5 Steps to a Trendsetting Tomboy Look

One of the trends to have made a splash around the world especially for a distinctive, cool group of young women who prefer an alternative lifestyle which goes hand in hand with their unique personal style is, you guessed it! The Tomboy Trend.

While there may be different degrees of how one may be a tomboy, from the mild tomboyish hints in one’s style and mannerism to the major, hardcore tomboy who does not relate to anything even remotely close to feminine elements. Say goodbye to long hair, makeup or heels!

With that being said there are still a few who are neither of the two but still like experimenting with this type of look, just for a change in appearance. Say hello to the boyfriend jean!

Below we run through a few key elements that form the basic essentials for this look and how you can incorporate these into your current wardrobe to achieve an effortless tomboy appearance without breaking the bank.

The t-shirt and denim jean combo is the very basic of the basics in achieving the tomboy look.
The very basic of the basics is the t-shirt and jeans combo

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When talking about clothes for the tomboy, t-shirts are a must as are denim jeans which are the absolute basic of basics to begin with.

The color palette for these can be totally based on neutral tones or may have a balance of a bit of color as well as neutrals.

Detailing should be to the minimum. The recent leather pant or even leather shorts on trend as well are a great way to work around this tomboy appearance.

A key point to remember here is to make sure these pieces fit well. Button down shirts are another must-have for this look and should begin from whites and neutrals and move on to checkered and plaid prints in a mindful mix of color.

Layering garments are a popular way of adding interesting elements and focus on this tomboy trend. A button down shirt over a basic tee and perhaps even a light jacket thrown over makes for a fantastic tomboy look.


If the outer appearance for this look contributes to the tomboy trend then inner-wear too holds the same importance in this regard.

While the traditional female inner-wear makes an exit, cool and comfy boxer shorts are easily available for the trendsetting tomboy with many colors and fabrics that you can choose from. Team these up crop tops and tank tops and you’re all set.


For a typical tomboy look flat footwear is always the best. Be they sneakers, loafers, boots or any shoes that nod to masculinity.

However; for some this look can get overwhelming and so footwear for this trend can also include very simple sandals and heels.

Make sure however that the style, design, and color are not too eye-catching. The best would be neutral tones with minimal design elements.

For instance, a basic sporty t-shirt worn under a cool sports jacket over well fit jeans or slacks can go well with both a sneaker as well as a very simple stiletto. Totally depending on how far out you want to take this tom boy look.

From sneakers to boots, any flat shoes works the best for a typical tomboy appearance.
Footwear is a key element in the way your tomboy look gets pulled together


An interesting factor that plays an important role in this tomboy trend is the outerwear. This is what adds further style and uniqueness to your tomboy attitude.

Therefore choosing the right form of outerwear is most crucial even more so, is knowing when you do or do not need it. The perfect piece for this awesome look is to have a well-made leather jacket preferably from The Jacket Maker.

A classic biker style or a bomber jacket can swiftly up your game in tom boy world. With so many choices available, you can go for something different with every variation of this trendy tomboy look. A sports jacket, trench coat or a denim jacket, all work well with this look.

Whether denim or leather, outerwear is a great way of giving your outfit the perfect finish.
Uplift your overall look with outerwear for a perfect tomboy look


What is defined as the final touch to any outfit or look, accessories hold an important place in this process which can either make or break your look regardless of gender or type of look you go for.

Incorporating a sleek necktie or bow into your tomboy trend is a good idea especially if you do so creatively. A watch, bracelet or ring are some of the many options you can go for.

Again, the design and make should be simple and minimal including colour and detail. So go ahead and experiment with this trendy tomboy look to find fun ways to present your style in cool and unique ways.

You have many options to choose from when accessories need to be added.
Awesome accessories make any tomboy look all the more interesting

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