Humans have used different types of animal hides including cowhide leather for a thousand years. Some of the earliest processes of transforming animal hides into leather included the use of tools such as scrapers that were used to clean the fat off the hides aside from using it to tan animal hides as well.

Still, what is cowhide leather? What is grained cowhide leather? where does it fit into all of this and how is it different from other types of leather? Find out more below.

Cowhide Origins 

Before going any further you should know cowhide leather meaning. Cowhide is the natural and unbleached skin and hair of a cow. Though it is a product of the food industry related to cattle it is also very often processed into leather. 

From Cowhide to Leather 

Cowhide leather is the result achieved through various processes, some more common than others; such as tanning cowhide leather. You can either have your hand on the cowhide leather trim or the even more processed cow hide. Once finished, the leather is used for the making of several different products. These products include leather jackets and apparel, shoes, wallets, furniture, different types of upholstery and many others.

What is the Difference between Cowhide Leather and other Types of Leather

As with all things, leathers too vary to some degree among themselves. Cowhide may be better than goatskin in some respects whereas goatskin may be better than cowhide in others. 

Below we differentiate between cowhide and other types of leather namely sheepskin, goatskin and lambskin. Mainly due to the fact that these are the types of leathers most commonly used. And from here you can know the difference of cowhide leather vs genuine leather.

Difference between Cowhide Leather and other Types of Leather

Cowhide vs Goatskin 

While grain cowhide may be really rugged which makes it stronger than goatskin, it does not have the flexibility or stretch as much as goatskin does. The cowhide has the tendency to weigh more even as a finished product whereas goatskin is comparatively lighter.

If you were looking for insulation properties, you’d get more warmth from cowhide than you would from goatskin leather. The same applies for touch. Cowhide isn’t as soft or smooth as goatskin leather. 

Cowhide vs Sheepskin 

Starting with the strength and durability of both the cowhide leather and the sheepskin leather, cowhide is a lot better than sheepskin in this regard. Whereas sheepskin leather is a lot more flexible and stretchable than cowhide. Much like goatskin, sheepskin too weighs less than cowhide considerably so.

As far as insulation goes, cowhide offers more warmth than sheepskin. However, in matters of softness and suppleness sheepskin is way better than cowhide. 

Cowhide vs Lambskin 

In matters of strength and durability, cowhide is a lot better than lambskin. Although and not so surprising, lambskin is way better than cowhide with regards to stretchability. Somewhat similar to sheepskin. As far as weight goes and again not so surprising, cow leather weighs more than lambskin and also does a much better job than lambskin concerning insulation. Lambskin on the other hand, is a lot softer and more supple than cowhide. 

FAQs –  Cowhide Leather 

What is Full Grain Cowhide Leather?

Full-grain leather refers to the hides, in this case, cowhide that has not been sanded, buffed or snuffed. 

What is Genuine Cowhide Leather?

Genuine cowhide leather not only refers to the leather being real but also the lowest quality of leather.

Is Cowhide Real Leather?

The hide of cows used with or without hair is real leather, after undergoing the necessary processes so it can be called genuine cowhide leather after some time.

Does Cowhide Leather Last Long? 

Cowhide leather does last a long time. 

Is cowhide leather good?

It all depends on your choice of leather, if you are looking for leather that is durable and works for you for a longer duration then genuine cow leather is good. 

All We Know About Cowhide Leather

What is cowhide leather? Is cowhide leather good? Well , if all of the above were to be condensed in a nutshell, it would be appropriate to say cowhide leather is not only one of the most common, attached to a long history, it is one of the more practical types of leathers to date.

Cowhide genuine leather may not always look or feel good and luxuriously soft nor may it be as flexible and stretchable as most leathers, it does however offer great longevity, incredible strength, awesome insulation that ensures you are warm and last but not least is a type of leather you can count on. 

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