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How to Pack A Leather Jacket? Folding Leather Jackets

how to pack a leather jacket

If you are planning on traveling and wondering how to pack a leather jacket into your luggage without causing any damage then you are certainly at the right place.

Whether you plan to store or ship, packing a leather jacket properly is essential to keep the moisture away and prevent any creases and scarring.

In this blog, we will discuss all the important tips and tricks on how to pack a leather jacket like a pro! 

So, read till the end to enlighten your intellect!

Tips To Follow Before Packing A Leather Jacket?

Before you begin packing your leather jacket, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in the process . So, let’s dig in!


Before you start packing make sure your jacket is clean. If not, wash it with mild soap or lint cleaner to wipe off any dirt or pet hair from the leather surface.


If you have any stains or spots left, even after washing try using some skin cleanser or diluted dishwashing soap to treat those rigid stains.


Apply leather conditioners to soften out the leather surface and make them smooth, which usually feels dry after a good wash, depending upon the type of leather. You can find these conditioner sprays at any pet store nearby.


If you are planning on keeping your jacket along with you for great outdoors or vacations, waterproofing your jacket is a good idea.

It will not only keep the moisture away from you but also  prevent  any wrinkles from forming during travel

However, make sure you leave the jacket for drying out the weatherproofing surface spray for a minimum of 24 hours before finally packing your jacket.

How To Fold A Leather Jacket?

How To Fold A Leather Jacket?

The first and most essential step of storing or shipping a leather jacket is to fold it properly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fold jackets like an expert.


  • Start by aligning the shoulder seam, and make sure the collars are extended while doing so.


  • Take hold of the jacket sleeves and ensure they are well aligned. Now start folding them inwards and try to keep them in a vertical position to eliminate any chances of creasing.
  • Flatten out the sleeves and shoulders to ensure the smooth leather texture, whilst keeping the shoulder seam in position with the collar perfectly.


  • In the third step fold or roll over your jacket to make it consume less space.
  • Now again, smoothen out the surface with your palm to ensure there are no big creases left.


  • Lastly, store the jacket for shipping, or put it in your luggage for traveling as you want.

4 Easy Ways: How To Pack A Leather Jacket?

4 Easy Ways: How To Pack A Leather Jacket?

Now the question is how to ship a leather jacket without damage. So here is a list of a few effortless ways you can travel with your leather jacket. Let’s begin!

  1. Put The Jacket In A Container

The first way to pack a leather jacket is to place them in a non-plastic container. It can be a wooden trunk, a suitcase, or a cardboard box.

Make sure you keep the leather jacket flat and crease-free in the container and then put in some other clothes such as shirts, sweaters, and jeans as an added layer.

In case, you opt for a wooden trunk, make sure the trunk has good ventilation and airflow for the leather jacket to breathe and retain its texture.

Unlike microfibre leather, without a good in and outflow, natural leather can deteriorate quickly, so cracking the lid of your truck is a good way to allow the leather to breathe.

However, if you go with a suitcase ensure it is unzipped. But, avoid plastic storage containers, as they are prone to moisture and can damage the leather texture during shipping and storage.

If you pack the jacket for traveling purposes, unpack it immediately, when you reach the destination, and ensure to properly dry out the moisture and creases left because of being squeezed in the luggage.

If needed, keep the jacket for airing out overnight before putting it on again!

  1. Use A Garment Bag To Wrap Leather Jacket

Looking for ways on how to store leather jackets off-season. Well, garment bags which are usually used for storing clothes, accessories, and leather shoes for traveling are a great way to pack your leather jacket.

Storing your leather jackets in a garment bag helps protect them against moisture and dust particles in the atmosphere or any spillage during the travel and transit process.

These storage bags also have some extent of water resistance which is beneficial if you are taking long road or plane trips where there are good chances of your luggage coming in contact with water spillage.

The con of using a garment bag is that it will hardly fit inside another bag or suitcase which means you will need to make up space for an extra piece of luggage.

Plus, if the jackets stay in the bag for too long during travel, they may get affected by the outside heat and start getting wrinkles. The only solution to that is to only pack the jacket inside the bag with a hanger.

