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Difference Between Café Racer Jacket and Double Rider Jacket

Cafe Racer Jacket vs Double Rider Jacket

There are so many different types of jackets for men available on the market that choosing one becomes difficult. This is especially true when the final choice is between a cafe racer jacket and a double rider jacket. Many believe that café racer and double rider are two names for the same type of jacket which is completely untrue.

Here are the key differences between the two and how they stack up against each other.


Café Racer Jacket and Double Rider Jacket

The double rider jacket has a very iconic design that’s instantly recognizable while the café racer leans more towards minimalism and simplicity.

Front & Collar

The most obvious difference between the two is their front zipper. It is completely straight on cafe racer jackets and spans the whole front from the hem to the band collar. Double rider leather jackets for men and women have an off-center zipper that usually leans to the right and ends on a lapel-style collar.


The overall design of double rider jackets includes many flashy details like shiny silver zippers, metal studs, and bold silver stitching. Cafe racer jackets do not feature any of this and the zippers on them match the color of the jacket.


Most men’s double rider jacket designs include shoulder epaulets which are not present on cafe racer jackets. Instead, the shoulders on some cafe racer options are equipped with quilted leather pads.

Leather Finish

Shiny semi-aniline is the most common leather finish for double rider jackets. Some cafe racer jackets have that finish as well but the majority feature matt finishes like rub-off.


Cafe racer and double rider jackets appeal to very different styles from each other with minimal overlap.

Cafe racer jackets are best suited for casual day-to-day use. They quickly fit in with most outfits you already own and don’t require much effort to style successfully. Plus, their understated designs allow you to wear them regularly without it looking repetitive.

Double rider jackets are the definition of “fancy” and the best outfits with them represent that. These jackets are a flawless match for street-style clothing and lend themselves perfectly to more experimental outfits.

Final Words

Cafe racer and double rider might occupy the same virtual category of “biking-related outerwear” yet they cannot be any different.

Double rider jackets are fancy and flamboyant with tons of metallic details, an off-center zipper, and a shiny leather finish. They are also perfect for eye-catching fashion like street style.

On the contrary, cafe racer jackets are more subtle with straightforward designs, band collars, and matt leather finishes. Their biggest strength lies in regular day-to-day use with almost every outfit in your arsenal.

If you’re interested in either of these or any other leather jacket, get in contact with our custom jackets team and they’ll bring the jacket of your dreams to reality.

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