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Feminine Guide on What Shoes To Wear with Leggings and Look Chic & Trendy

Leggings are an important styling piece in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious woman because they are versatile and comfortable. They look good on every body type and can be found in a variety of styles including leather, plain and patterned.

This wardrobe staple is no longer limited to your yoga classes. You can wear them to run your daily errands, a day at the office and even to dinner gatherings. There are many ways to style but most of us get confused on what shoes to wear with leggings. The shoes you select will set the tone of your outfit. Some women prefer a laid-back look and others prefer a trendy look.

For women with distinct style preferences and fashion aesthetics, below we have a compilation of shoes that will help you look cute, stylish and fashionable with leggings. Go ahead and pick your favorite!


Let’s start with the conventional pairing –sneakers and leggings outfit. This is the perfect sporty combo for your athletic leggings or yoga pants. Choose plain black leggings or colored ones and it may be ankle-length or calf-length. And you can pair them with a variety of sneaker styles; choose the one that charm you the most

Lace-up Sneakers

Lace-up Sneakers

Lace-up style gives a sportier look and adds a laid-back touch to your outfit. Try wearing white or black sneakers with any monochromatic outfit. If you like to make bold statements, then go for a pair of sparkly sneakers. In this case, keep the rest of your outfit plain so that your shoes can stand out.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on style is best for women who are always on the go. This can be your perfect go-to footwear for a quick grocery run or a school drop-off. These are the perfect shoes to wear with tights because they are simple, chic and comfortable.

You can even go for cute and trendy styles, for example, try an animal print slip-on sneaker with your outfit. Finish off with a matching animal print handbag!

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers

Also known as ‘dad sneakers’, the chunky sneaker has an oversized platform and comes in bright colors. These shoes can be a good alternative when you don’t want to wear boots in the snowy winters.

Athletic Sneakers

Athletic Sneakers

For a full-on athletic look, pair your leggings with these running shoes. If your leggings are patterned then go for black or white sneakers and if you are wearing plain black leggings, you can try bold colored athletic sneakers.

Ballet flats

The pairing of leggings with ballet flats can never go wrong. The simple and slim design of flats looks best when worn with ankle-length leggings. If you love minimalist looks then this can be your go-to style. Wear a simple tank top because your pants and shoes are already minimal.

However, with simple bottoms and footwear, you may also experiment with your tops. Try a sweater dress, leather jacket, crop top or trench coat with a scarf. For a bold take on this pairing, you may select ballet flats in any statement color too. This will definitely make you stand out.

Summer Slides   

Summer is incomplete without leggings and slides. You can find many types of slides to match your respective occasions. For example, you can try sporty slides, plain black slides, slides with buckle design, slides with strap design and trendy colorful slides. Try experimenting with colors and wear red leggings with any of your summer slides. Get that fun and funky look in no time.


When you wear pumps with leggings, your outfit instantly transforms into a sophisticated and fashionable affair. Stirrup leggings and pointed-toe pumps are recommended style straight from the fashion designers.     

However, there is a trick to crafting this combo with perfection. Since your leggings and pumps are contributing to the height of your ensemble, try a top that ends at the thighs. You can add a sweater or shawl for the winters.

For a trendy look, wear black leggings with black pumps and top it with a loose-fitted button-down shirt. If you own funky animal printed leggings, then you can pair them with simple nude or black pumps.

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals

Leggings and sandals are a very cute combination. You may wear your strappy sandals as flats or with heels. They look good with ankle-length leggings and give a trendy look to your outfit.

For a smart business look, you can wear a crisp white shirt and top it with a blazer. Wear your leggings and slip into heeled strappy sandals to complete the entire look. However, for a casual everyday look, you can wear flat strappy sandals and get going with your day tasks.

Women who are fans of minimal dressing can wear simple sandals with one or two straps only. But if you like bold and daring styles, then go for multi-strap sandals.


Mules are trendy and effortless. They come with a closed-toe with slip-on design and are comfortable for long walks. When paired with leggings, they can be used as smart footwear in formal gatherings.  

For a classic style, wear black leggings with a denim shirt and top it with a leather biker jacket. Add black mules to the equation and charm your friends. However, it’s good to experiment and look out of the box, so try wearing olive green leggings with a beige sweater. Dress up this outfit with brown or beige mules.


Loafers are crafted with padded inner heels therefore they provide comfort and wound prevention when on long walks. Textured leggings outfits make a great pair with loafers. You may choose leggings made from suede, velvet, cotton or leather and then wear your classic chunky sole loafer. This outfit combo is stylish and can be worn to formal gatherings.

For a smart casual look, wear your leggings with a long button-down shirt and top it with a blazer. Slip on your loafers because they are the best casual shoes to wear with leggings.


In the seasons of fall and winter, leggings and boots are a perfect match. The basic concept is to tuck your fall leggings and boots in each other and get the perfect cowgirl look. It shows off a sleek and elongated look. There are many styles of boots to wear with leggings. Below are a few of our recommendations.

Ankle boots

Leggings make a classic pairing with ankle boots. A stunning combination will involve wearing skin-tight black leggings with snakeskin ankle boots in deep brown. Keep your top in the same shade so that your boots may stand out. Try wearing a sweater dress with leggings and boots for a winter look.

Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots and leggings, together make a stylish and chic combination. To excel at this combination, we recommend you to keep colors in the same hue. 

For example, go for monochromatic outfits and wear a contrasting top to stand out.You can even choose long tops to wear with leggings and boots because they give an elongated and smart look. 

Combat boots

Combat boots

This is the best winter footwear. Pair leather leggings with combat boots for all your outdoor endeavors because they work best in rain and snow.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes come in the family of loafers because they are almost the same with the added lace style. For the most refined formal look, you can wear oxford shoes with leggings with an oversized white button-down shirt and top it with a structured blazer. 

Oxford shoes are the best shoes to wear with leggings as they are bound to make a lasting impression on all your colleagues.  

Kitten Heels

If you want to achieve a classy look but you are not a fan of high heels, then you should pair your leggings with kitten heels. Leggings and heels outfits are hot favorites in the fashion world.

Wear your kitten heels with black ankle length leggings and top it with a sweater or shirt. To further add style to the outfit, wear a blazer or leather trench coat to deal with the cold winds in winter.


What Shoes to Wear with Leggings and a Sweatshirt?

Leggings and sweatshirt make a classic outfit combination. You can wear either boots or chunky loafers with this outfit. You should try these shoes with leggings in winter also.

What are Dresses That Look Good with Leggings?

Many styles of dresses can look good with leggings. For example, a mid-length dress, sweatshirt, miniskirt and button-down shirts will look good.

What Shoes to Wear with a Midi Sweater Dress?

Chunky sneakers are the perfect shoes to wear with a midi sweater dress.


Leggings are versatile, flattering for all body-types and can be crafted into many eye-catching outfits. It can be used as formal wear and casual wear –it all depends on the choice of your shoes. 

Whether you are looking to wear leggings for running errands or to go to work or some formal gathering, there are many options for you. Just scroll through the above information as a guideline and get creative.

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