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The 2024 List Of Every Best Men’s Black Leather Jacket That You Should Own

black leather jackets for men

Going through the history of leather jackets will show you that leather jackets are a must-have outerwear for men’s capsule wardrobes. What started off as a need has gradually evolved into an integral part of our everyday lives. 

This evolution of leather jackets has been steady – with men initially only wearing the bomber style in brown. With time, it transformed into the biker style, with its popularity gaining momentum thanks to its remarkable silver screen presence.

Today, there’s at least one simple black leather jacket in every man’s wardrobe. They style it with cotton chinos, denim jeans, and even khaki shorts. Men’s black leather jacket is versatile and easily adaptable. Not only does a black leather jacket serve you as business casual but paired with tailored pants, it can give you a formalized look, too. 

We have curated some of the best men’s black leather jackets for you; you can choose from these depending on your style and preference.

The Best Men’s Black Leather Jacket of 2024 

Initially, leather jackets were restricted to either a bomber or biker style. From greasers to metalheads to bike riders, everyone invested in these styles of leather jackets. However, if you want to extend their need and bring variety to your everyday life, include winter jackets with shearling or hoods or change it up with varsity style jackets. 

Black leather bomber jackets for men don’t necessarily have to follow a prototype; you can experiment with their finishing and get a men’s black leather jacket with a snuffed or suede finish. Confused? Check out the list of some of the most versatile black leather jackets for men below. 

Best Black Bomber Jackets for Men

Coffmen Black A2 Leather Bomber Jacket

Coffmen  black leather jacket

A shirt-style collared leather jacket that is constructed with real sheepskin leather; highly durable with a long lifetime. The leather is given a semi-aniline finish for a subtle shine, but matte look. The is a zipper closure with a buttoned flap. It is installed with quilted viscose lining and rib knit cuffs. 

Bomia Ma-1 Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Bomia Ma-1 black leather jacket

This black bomber leather jacket is constructed with real sheepskin leather and is given a matte semi-aniline finish. The quilted polyester lining extends its protective and comfortable layer to the wearer – giving a suave to its overall appearance. The zipper closure combined with a rib knit collar and cuff style makes this jacket easy to wear. 

Best Black Biker Jackets for Men

Allaric Alley Black Leather Biker Jacket

Allaric Alley Black Leather Biker Jacket

This is a classic real cowhide leather biker jacket that has a gorgeous semi-aniline finish. With quilted viscose lining, this jacket stays breathable without exterminating its protective shield. There’s a zipper closure along with a waist belt for further adjustment. There’s a notch collar style with cuffs on the sleeves.  

Armand Black Leather Biker Jacket

Armand black leather jacket

This real sheepskin leather jacket is exquisitely designed to match the persona of someone who is courageous, adventurous, and fun. There is a semi-aniline finish along with zipper closure and a notch collar style. There are accordion side panels and waist adjustment straps. The zippers are large in size and there is immense storage. 

Best Black Cafe Racer Jackets for Men

Ionic Black Leather Jacket

Ionic Black Leather Jacket

This real sheepskin cafe racer leather jacket has a zipper closure along with a cuff style. A top-selling leather jacket in black that is also available in a variety of colors. The black stands out and gives a confident look to the wearer. There’s quilted viscose jacket lining that extends support and comfort as well as protection from harsh weather.

Damian Black Leather Biker Jacket

Damian Black Leather Biker Jacket

A real cowhide leather biker jacket with quilted polyester lining and a semi-aniline finish. The collar is unique, with band and snap buttons. There is a zipper cuff style along with waist adjustment straps and four pockets on the outside – indicating a lot of storage. 

Best Black Suede Jackets for Men

Charcoal Black Suede Biker Jacket

Charcoal black leather jacket

An uber-cool real goatskin leather biker jacket with a suede finish and quilted polyester lining. The charcoal black jacket is installed with a zipper closure along with a dual puller. The mandarin collar style is unique and trendy. With two internal and two external pockets, this jacket is great for everyday purposes; you can carry your personal stuff along easily. 

Stallon Black Suede Trucker Jacket

Stallon black leather jacket

A style black trucker jacket made from real goatskin leather, this Stallon black outerwear is given a quilted polyester lining for a breathable yet comfortable and warm layering. There is a snap button closure and cuff style. The shirt-style collar gives a boyish look, and the leather number has waist adjustment straps, should you want to tighten or loosen the grip. 

Best Black Aviator Jackets for Men

Aaron Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Aaron black leather jacket

A real black leather bomber jacket made from cowhide leather – one of the strongest and most durable types of leather. This jacket is given a rub-off finish for a dusty shine. With the use of quilted viscose lining, this jacket becomes comfortable for the wearer. It adds warmth with a high-neck collar and rib-knit cuff style. There’s a zipper closure with four external pockets for storage. 

