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Should You Follow the Men’s Dress Sneakers Fashion Trend? Here’s How You Can Wear Dressy Sneakers in 2024!

mens dress sneakers

We live in a world where casual outweighs the formal. Fashion has transitioned from style to comfort and there are some items that have the ability to travel from decade to decade. The men’s dress sneakers are the perfect example. 

The good thing is that these dress sneakers for men are incredibly versatile. You can pair them with anything and it will simply polish your look. Initially designed for athletic purposes, sneakers have evolved into a functional shoe with this dressy sneaker version.

As the name suggests, men’s dress shoe sneakers are a hybrid of an athletic shoe and a formal dress shoe. It contains characteristics of workplace footwear combined with the comfortability of a casual shoe. Therefore, the structure is more of a dress shoe and the material is similar to that of an athletic sneaker. 

Anatomy of a Dressy Sneaker

The charm of a dress sneaker lies in its details such as the uniform sole, flat laces and monochromatic color –to name a few. 

The upper part is crafted with leather, giving the shoe a traditional formal appearance. The lower part, the outsole, consists of a thick rubber sole. This provides a proper grip and removes any pressure from the feet. 

The rubber sole makes the shoe flexible with added comfort which is ideal when the wearer needs to walk for long hours. This is why the sneaker dress shoe hybrid stands out from other formal shoes. 

What socks to wear with dress sneakers?

The best dress sneakers are incomplete without wearing the right socks. We recommend two ways; the no-show sock style and the regular sock style.

No-Show Dress Socks

If you are aiming for a relaxed and laid-back look, then go for this option. These socks can’t be seen beyond the top lining of your shoes, while you can still enjoy the comfort of wearing them. You can wear them as sports dress shoes.

Regular Dress Socks

If you intend to wear dress sneakers to the office, we recommend you to take on the polished look with regular socks. It will elevate your overall look from simple to refined. 

Can men’s dressy sneakers be part of a classic wardrobe?

Yes, they definitely can! Men’s dress sneakers own a sophisticated touch to traditional leather sneakers. They appear to be more sleek and trendy with no high-profile stitching, mesh or paneling. It is available mostly in monochromatic tone which further enhances its state-of-the-art design. 

The casual dress sneakers men love to wear fall in the same genre as the casual leather loafers. Thus, they can be worn with classic items like denims and chinos. Also, they can be paired with polo shirts or sweaters to enter the realm of smart casual ensembles. A custom denim jacket can also complement your dressy sneakers, adding a touch of individuality to your classic wardrobe.

We all know that trends evolve. Similarly, men’s sneakers that look like dress shoes have also made their way into men’s classic wardrobe. It has made its firm place in the 2024 fashion trends and will stay here for a long time. 

Following trends is what fashion-forward men do. With many varieties of dress sneakers at hand, we recommend you to try this modern style. Here we will discuss how dressy sneakers men can wear with style and refinement.

Blue suede dress sneakers

Blue suede dress sneakers

Blue color gives a calm and lasting impression. Blue suede dress sneakers when paired with any neutral outfit emanates a charming spark. If you choose your outfit in a light-shade such as gray, your dress sneakers will come out as the star of your ensemble. However, if you are looking for shoes with brown pants, then again these blue goodies are worth it!

Suede always offers comfort, durability and sophisticated look especially when used in designing footwear. For a modern take on shoes to wear with suits, you can try wearing this evolved footwear. It will give the wearer a smart and trendy look.

Black dress sneakers

Black dress sneakers

The classic men’s black dress sneakers can be paired with almost any outfit. It can be easily worn as formal wear as well as casual wear. The elegant black color has the quality to win at all occasions. 

If you believe in keeping low-maintenance shoes, then make sure your black dress sneakers are crafted from leather. These shoes are the best men’s dress sneakers that are hard-wearing and need less tending to. 

You can elevate any outfit, be it casual or business casual, by wearing dress sneakers in black. For a casual ensemble, you can wear these black shoes with khakis and top it with a white shirt.  For business casual, you can wear it similar to any double monk-strap outfit

High-top dress sneakers

High-top dress sneakers

Dress sneakers men adore the most are high-top dress sneakers. In their design, the upper lining of the shoe rests above your ankle. They look great with cropped pants for a laid-back look.   

High-top dress sneakers are available in many eye-catching colors. Men who love to take on the traditional look can wear a stunning black high-top dress sneaker with jeans and a white shirt. 

However, men who have adopted modern tastes can go for rust, maroon or mustard colored high-tops. Try wearing them with white or light brown outfits so that all eyes can be drawn to your amazing dress sneakers. Wear them when going out with friends for lunch or dinner.

White dress sneakers

White dress sneakers

White dress sneakers, men’s light summer suits and a matching bucket hat is the best combo for spending vacations in style. The white dress sneakers are versatile and a good addition to your summer wardrobe.

The popularity of white dress sneakers have been able to reduce the fine line between casual and formal shoes. They are easy to take care of with effortless polishing. If worn with sports wear,  they can pose as tennis shoes that look like dress shoes.

Try a monochromatic look wearing these shoes with black pants and black shirt. This black and white ensemble will give you a touch of serenity.

Brown dress sneakers

Brown dress sneakers

A shoe with an earthy tone gives any outfit the balance it requires. With brown dress sneakers you can try wearing warm colored outfits. However, when worn with gray, whte or blue outfits, the dress sneakers look more appealing.

FAQs – Mens Dress Sneakers

How should men wear sneakers?

Men should wear sneakers with trousers and denims for a casual look. The key to wearing them fashionably is to leave some skin between your bottoms and leather shoes and wear socks that do not show. 

Are dress sneakers acceptable?

Yes, dress sneakers are acceptable as the new evolving trend. Dress sneakers are hybrid shoes which merge the formal aspect of dress shoes and casual aspect of sneakers. They can play the role of athletic dress shoes.   

Do you wear socks with dress sneakers?

Yes. Dress sneakers should be worn with socks. If you wear no-show socks, you can achieve a laid-back look. However, if you wear regular socks, you can aim for a sophisticated formal look.

Why should I wear sneakers?

Sneakers should be worn when doing activities such as running or exercising. It gives the wearer firm support at the base of the feet and enables relaxed long walks.

What is so special about sneakers?

Sneakers are special in their own way. They keep your knees and ankles protected from injuries. It also provides maximum support and stability and relieves any pressure from the feet. 


Why should men wear dress shoes and be uncomfortable throughout long days at work? Fashion has evolved and we should benefit from it. Adapting to changing trends is necessary, or else we would still be in loincloth, right? 

Therefore, the idea of merging comfort and custom in a single shoe is a winning combination. This is the reason why men’s dress sneakers have the ability to stay timeless. They can be a good investment for your capsule wardrobe for all the workaholic men out there!

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