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How to wash a down jacket?

how to wash down jacket

If you live in a place that is frosted most of the year, a down jacket is probably the most essential piece of clothing you own, but do you know how to wash your down jacket the right way? No? In that case, you are not alone. This ultimate guide on washing a down jacket will help you thoroughly clean your luxurious outerwear.

Down jackets can be really dirty from the inside out, especially if you are fond of hiking and used to living in your down coats and vests. In that case, thorough washing and cleaning is essential to keep your puffy jacket in working condition for a long time. 

Thankfully, with a few specialized cleaning methods, you can make your down jacket as good as new. Do you want to know the best and most effective way to wash a puffer jacket? Then stick along and read till the end.

How To Clean Down Jacket?

In this guide, we promised to share how to clean down jackets with you. The first thought that comes to mind when we think about how to clean a down jacket is washing a down jacket. Washing a down jacket is sometimes considered wrong – people get worried that the material will get ruined or when you wash a down jacket, it gets tears and scars. Hence, we will clear all misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding washing a down jacket, and tell you exactly how to clean a down jacket. So, let’s get right into the nitty gritty of washing a down jacket. 

The thing you must know before you start cleaning a down jacket is that when it is drenched in water, that is the time you need to be must careful. A wet down jacket is prone to rips and scars. Now getting back to how to clean a down jacket. Follow a pre-clean routine. Here, you will close all the buttons, secure pocket flaps and zip up everything. Also, make sure you have removed all the items from the pockets. Next, take a dry cloth and rub it all over the down jacket and remove excess mud or any kind of dirt that might be on the surface of the down jacket. 

Then you will find detergent for the down jacket and use it directly on the spot to clean it. This is the easiest way to spot-clean a down jacket. Spray the detergent for the down jacket directly on the stain or spot and gently get rid of the grime and dirt on the down jacket. Now take the jacket and put it in a tub full of warm water and let it soak in for the next 15 to 20 minutes. With a light hand remove the down jacket from the tub and squeeze out all the water. You can either tumble dry the down jacket or hang it somewhere clean and let it dry out on its own. 

Can You Wash A Down Jacket?

Can You Wash A Down Jacket?

Down jackets are a chic winter fashion equally popular among both men and women. When buying a down jacket, the most common question that pops up is can you wash your puffer jacket? 

Well! The answer is yes. For washing down jackets, you do not need any prior expertise. But, understanding your down jacket fabric and making it is crucial. Without proper fabric care knowledge, you will probably ruin your precious piece.

Best Ways To Wash Down Jacket

If you are wondering how to wash your down vest or jacket, you are probably at the right place. While there may be many expansive ways to wash your down jacket, not all of them will work. To save your time, effort, and of course, your favorite down jacket. Here are some best ways to wash your down jacket. So let’s dig in!

Machine Wash Down Jacket 

The few essential things that are crucial in washing your down jacket in a machine include a mild laundry detergent and a front-load washing machine. Never wash the down jacket with a regular detergent, fabric conditioner, or in a top-load washing machine, as it may ruin the insulation of your jacket. However, If you do not have a top-load machine, you can always go to a laundry shop.

Once you have all the things, you can start with the process. So, here is the step-by-step procedure for how to machine wash your down jacket.


Before putting your down jacket straight into the washing machine, check all your pockets carefully and double-check to ensure they are empty.

Spot-clean your down jacket for any stubborn stains, and do not forget to pull up all the zips, buttons, and hooks on your jacket, and ensure all the detachable elements are secure. Once you are all done with this, you can move to the next step. 


In the second step, put your jacket into the machine and add a few clean tennis balls. The balls will keep the puffiness intact and help the jacket retain its structure.

Now shut the machine, add the detergent, and operate it on a small load and low-temperature settings. Use mild, bleach-free detergent for better results. Check the garment care instructions if you are doubtful about what detergent to use. Now set the machine to a regular cycle and wait till it’s done.


Once the first cycle completes, check your down jacket to see if it is completely clean or has some remaining foam. However, it is better to run a second cycle for the best results. If you are still in doubt, a few more cycles would never hurt anyone.

Now, enjoy the feel; your down jacket is as clean as new!

Detergent For A Down Jacket

After discussing how to clean a down jacket and how to wash a down jacket, it’s time to see your options for detergent for a down jacket. Some of the detergents for down jackets are as follows:

  • ReviveX Down Cleaner
  • Granger’s Down Wash
  • Nikwax Down Wash

Now it’s time to learn how to dry a down jacket. 

How To Dry Clean Down Jacket?

How To Dry Clean Down Jacket?

