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Men In Pink – How To Ace The Look?

men wearing pink

Often do we see people making jokes about men wearing pink clothes. This is a taboo to our society and certainly needs a stern overhaul. The pink color has a history of being associated with women, and guys in pink get ridiculed for being unmanly. “Can men wear pink” is a question that pops up whenever we are talking about modern men’s fashion? 

Seeing men in pink is never a rare sight for older generations, though, as Brooks Brothers designed the first pink dress shirt for men. Students aspiring to Ivy League bought it in heaps, as pink for men suited their looks. Men wear pink to don the extra swagger look, and the reason being is that they are not afraid of being themselves. It is important to normalize the pink men’s outfit, because pink on men leads to men receiving more compliments from their female colleagues on pink men’s clothing they wear.

The Added Benefits Of Wearing Pink As A Man

The Added Benefits Of Wearing Pink As A Man

Every human being has the right to do away from societal norms and taboos to encourage the free spirit. Men wearing pink shoes look cool as ever. Likewise, men wearing pink hoodies also grab attention anywhere they go. Pink for men can be as good for men as blue for men is, while the latter is the traditional color for men. Women adore pink and therefore, they are always attracted to men who are wearing pink in their presence. 

Pink is a strong color that is associated with breast cancer survivors. Additionally, pink represents power and makes a man stand out. You can wear pink with most of the color combinations. Pink doesn’t let anyone have unwanted recognition like a child who is typically trying to wear boys’ specific colors.

Guide To Acing The Pink Look

Picking the correct shade from a wide range of pink outfits for guys is important if you are planning to match it with other colors. 

Colors That Go With Pink Clothes

The color pink is easiest to pair with red and mauve pinks. Similarly, we can also pair white and pink outfits for men specifically during the summer season. You can also contrast grey, white, and some shades of beige with pink, to make a striking contrast. Mixing the correct color scheme with your favorite shade of pink is the key. Many of the men get it right and slay their look afterward. 

Combination Of Green And Pink Outfit

Combination Of Green And Pink Outfit

Wearing green with pink is a look that not many will slay. Color combination is the key while mixing pink with any shade of green. Wearing green with pink comes with an added share of responsibility, as moderation must be the key aspect while deciding the combination. You can wear olive green color with a shade of light pink instead of neon to shine as a striking personality.

Pink Is A “Plus” To Outfits

Pink Is A "Plus" To Outfits

The pink color can generate a lot of positive energy in your inner self if you wear it with nerves of steel. Everyone likes to be bold and unique, but wearing an all pink for men outfit may create demoralizing and self-consciousness issues for someone. To counter this in a typical savage way, you can experiment with your all typically manly suits with subtly chosen pink accessories.

Men wearing pink shoes can be the center of attention in a world full of shiny black clothes. Also, pink belts, ties, and caps can be the best accessory you may ever wear with your typical clothes. Button-down pink dress shirts inject some most needed fuel to one’s dull personality, as it is a color that sparks positivity.

Pink Color As A Winter Essential

Pink Color As A Winter Essential

Opposite to the generalized limitation of pink being only a “summer-specific color”, it provides elegance in winters as well. You can wear your long white coats with a cool-looking pink polo shirt. Also, a man in a pink shirt looks good while wearing it with typical winter jackets. 

Innerwear of pink generates a great amount of noticeable elegance, especially pink vests, etc. The cold nature of the winter season has its toll on typical winter clothing too, as clothes are sober in looks. Therefore, pink adds some most needed passion to the wardrobes that are emitting dull and sober vibes. To look extra cool, wear an aviator jacket

Donning Pink As Casual Wear

You can wear pink hoodies with your casual sweatshirts to build contrast with your clothes. The shade of pink always adds a new dimension to your personality, such as wearing a pink sweatshirt with striped sleeves will add a strong look to your personality. Pink has a natural contrasting effect with blue color, so you can wear a pink shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers to make it a flawless combo. A typical plain pink shirt bodes well with a denim shirt or leather jacket.

Pink As Office Wear

Pink As Office Wear

The universal code of dressing up at the workplace tells us to be perfect in terms of matching. The pink color gives off vibes of being pure. You can wear pink ties in particular with typical office wear of white shirt and black pant. The rule of the thumb although, must be taken care of, in terms of wearing a cherry blossom tie with a light-colored shirt. Conversely, the dark office suits match perfectly with dark/hot pink ties. Typical dark tan outfits suit well with a dress shirt of light pink shade.


What does it mean if a man wears pink?

A man who wears pink is expressive and owns himself in the best possible way. Breaking the stereotypes is a first-hand result of a man wearing pink, as wearing pink clothes negates the outdated beliefs. Pink men’s outfit generates a calming effect to the environment around him, and also makes him comfortable in his own skin.

Is it OK for a boy to wear pink?

It is completely okay for a boy to wear pink, as you can’t rate a particular color as gender-specific. Having guys in pink is an attraction to our society, as it depicts that men are confident in their masculinity.

How to wear pink for beginners?

The best possible way for a beginner to wear pink is to wear a casual pink shirt with blue jeans, or striped polo pink shirt with light-colored pants. Preferably, a beginner can use pink color in his accessories (Ties, shoes, bowtie, etc.) to pair it all up with his formal clothing.

Is it okay to wear pink from head to toe? 

It depends on your personal preferences. If you feel you are wearing a specific pink color shade that compliments your personality, then go for it, and wear an all-pink men’s outfit.

What are some popular tones of pink?

Some of the most popular tones of pink include champagne pink, pale pink, piggy pink, baby pink, Spanish pink, and orchid pink.


By now, we have learned how important it is to stay in our comfort zone and wear our choices. There could be absolutely no color that we can’t wear being a man, as pink color is associated with calmness and strength. We need to own our choice and wear the color that suits well with our personality. 

Pink color is a naturally adjustable color that can make the best combo/trio with different colors. Most importantly, you can wear pink almost any time of the day during summers without feeling the harshness of the weather. It also adds a positive vibe to your personality. Finally, we recommend you add pink color to your wardrobe, as it can make you stand out, while also blending a nice bit of calmness to your persona. 

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