5 Tips to Get the Leather Boy Look

Beginning with an interesting back story, ‘leather boys’ were really popular back in the 50’s only to become even more prevalent between the 60’s and 70’s, eventually introducing ‘greasers’ as the British equivalent of this American sub-culture.

With distinctive elements that worked together to give a unique style unlike any other at the time, leather boys are known to this day for certain characteristics which we shall share with you as an inspiration to finding your own personalized version of what is now known as a universal lifestyle. So let’s get started.

Hairstyle to Have

Your hairstyle plays an important role as a leather boy, as this serves as one of the defining qualities as mentioned above.

Common leather boy styles include pomps and duck-tails which further means you need to carry a pocket comb always. As the whole leather boy phenomenon has undergone various augmentations over the years, hairstyles for this look remains unchanged.

Although many existing leather boys are seen sporting combinations of the two hairstyles or one that nods to this classic sub-culture.

Keep it real with pomps and duck-tails that give your leather boy look some realistic style.
Pomps and Duck-tails give the Leather Boy Look a Dash of Authenticity

Motorcycle to Ride

The one ingredient that brings the leather boy image to life is the possession of a motorcycle especially one that is a Harley Davidson.

It is the one key element that affirms what the leather boy sub-culture is all about. It is a well-known fact that leather boys initially were not fans of wearing helmets back in the day, but were often seen wearing aviators teamed with a bandanna.

Whether a Harley Davidson or any heavy-duty motorcycle perfects your leather boy image.
Owning any Motorcycle or a Harley Davidson Perfects the Leather Boy Image

Black Leather Jacket

Owning your very own black leather jacket from The Jacket Maker is another step to achieving the cool leather boy image.

While biker jackets aka double riders were initially sported by leather boys, café racers too can add a fresh element to this lifestyle appearance.

With a basic white t-shirt beneath, or a white collared shirt or even a bowling shirt over denim jeans and engineer boots can give you an impressive leather boy look.

The Jacket Maker is the perfect place to get cool black leather jackets for the leather boy look.
Get the Leather Boy Look with a Leather Jacket from The Jacket Maker

Your Tunes and Nothing but

Leather boys ONLY listen to rock and roll and so should you, if you really want to embrace the leather boy lifestyle and make it your own.

No matter what the band, time or place you should always be seen listening to rock and roll and nothing but.

Leather boys are known to listen to only rock and roll by different bands and from various eras.
Leather Boys ONLY Listen to Rock and Roll and so Should You

A Really Cool Nick

Having a cool and unique nickname will complement your leather boy attitude as well as give this lifestyle approach an authentic element that will reaffirm the leather boy sub-culture in a new way.

Remember; your nickname should be as close to you and your personality as possible. Only then will the nickname you choose be well recognized or identifiable to you.

Bonus Tips

Our bonus tips for you include watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the Wild One for ideas and further inspiration on how you can build on your new found leather boy look.

Own a motorcycle hat whether it be made of leather or another material. Be sure though to go for something that is just black in color.

Aviator shades are another item you should have along with a switchblade and mint gum. The gum being for chewing and the switchblade for additional authenticity.

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