Another effective way you can clean down a jacket is by leaving it on to the professionals. Of course, it will cost you a few bucks but saves you a whole lot of effort too. That way, you do not have to worry about your jacket being ruined.

Select a reliable and experienced professional to dry clean your goose-down jacket. However, before leaving the jacket for a dry clean at the launderer, make sure your pockets are all empty, and all your jacket accessories are intact. We highly recommend you leave it up to the professionals instead of learning how to dry a down jacket on your own. When you learn how to dry a down jacket yourself, you also leave room for problems and ruining the quality of the jacket. Because a down jacket is expensive, it’s best to dry a down jacket with the help of a professional.

Do not forget to take your cleaning receipt so you can track down your jacket easily at the time of return.

Hand Wash Down Jacket

If you can’t arrange a front load washer and do not want to spend a fortune on dry cleaning your down jacket, you can always choose a hand wash option. Moreover, some jacket types are strictly instructed not to be washed in the machine.

So, in such a case, you will have to wash them with your hands. However, this method will take more time, but I bet it will all be worth it.

To hand wash your quilted jacket, all you need is the jacket, specialized detergent, and a bucket of cold water. Before starting with the process, empty the pockets and zip up all the openings while securing the detachable elements.

Now let’s get into the washing process. Dip the jacket in detergent water, and rub the jacket with your hands a few times to eliminate stains, if any. Now leave them for about fifteen minutes or more.

After fifteen minutes, rinse the jacket with clean water to flush out any remaining detergent. You can repeat this process, as many times as you want, till you are satisfied.

After the washing procedure is finished, squeeze out all the excess water. If all goes right, your jacket will come out as fresh as new.

How To Dry Down Jacket? 

After you have washed, comes the stage of properly drying the jacket. There are primarily two drying methods that you can use to ensure effective drying. One is through a machine dryer, and the second way is drying in the open air.

Machine Drying 

Suppose you opt for a machine drying option for your down jacket. The first step is to set your dryer at low heat with a typical drying time. However, do not forget to throw some tennis balls or laundry spheres into your dryer with the jacket to keep the fluff in place.

Once all set, tumble-dry your jacket until all the moisture is lost. Don’t hesitate to use several drying cycles if the jacket still feels moist.

Open Air Drying 

For open-air drying, You have to hang your down feather jacket on the laundry line in direct sunlight. Remember to shake and turn it inside out every half an hour. This will help your jacket to dry fast, quickly, and completely.

Although it will take longer for your jacket to completely dry, it’s still a hassle-free drying technique, especially if you live in a place sunny outdoors.

How To Fix A Down Jacket After Washing?

After washing, the down jacket may feel lumpy. It is because of the uneven feather distribution in your jacket. But, the good news is you can fix this.

 All you have to do is dry your jacket in a machine dryer on low to no heat, with a few tennis balls. The bounces from the balls will help your down jacket unclump easily. Keep your tumbler on until the down is redistributed evenly.


How to wash winter jackets?

All winter jackets, including nylon windbreakers and puffy jackets, can be washed in the machine with cold water and mild detergent. However, there is also harm in giving them a gentle hand wash.

How to wash a parka?

You can wash a parka and other windbreaker jackets at home easily in a regular washing machine using mild detergent and cold water.

Can you put a puffer jacket in the dryer?

Yes, you can dry your puffer or anorak jacket in a machine dryer with some washing spheres or tennis balls to help retain their structure.

Should you wash jackets zipped or unzipped?

Always wash your jackets zipped so that your zip hooks do not get stuck in the washing down, damaging the machine and jacket.

How Do You Wash A Down Jacket Without Ruining It?

If you want to know the best way to wash your down jacket, it is left up to the professionals. Of course, we discussed another effective method above, but it can be long and take time. 

How Do You Fluff Up A Down Jacket After Washing It?

After washing the down jacket in the washing machine, leave the down jacket in the dryer giving it a few extra minutes with tennis balls. 

Can I Wash Down Jacket In the Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash a down jacket in the washing machine. 

How Do You Restore A Clumped Down Jacket?

To unclump a down jacket, you should put it in the dryer, at the lowest possible heat, along with a couple of tennis balls. Give it a few rounds to restore the down jacket and unclamp it. 

Are You Not Supposed To Wash Down Jackets?

No, you should wash your down jacket but not every day. 


Down jackets are perfect winter essentials. They provide foolproof insulation against the cold and a stylish way to slay through the chilly and snowy days. However, keeping your down jackets fresh and clean and knowing how to wash down jackets correctly is a difficult task. 

But, you can overcome this problem by regularly washing your jacket by hand or machine. Always try to use cold water and mild specialized detergent for your jacket. It will keep the down feathers unclumped and fluffy.

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