colors go with beige shoes?

Beige looks incredible with any shade of brown, tan, or khaki. It is also a master of contrasting darker colors like black, navy blue, and dark gray.

What color shoes should I wear?

There are two answers to this. First is that you should choose any shoe color that you like. Secondly, look at the style of your outfit and decide according to that.

Is gray considered a neutral color for shoes?

Yes, gray is a neutral color for both apparel and footwear. Its easiest matchups are with black, white and other shades of gray.

Can you wear neutral colored shoes to parties and other similar events?

You can, but only with correctly-colored outfits. For example, a pair of gray heels would be party-worthy with a maroon dress, but a plain black dress would look lifeless with them.

Final Words

Picking colors for your clothes is tough, and it is especially challenging when it comes to shoes. You can lock a certain clothing item with something else as a complete outfit and only wear them together. But you can’t do the same with shoes.

One pair of shoes will go alongside multiple outfits, with wildly different designs, styles, and colors. Luckily, super compatible neutral colors are a near-perfect solution to this problem. They look great on their own and great with the rest of your wardrobe. 

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