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What Are The Best Men’s Vacation Outfits? 

men's vacation outfits

Nothing is more fun than packing your leather bag and spending your summers relaxing beside a beach. So, why not make it worthwhile by dressing up in cool men’s vacation outfits.

You may have planned your summer vacation destination months ago, but what about your vacation outfits? Leaving your holiday style choice for the last minute does not seem like a wise thought. If your vacation outfits are not good enough, that will run down on your post vacay social media feed, ruining it all. So, be smart enough to plan your vacation outfits ahead of time to enjoy your vacation in style.

We understand that deciding on clothes can be a challenging task. Therefore, we have created this vacation outfit guide to help you slay your next holidays in style. So, sit back, relax and follow the lead.

How To Vacation In Style?

Whether you are exploring a historical site or sunbathing on a tropical island, dressing up stylish will only add to your vacation fun. Here are some easy tips and tricks to plan your vacation wardrobe and make sure you pack light while having plenty of stylish holiday outfit options.

Prioritize Your Style 

First of all, consider your style preferences and make wardrobe choices accordingly. Pack your favorite t-shirt, polos, tanks, shorts, jeans, and socks, as you can create several effortlessly stylish casual summer looks by mixing and matching some of these articles. Go for pastels, white, and other light colors to embrace the tropical weather.

The Right Footwear 

The footwear can make or break your entire look. So, having a couple of suitable footwear on your vacation is crucial. Hiking boots, beach flip-flops, sneakers, and a pair of semi-formal loafers are some leather casual shoes you must have in your luggage to fully control your footwear needs. 

Night Time Outfits

Packing for a vacation requires a skill that can let you pull off stylish looks with minimum resources. For this purpose, go for outfits you can wear both day and night times without compromising on styles such as denim or linen pants and slacks. Also, pack an aviator jacket or a lightweight blazer to cover your slightly chilly nights.

Vacation Essentials

Despite your outfits, there are some accessories and essential items that you must have in your luggage, such as a high SPF sunscreen to protect you against the sun, an umbrella, or a raincoat for any uncalled showers. Some other fun accessories like a stylish pair of sunglasses and a beach hat to add to maximize your holiday fun.

Vacation Outfits For Guys

For men, ruling out a new wardrobe just to wear on vacation might seem crazy. But, we are here to tell you how you can create fun vacation outfits easily by combining your existing summer clothing articles. So, here are some awesome vacation outfits for men that will take you from date nights to pool parties and beach hangouts in style.

Shorts Outfits 

Shorts Outfits 

Talking about summer vacation outfits, shorts are a must-have in your luggage. You can opt for linen, cotton denim, or cargo shorts and pair them with your casual summer shirts to pull off an easy, breezy look. A neutral short in solid style is all you need to slay your fun-filled beachside afternoons in style. Lastly, do not forget to wear an unbuttoned button-down cotton shirt and sunglasses for some added style.

Casual Jeans 

Casual Jeans 

Jeans are the one effortless vacation outfit that looks trendy without requiring much styling knowledge. If you are new to the league and want to make a safe choice, wear a casual jeans outfit without giving it a second thought. Pair your black or white denim with a plain t-shirt and leather sneakers. You can also wear an unbuttoned bright printed button-down over this outfit to introduce some fun vacay vibes into your look.

Tropical Clothes 

Tropical Clothes 

If you are likely to invest some money in an exclusive holiday outfit, what else can be a better option than buying tropical printed clothes. Whether it’s a Hawaiian button-down shirt and shorts set or a tropical t-shirt paired with cargo shorts or jeans, you will never be out of interesting holiday clothing ideas with having these colorful outfits in your luggage.

The Hiking Outfit

The Hiking Outfit

If you plan to spend your summer on a beach surrounded by mountains, then you must not miss this chance to go on a hiking adventure. Hiking is not for weak men and requires immense stamina. Therefore you should also plan your outfit accordingly. Wear a polo or t-shirt with cargo shorts with mid-calf socks, hiking boots, and sunglasses to prepare for your hiking adventure in style. Lastly, do not forget to carry a backpack with all your necessities.

Pool Party Look

Summer is all about basking in the sunshine, whether it’s beside the beach or the pool. So if you are planning on heading to a fun summer pool party, wear something that embraces the summer vibe and keeps your body cool at the same time.

Of course, a bathing suit is crucial for a pool party. But, you can also opt for a tank top outfit paired with chino shorts and casual sandals if you do not plan to have fun in the water. Lastly, do not forget to wear stylish sunglasses and a bucket hat to relish the holiday fun.



A vacation is incomplete without a beach day hang out. Therefore, you must have a stylish beach outfit planned before the time. Anything with a casual summer vibe and is comfortable can be your perfect beach wear outfit. 

While a swim trunk is a must for beach days, tank tops or graphic t-shirts paired with cotton shorts are other trendy outfits option to wear while chilling beside a beach. Do not forget to wear stylish sunglasses, sunscreen, and a beach hat for some added style.

Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit

If you are planning a vacation with your spouse or girlfriend, you must not forget to go on a date night to make the trip even more memorable. For a date night, you may also need a semi-formal outfit that matches the casual fine-dining dress code. A solid button-down dress shirt with chinos, jeans, or slacks paired with leather loafers is a perfect outfit to adorn on a romantic date. Wearing a few accessories such as a wristwatch will be a great addition to this entire look.

Airport Look 

Airport Look 

Today, airport looks are all the rage, thanks to celebrities and paparazzi culture. Going on a vacation, you want to travel in relaxed and trendy clothes without looking too dressy; a sneaker outfit is perfect for a comfy airport look.

You can pair your basic sneakers with cargo pants and a t-shirt for a stylish summer airport look. Wearing a few decent accessories such as a wristwatch, a tennis cap, and sunglasses will be a nice addition to this casual summer look.



Wearing fun colors on your vacation is a clever trick to pop out in your holiday pictures, giving out some serious summer vacation goals. But, on the other hand, you can also go monochrome, as it will make you look subtle while blending in perfectly with the playful holiday vibe.

Although, a black or white t-shirt and shorts are among the most sought-after holiday monochrome outfits these days. But, you can also opt for jeans and a polo monochrome look, depending o your personal choice and the formal setting.

Cold weather Outfits 

Cold weather Outfits 

You can plan all that you want for a perfect summer vacation, but some things are out of your hands, such as the weather conditions. Although the temperature remains moderate in all exotic holiday locations but you never know when a little rain spell turns the weather upside down. For such unforeseen situations, packing a couple of light jackets, blazers, or cardigans to pair with your casual summer shirts would be a wise decision.


What should men wear on a trip?

Men should wear comfortable tropical cotton shirts, polos, jeans, and casual shorts for a relaxed and fun-filled dress-up to wear on a trip.

What should men wear to a resort?

Men can wear cargo cotton shorts and jeans with t-shirts, polos, or tropical button-down shirts to slay in style on resort holidays.

What should men not wear in summer?

Men should avoid wearing thick fabrics such as knitted wool and tweeds in summers. Moreover, wearing heavy jackets or blazers over your summer outfit is also a big no.

How should a gentleman dress in the summer?

For a gentleman’s look in summer, you can try dressing up in cotton and linen button-down shirts with chinos and jeans and a pair of sneakers or semi-formal loafers.


The summer vacation is the only time of the year everyone looks forward to and plans ahead of time. But, deciding on the appropriate summer vacation outfits is the hardest part. Whether you are a history geek planning on vacationing on a historical site or a beach person to have fun on a faraway island, the right outfits are crucial to making the most of your holidays. So, take the lead and plan your holiday wardrobe by following this vacation outfit guide.

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