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Style Guide: Casual Knee High Socks Outfit

2024 is the year of rapidly changing fashion trends. Some trends succeed in making their place eternally like, white sneakers. Some trends have their sixty seconds of fame and fade away, like shoulder pads. (Yikes! We for sure don’t want that trend back.) 

The centerpiece of fashion this year has to be athleisure wear. Tracksuits, sweatpants, baggy shirts, jogger pants, and socks are the must-have pieces of the season. Committing to the athleisure wear trend completely is one thing. But, if you want to play with trends while still rocking your style of clothing then the best option for you is knee high socks.

Back in the mid-’90s, knee high socks were the talk of the town. They are now once again a great addition to your wardrobe. These socks are a smart way to incorporate the athleisure theme into your daily wear without having to commit to the trend completely. 

A casual knee high socks outfit is flirty, cute, sexy, casual, sporty, and edgy all at the same time. It’s a look that can be worn by women of all ages. Knee high socks can elevate any outfit. This added accessory is a great way for you to wear clothes with a whole new outlook. 

Everything You Need To Know About Knee High Socks 

Before getting to the styling part, let’s talk a little about how knee high socks have become a super fashionable trend. Knee high socks were created with the idea of keeping the wearer warm and protected. Casual knee high socks outfits are easy to put together and stunt in.

 In little to no time, knee high socks became a style statement in the 90s. We do have the movies to thank for that, but this trend became bigger and bigger after being adopted by mega pop artists. 

Fast forward to today and long sock outfits are everywhere! While they still rule the pop-culture scene they are now also a big part of fashion week. The front rows are packed with glam tops and knee high socks! 

The Rules of Knee High Socks 

When it comes to fashion, knee high socks are a unique way to upgrade a basic outfit. Pairing just any pair of knee high socks with your outfits will get you nowhere. You firstly have to learn the rules on how to wear knee high socks to create even a casual knee high socks outfit. 

  • Knee high socks look best when paired with skirts or shorts. You can also wear them with rompers and mini dresses. The socks look sexy when a bit of skin peeks through the layers of clothes. 
  • Do not wear open-toed shoes, pumps, or sandals when wearing knee high socks. It ruins the chic look and instead looks rather messy. Knee high socks look fashionable when paired with closed shoes. You’ve been warned. 
  • The winter and fall time is the perfect season for knee high socks. They will keep you warm, protected, cozy, and stylish. You don’t want to freeze with a mini-dress on in the middle of December now do you? 
  • You have to make sure your socks fit perfectly! There is nothing worse than a pair of poorly fitting socks. The shocks should fit perfectly around your calves and ankles creating a sexy silhouette of your legs. 

Different Styles of Knee High Socks 

Knee high socks come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and materials. The combinations are endless! We have broken down the basics accordingly so that you can get a better idea of which style of knee high socks are best suited for you. 


First comes the neutral palette. Neutral colors include black, brown, beige, gray, and white. These colors are what we like to call, ‘Balancers’. They do not take away from the overall outfit. Knee high socks of these colors look chic, classy, and sophisticated. They are the perfect accessory to elevate your outfit without having to do much. 

Next comes the vibrant palette. Colorful knee high socks sure do know how to have fun. These bright colors are bold choices which is why we like to call them ‘The Showstoppers’. A casual knee high socks outfit can be completely transformed just by the addition of a colorful pair of socks. 


Now we know that knee high socks are commonly available in solid block colors, but they also come in several patterns. Striped, zig-zagged, polka dots, and doodles are some of the different types. If you ask us, there is nothing like a pair of solid knee high socks. Those with cute bows and laces are also cute styles to invest in. 

How To Style Knee High Socks 

It’s time to learn the most important thing about knee high socks and that is, how to style them. As we mentioned in the rules previously, knee high socks look best when paired with shorts and skirts. The next most important thing is the type of footwear you choose to wear with these socks. Not every shoe style is knee high sock friendly. Even for a casual knee high socks outfit, you need to pick the right style of shoes otherwise your entire outfit will fall apart. 

To save you lazy fashionistas from a fashion crisis, we have put together 10 different ways you can style knee high socks. We have also mentioned different shoe styles since we know that the two go hand in hand. 

Sporty Chic  – White Knee High Socks + Tennis Shoes

Sporty Chic  - White Knee High Socks + Tennis Shoes

Are you the type of girl that loves sports but is also a fashion enthusiast? Well, we have the perfect outfit for you. Pair an oversized sports jersey with a pair of white knee high socks. Make sure you pick socks that have stripes that match the color of the jersey. Add on a pair of tennis shoes and your sporty chic look is ready. 

Comfort Queen – Printed Socks + Slippers 

Comfort Queen - Printed Socks + Slippers 

Want a casual knee high socks outfit for a chill day with friends at home? We’ve got you covered. Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Pair a gray oversized hoodie with a pair of satin shorts. Add on the funkiest pair of socks you own and pair them with some cute fluffy slippers. The whole cute outfits with long socks is perfect for a slumber party. If parties aren’t your thing, then it’s also a cute outfit to just chill in. 

