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Style Guide: How to Wear Duck Boots with Jeans

how to wear duck boots with skinny jeans

Duck boots were initially designed as hunting boots. They kept the hunters’ feet warm and protected from water and snow. However, it was only a matter of time when the duck boot came into the fashion market. The modern duck boot has evolved into trendy versions of its original design. And now they are not only hunting boots but also an essential winter staple.

So when and why did the duck boot come into existence? Well, about a century ago, Mr. L.L.Bean crafted the first duck boot out of need. And as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, same was the case here. He wanted waterproof footwear that would assist in his hunting and fishing trips. 

Thus, he created a ground-breaking shoe, often referred as bean boot after his name, which had a waterproof rubber bottom with an insulated liner and flexible leather top. 

However, you must be interested to know how to wear bean boots when not hunting or fishing. In this article we will talk about how to wear duck boots with jeans and which jean styles would harmonize with them.

Straight legged jeans

Straight legged jeans

Straight legged jeans are one of the most beloved styles of women’s latest fashion. Since your duck boots are not any normal shoes, you will notice that the leather top reaches just above your ankles. Thus, you should select a pair of straight-legged jeans that is long enough that it stops just an inch before the top of your boots. This way, your duck boots will remain the star of your outfit.

When you are done picking the ideal pair of straight-legged jeans, why not get creative with the choice of duck boots? The classic pair of leather duck boots is no doubt the ultimate footwear but how about trying cheetah-printed boots or bold-colored ones? A statement boot never did any woman harm.

But what do you wear with duck boots if your skin is exposed due to the gap between the ends of your jeans and top of your boots? Just add a pair of socks. This will help in stopping those chills traveling up your legs. For the socks, choose a color that matches your outfit. If you are a trendsetter then go for any bold color.

There are many amazing ways to style straight-leg jeans and wearing them with duck boots is one of them. The most casual outfit combination is to pair your jeans and brown boots with a big cozy coat and scarf because it keeps you warm from head to toe for your everyday tasks. For a smart refined look, you can even pair your duck boots with khakis and top it with a blazer. It is a perfect chic combo for a date night.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Another stunning option that complements duck boots is skinny jeans. However, when styling them with your boots we arrive at an unavoidable question: boots over or under jeans?

Well, when to wear duck boots over jeans is very simple. Get a casual look by tucking in your skinny jeans with your duck boots. You can even tuck your jeans in your socks. However, for a trendy take on this combo, go for cropped or ankle length skinny jeans. This style will not require you to tuck away your jeans.

For a more refined look, instead of tucking your jeans try to cuff them at the bottom. Fold your pant’s hem in an outward fashion. Try it with white skinny jeans and a gray and white plaid button-down shirt. Match it with neutral duck boots and add an instant appeal to the entire outfit.

If you wish to take your duck boots to a professional gathering, it would be better to cuff your jeans in an inward fashion. Wear a black and white striped shirt and top it with a brown long woolen coat. Pick black jeans and brown boots for this ensemble to shine with elegance.

Wide-legged jeans

Wide-legged jeans

If you are not a fan of living by the book, then we suggest you move out of your comfort zone. Try a combination of duck boots with bootcut jeans –a rare combo but worth trying.

You must be thinking that a wide-legged jean will probably cover up your duck boots and that won’t look too appealing, but worry not! We want you to take out your 70’s inspired wide-leg jeans because this retro style jean is shin-length. And we guarantee you that it will show-off your duck boots with all the style and charm you want.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Among different types of jeans for women, the boyfriend jean is the most relaxed and comfortable. This type of jean is full in length with either a cropped and ragged hem or a cuff at the base. Thus, boyfriend jeans work well with duck boots because the cuff at the bottom enables the boot to flaunt its leather top with no compare

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

Now you must be in a dilemma working out the difference between a mom jean and boyfriend jean. Don’t fret because they are almost the same. Mom jeans have a tapered cut and boyfriend jeans have a straight cut. In either case, the jeans look wonderful when paired with duck boots.

Therefore, how to wear mom jeans with boots no longer remains a question. Just wear it with any daily outfit for a classic and chic look. 


How to wear skinny jeans with duck boots?

Take the edge of your skinny jeans and tuck them into your duck boots. Push the jeans around the boots’ top part such that it looks even on both sides. You can even cuff your skinny jeans for a more sophisticated look.

How do you style duck boots?

How to style duck boots is a tricky task. For the perfect styling, team your duck boots with denim or leggings, warm socks and a comfy sweater. You can wear your socks on top of your leggings to achieve maximum warmth in the winter season.

What type of pants do you wear with duck boots?

Don’t worry about what to wear with duck boots. Duck boots work well with skinny fit pants or jeans. The skin-fit style helps in accentuating the interesting features of a duck boot.

What jeans go with duck boots?

Skinny-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans and wide leg jeans, all go with duck boots. 


Duck boots with jeans are a combination worth the try. As you have read above, duck boots are very practical and fashionable, their style includes a leather top that goes up to your ankles. Therefore, the pro tip is to either wear cropped style jeans or tuck/cuff your jeans in your boots.

Duck boots add style and utility to your everyday outfit. You can easily run errands or go to friends’ gatherings whilst making a fashion statement in boots and jeans outfit. These boots work best in rain, snow and sleet. If you love the rain and want to know how to wear rain boots with jeans, in that case too the guide above will serve you well.

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