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The Duster: Fashionable Outfits with Duster Coats

outfits with dusters

It’s difficult being fashionable. Seasons come and go, and once famous trends now fail to impress. There is a new trend every other week. As they say, “Out with the old, in with the new”. Switching from winter wear to summer wear can get very annoying. Wouldn’t it be nice to own things you can wear all year round? 

Duster Coats are an exception to the whole wardrobe do-over. They are long, lavish, dramatic, loose-fitting coats. The coats were originally made for cowboys to protect their clothes from dust, hence the name ‘duster’.They are now a staple fashion piece and are available in tons of different materials and a number of styles. 

Why YOU Should Invest in a Duster Coat 

Walking down the street is easy, but walking down the street in style requires a bit more effort. When it comes to fashion, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Figuring out your personal style is a journey. Edgy, chic, minimalistic, and high-class are some of the different kinds of styles, but why should you stay married to a specific style?  Here are some reasons why you absolutely need a duster coat in your wardrobe;

  1. A duster coat is something that you can incorporate into any outfit. Want to look like a million bucks? Don’t want to show too much skin? Throw on a duster coat. A duster coat can transform your whole look and is uber fashionable. 
  1. For a more dramatic effect, try picking a duster coat made of a flowy material. While you walk, it’ll trail behind you and flow, whenever it catches wind, creating a scene straight out of a movie. 
  1. The best thing about a duster coat is it has all the flair of a trench coat without being too thick to wear in the warmer months. Layering is an effective way to create a sophisticated look without having to try too hard. Since a duster coat is lightweight, it makes it the perfect choice for layering. 

Different Ways to Style a Duster Coat for Women  

The duster coat is slowly becoming a style icon. All the top celebrities are wearing it, further adding to the hype.                       

The different styles of duster coats speak volumes of their versatility. Its fine tailoring makes it office-wear appropriate, while duster coats available in vibrant colors, add to its playfulness. Leather duster coats command a room while silk ones catch everyone’s eye. 

The duster coat is a beautiful length and creates a fine contrast when paired with summer outfits. The flow of the coat is the perfect way to ease the transition from summer to fall clothing, without getting overlaid. 

Here are a few ways that you too can dress up a duster coat and radiate ‘main character energy’. 

When Flannel Meets Flow

 Black skinny jeans and flannel shirts are probably a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Why not change things up and throw on a red duster coat with leather shoes of your choice. The splash of color works extremely well with the otherwise monochromatic look. 

Fit and Flowy 

Pairing a dress with a duster jacket will create the ultimate night-out outfit. If you don’t want to highlight your figure then try and combine a body-con dress with a long duster jacket. It makes for the perfect peek-a-boo look. 

The Off-duty Look 

It may be our personal opinion but duster coats with jeans are the embodiment of everyday chic. A pair of ankle-cut jeans, a white tank, and a duster coat are the holy trilogy. Each item complements the other effortlessly. 

What type of duster would look best? The sky’s the limit! You have so much to choose from with dusters of different colors, fabrics, and patterns. Duster fashion is having its moment and rightly so. 

Kimonos Who?

Duster coats are putting kimonos out of style. With their gorgeous length and delicate tailoring, silk duster coats are the new substitutes. Something about silk just screams ‘expensive’. It’s a lot more comfortable, photographs beautifully, and drapes the floor like melted chocolate. When paired with high heels the look is unforgettable. 

Keep Calm and Black On 

When in doubt, wear a black duster coat out. Black is a color so versatile that it can be cute and flirty, like a lace duster coat, or chic and edgy like a solid black coat.

Try something less basic by pairing a stripy dress with a plain black duster coat. Top the look off with some heels, the higher the better. The pattern against the blank canvas creates a flattering look and isn’t too difficult to pull off.                       

Floral Fiesta 

Birds chirping and flowers blooming can only mean one thing. It’s springtime! Pastels and florals are a must-have and what better way to include them than duster coats? 

Floral patterned duster coats paired with lacy tops, and skirts (or jeans), are a great way to welcome spring. The whole look radiates fresh energy. Accessorize with some colorful shoes to balance out the floral print.  

Somehow pastels always become a trend the minute spring arrives. The colors are calm and soothing and pair gorgeously with white. Pastel-colored duster coats are like a cloak of peace and beauty. The color, lavender is one of the prettiest pastels and looks stunning under the sun. A lavender sleeveless duster coat with an all-white outfit is a great way to transition from winter to spring.   

Different Ways to Style a Duster Coat for Men 

Men’s fashion nowadays is all about comfort and athleisure. Coats and blazers, though stylish, are now labeled as ‘formal wear’. Well-tailored clothes are flattering no doubt but most men tend to pick comfort over fashion.

Duster coats, however, are a great way to look fashionable while being comfortable. Here are five ways you can wear duster coats;

Bring Back the Classics 

Menswear in the 1920s was something else. Men would put in the effort to look classy, stylish, and in control. They were masters of well-tailored suits and layering. Long coats, fitted trousers, vests, button-ups, and a tie (or bowtie) were the staple items they needed to complete a look.     

Times have changed, and the best alternative to a thick woolen coat is a loose-fitting duster blazer. The blazer can be paired with a shirt and pants for a modern rendition of traditional menswear. 

Leather Just Makes You Look Put Together

Every movie hero wears a leather jacket in at least one scene. The jacket just adds character and seals the whole ‘cool guy’ look. A leather duster coat is a great way to transition from fall to winter. Pair it with a gray turtleneck and fitted trousers for a dapper look. 

Olive Green and Black – An Unbeatable Duo 

A buttoned, olive green duster coat pairs amazingly with an all-black outfit. The green adds a splash of color without being too dominating. Accessorize with a silver chain and the look is complete.

Fashion Has No Age 

Men in their 40s have gathered enough experience over the years and know exactly who they are. They start to dress for themselves, rather than following trends. They know what looks good on them and which silhouettes are the most flattering.  

Well-fitted clothes and tailored trousers are a big yes. Suits have never looked better and layering just adds to the confidence. 

Big Guys and Duster Coats 

Avante Garde fashion may be a bit far-fetched, but a duster coat is a good place to start. A well-fitted sweater vest, trousers, and a beige duster coat make for a look that will turn heads. The coat will create the illusion of a slimmer body and makes for a killer accessory.


What is a duster coat?

A duster coat is a long, loose-fitting coat. It may or may not be floor length. It’s made of lightweight material so that it can be worn all year long. It’s great for layering and comes in many different materials, colors, and patterns. 

What are lightweight summer dusters?

A lightweight summer duster can be made of materials like linen, cotton, and silk. The fabrics are chosen to keep summer heat in mind. 

What is the difference between a duster coat and a trench coat?

A duster-coat is a full-length coat, with or without buttons, and it is usually made of lightweight materials.  
A trench coat, on the other hand, is a long, loose, breasted coat, usually with a belt. It’s created for the colder months and is designed to be worn closed. 

Duster Coats – Adding Drama to Fashion 

Wearing the same outfits day by day can get you stuck in a rut. The clothes become familiar and you get scared to try new things.

A duster coat is an excellent way to step out of your comfort zone and step into the world of fashion. The long-length coat adds a mysterious and dramatic effect to any outfit and is a must-have! 

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