Vacation Babe – Solid Color Socks + Sneakers 

Vacation Babe - Solid Color Socks + Sneakers 

Everybody knows that half of the vacation depends on the type of hotel you pick. You spend most of your time there which is why you need to figure out your resort wardrobe. You know, outfits that you can wear to the gym, by the pool, to restaurants, and more. Resort wear is all about being bright, vibrant, and put together. 

For a bold look pair a blue bikini with a pair of denim shorts. Add on a solid blue pair of knee high socks and a pair of sneakers. The socks will complement the bikini and create a stunning look. This outfit is great to wear by the pool or to even go skating in. 

For a bold look, pair a blue bikini with a pair of denim shorts. Add on a solid blue custom jersey and a pair of knee-high socks and sneakers

Lady of The Night – Sheer Knee High Socks + Black Pumps

Lady of The Night - Sheer Knee High Socks + Black Pumps

If you are looking for a more classy look, like for a dinner, then a bodycon dress with sheer knee high socks and black pumps is the way to go. There is nothing more elegant and sexy than a pair of sheer socks. Black pumps are the perfect style of shoes to wear with dresses. They add a hint of glamor to any outfit. 

Retro Girl  – Striped Knee High Socks + Joggers 

Retro Girl  - Striped Knee High Socks + Joggers 

What is more retro than striped knee high socks? Pair a cute graphic tee with a pleated skirt. Add on a pair of striped knee high socks and your favorite pair of joggers. This look is all about being fun and expressive. Skirts with knee high socks are a combination that you just have to try out. They create a stunning, yet casual, knee high socks outfit. 

You can also style a pair of red long socks with a pair of flared jeans. Make sure to pick jeans with a higher hemline and add on a pair of white boots. Add on a gray sweater and a cute bag to complete this super chic and retro look. 

Girl Boss  – Black Knee High Socks + Black Boots 

Girl Boss  - Black Knee High Socks + Black Boots 

There is just something about a woman wearing a coat. She demands attention without having to ask for it. Coats are perfect for the wintertime. Create an iconic winter look by pairing a black duster coat with a gray turtleneck. Add on a black winter skirt and black knee high socks with lace detailing. Add on a pair of black boots and you have a look that is bound to turn heads. 

Fall Queen – Lace Knee High Socks + Heeled Boots 

Fall Queen - Lace Knee High Socks + Heeled Boots 

Fall time is all about orange and plum. These are the official colors of the season. Keeping in mind the season’s tones we have the perfect outfit that you can wear while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. 

Pair a beautiful plum long coat with a black full sleeves top and a black and white printed skirt. Add on a pair of lace knee high socks and high-heel boots. The great thing about this outfit is that you can easily switch out the plum coat for a rustic orange one. Skirts with knee high socks look gorgeous and this whole look is a showstopper for sure. 

Preppy Princess – White Socks + Ballet flats 

Is a clean and polished look more your vibe? Well, then we have just the perfect preppy outfit for you. Pick out a white blouse and tuck it into a plaid skirt. Add on white knee high socks and ballet flats to complete the look. You can also add accessories like headbands or scrunchies to spruce up this casual knee high socks outfit. 

Girls Night Out –  Black Socks + Black High Heels 

Get ready for a night full of girlfriends and partying by styling a killer outfit. Pair a white lace dress with black knee high socks. Add on a statement jacket. If you ask us, a leather jacket is a perfect jacket to wear with dresses. Trust us, all of your friends will want to borrow your outfit once they see you in it. 

Edgy Girl  – Black  Knee High Socks + Combat Boots 

Creating an edgy, cool girl look is harder than it looks. You have to pick colors that go well together but also have to stay true to the edgy theme. Pair a black mini dress with an oversized blue tee. Add on a black sweater vest and combat boots to complete the look. 


How to wear high socks with sneakers? 

Over the knee, sock outfits look amazing with sneakers. All you have to do is pair them with cute shorts or a skirt. Alternatively, dresses also look great when paired with mini dresses. 

Are thigh-high socks appropriate?

Yes, thigh-high socks are appropriate. They are a great way to create a less skin-revealing outfit. By wearing socks you can wear dresses and skirts without feeling too exposed. 

How to wear long socks with jeans?

If you want to wear long socks with jeans then you can either tuck the jeans into the socks or you can choose jeans with a higher hemline. You can also opt for flared jeans to let the long socks shine through. Pair it with a pair of capri for a casual knee high socks outfit. 

Can guys wear thigh-high socks?

Yes, men can wear thigh-high socks. Sports like basketball, baseball, and football all showcase men wearing thigh-high socks. On an everyday basis, men can style long socks outfits with shorts and regular t-shirts. 

Knee High Socks Are Here To Stay!

A casual knee high socks outfit is the perfect way to test the waters; to see if the whole athleisure trend is for you. Not only is it easy to put together, but it is also a chic way to wear socks. Knee high socks with dresses look great as do shorts with knee high socks.

 Who could have ever thought that a simple pair of socks could create a phenomenal outfit. 

We hope this guide helps you style knee high socks to perfection!

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