Francis B-3 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket

Francis B-3  black leather jacket

If you’re looking to invest in a winter leather jacket, here’s your chance to upgrade your winter wardrobe and get yourself this finely constructed black shearling leather jacket. It is made from real sheepskin leather with a semi-aniline finish. There is a fully faux fur lining that keeps the wearer comfortable and warm. The buckled collars and roll-back cuffs add to the stylish design of this outerwear.

Best Black Shearling Jackets for Men

Airin G-1 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket

Airin G-1 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket

Made from real sheepskin leather, this shearling jacket has a quilted polyester lining that adds a layer of warmth to the comfortable outerwear. It has a shirt with removable fur and zipper closure. The material is extremely durable and long-lasting, requiring little maintenance. 

Furton Distressed Black Leather Biker Jacket

Furton Disressed black leather jacket

A real sheepskin black biker jacket that looks absolutely stunning with an asymmetrical cut and zippers. The matte appearance of the jacket is due to the semi-aniline finish. There is quilted viscose lining along with zipper closure constructed with a waist belt. You can wear it regularly as a simple biker jacket or put on the removable fur to the notch collar style in case the weather goes below zero degrees. 

Best Black Hooded Leather Jackets for Men

Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

Bravado  black leather jacket

This sheepskin leather jacket is given a gorgeous semi-aniline finish. It has quilted polyester lining and zipper closure – the Y2K zippers move up and down smoothly. There’s a high-neck collar and removable hood. With rib knit cuffs, you have an everyday hooded leather jacket in store. Opt for this black leather jacket with a hood for men for an everyday smart look. 

Nintenzo Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

Nintenzo Black Leather Jacket

This black leather jacket is exquisitely designed with a hooded collar, rib knit cuffs style, and a zipper closure. It is constructed with real sheepskin leather, which is extremely durable and highly resistant to abrasions and water. There’s fleece lining that is comfortable and breathable as well to add versatility to this black leather jacket with a hood for men.

Best Black Varsity Jackets for Men

Vaxton Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket

Vaxton Black Hybrid Varsity Jacket

A varsity jacket made from leather sleeves. Synthetic wool is utilized for its torso and body. The sleeves are produced from real sheepskin leather, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. There’s a semi-aniline finish and quilted polyester lining installed, giving breathability to the outerwear. For the closure, you have snap buttons. 

Dantee Black Leather Varsity Jacket

Dantee black leather jacket

Another stylish black varsity jacket that is made from real sheepskin leather. There is quilted polyester lining for added warmth and support. The semi-aniline finish gives this jacket a soft feel and polished look. The men’s varsity jacket has paneled trims that make this jacket extremely trendy. 

Best Black Vintage Leather Jackets for Men

Youngster Distressed Black Leather Jacket

Youngster Distressed Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket that has a distressed look thanks to the snuffed finish. Made from goatskin leather, this real leather jacket comes in various colors; this black one simply stands out. A banded collar style is supported with a zipper closure and buttoned cuffs. There are four external and two internal pockets. 

Bomia Ma-1 Distressed Black Leather Bomber Jacket

Bomia Ma-1 Distressed black leather jacket

If you liked the Ma-1 black leather bomber jacket above, this is another version with a distinct finish that separates the two. This one is made from the same quality of real sheepskin leather and has a quilted polyester lining. The snuffed finish adds to its personality and gives a warmth that helps this one stand on its own. The eclectic design has a rib knit collar and cuff style and a zipper closure. You can further enhance your style by getting yourself a distressed jacket via custom leather jacket designs. 


Are Black Leather Jackets Still In Style For Men?

Yes, a men’s black leather jacket is supremely versatile and a timeless addition to a man’s wardrobe. It is always in style for men. Therefore, try to invest in a classic black leather jacket for men that can be paired with jeans and tailored pants alike. 

What Pants Go Well With Black Leather Jacket?

Dark blue jeans, olive green chinos, and grey khaki-tailored pants go well with a men’s black leather jacket. In addition, you can wear a black leather jacket with shorts, too. 

How To Wear A Black Leather Jacket For Men?

There are so many ways to style a men’s black leather jacket. You can wear it with a sweater underneath or a turtleneck if the weather is cold. If the weather is warmer, you can ditch the sweater and alternate with a v-neck tee or even a polo shirt with jeans and leather sneakers

Can You Wear Blue Jeans With Black Leather Jackets?

Yes, you can absolutely wear blue jeans with either a black leather jacket or a men’s black leather coat that comes in various styles, like a peacoat or winter coat

Can I Wear Brown Shoes With A Black Leather Jacket?

Yes, you can wear brown shoes with a black leather jacket for men. This combination of brown and black is effortlessly cool and looks ideal together. 

In Conclusion

In the world of men’s leather jackets, the men’s black leather jackets always stand out due to the level of versatility and dappy style that they bring to the table. Regardless of the style of jackets, you can’t deny that it’s always the men’s black and brown leather jackets that men feel most comfortable purchasing because they find them easy to blend with the rest of their wardrobe. A simple black leather jacket can turn around a basic everyday look. Thus, do share with us which black leather jacket for men are you investing this time. 

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