Hanging the jacket will keep it in good shape whilst the hot weather outside.

So, now the problem arises how can you wrap the jacket without a box to ensure extra protection against moisture? So, before tucking the jacket into the garment bag make sure to stuff the jacket with acid-free paper. 

The paper wrapping will protect the sleeves from damage and creases whilst keeping the moisture and molds away.

Another essential thing to look out for before packing your jacket in a garment bag is to button up and fasten all the zips to keep the shape in place.

  1. Place The Jacket On Top Of Your Suitcase

This one is by far the easiest way how to pack a blazer in a suitcase. What you actually have to do is to fold your leather jacket properly and place it on the top of your briefcase like a regular clothing item.

To pack your leather jacket this way, start by folding the jacket, try to fold the jacket just enough so that it does not gain any permanent wrinkles and creases, and also fits in your luggage properly.

This is a great technique to pack your jacket as the jacket will sit last, on the top of all your clothes, which means it will have lesser chances of creasing and getting damaged by the loads inside.

Choosing this way to transport your leather jacket will give you the liberty of not hanging it around and treating it with special care while traveling.

However, this way is only recommended for short distances, as with long trips, there is a high chance of your jacket getting wrinkles and creases.

  1. Use Jacket Hangers 

Wondering how to pack a suit jacket? Well, jacket hangers are another way you can choose to effortlessly travel with your jackets.

This is the quickest and easiest way to pack your leather jacket, as you only have to make sure to pick out the best hanger for leather jackets that are wide enough to properly hold the jacket from the shoulders.

This will help to retain the structure and prevent the jacket from falling out. You also must check the quality of the jacket hangers to properly withstand the heavy weight of the jacket.

Before, you start packing your jacket with a hanger, here are all the things that you need in the process:

  • A jacket hanger 
  • Acid-free packing paper or clothes to wrap the jacket and place it on the hanger. Avoid using tape because it may remove any paint or tint from the jacket’s surface.
  • Lastly, a big rubber band so people can’t see what is inside.

To pack the jacket simply place the packing material over one shoulder and wrap it around the leather coat like a shawl, make sure to wrap the arms from under the sleeves and twist the wrapping material at the back as if you are tying a ribbon.

Lastly, secure with elastic bands.


How Do You Pack A Leather Jacket Without Creasing It?

You can pack a leather jacket by folding it in a clean garment bag or cardboard storage box to carry it along with you. However, if you do not have a garment bag you can just put it on top of your suitcase. You can also use a jacket hanger to pack and take them along with your luggage. 

Should I Hang Or Fold My Leather Jacket?

If you plan on traveling with your leather jacket, hanging your leather jackets is a much better way for packing them into your luggage. It not only saves you the hassle of folding the jacket properly but keeps your jacket in shape without causing any unwanted creasing.

Will Folding A Leather Jacket Ruin It?

No, folding a leather jacket does not ruin it, if done correctly. So, make sure you do it properly.

Do Leather Jackets Get Better With Age?

Yes, leather jackets develop a leather patina and get better with time, but it happens only if the jacket is well-taken care of. Without proper cleaning and conditioning, the jacket may lose its charm with age.

Can You Roll Up A Leather Jacket?

Keeping the sleeves rolled up with a leather jacket is a trendy style. However, make sure you do not roll it up too high. Wearing an inch or two of a fold, slightly above the wrist depending upon the thickness of the leather is acceptable.


If you are traveling or planning to put away your leather jacket for the summer season, how to pack a leather jacket sounds like an overwhelming question. But doing it the proper way can save you from a lot of trouble in long run. However, before packing the leather jacket you must know how to fold a leather jacket.

When storing custom leather jackets, which often feature unique embellishments or delicate materials, special care must be taken to maintain their shape and details, ensuring they stay in pristine condition for when you next choose to wear them.

If you are storing it away, a non-plastic container with proper ventilation will work. But for traveling, you will either have to store it in a garment bag, hanger or put it on the top of your bag to avoid any wrinkles and creases.

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