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Leather Vs Rubber Sole: Which One is Better?

Leather Vs Rubber Sole

There are a lot of factors that determine the choice of shoes for men. The type, style, color, and compatible outfits are all major considerations in buying the right pair. But one factor that needs more attention from men is picking leather vs rubber soles.

Both types of soles are fairly common in men’s shoes. Many popular brands even give you the rubber vs leather sole for their most well-known shoes. So, which one should you choose? Are leather sole shoes better than the ones with rubber soles, or is it the other way around? Let’s find out.

Leather Outsoles vs. Rubber Outsoles: Which One Is Better?

Choosing Between Leather Vs. Rubber Soles

Let’s get to the point; neither of them is “better” than the other. However, this statement is not universal. In other words, the correct choice between leather or rubber soles comes down to the situation.

What do you want the shoes for? When will you wear the shoes? How long will you wear the shoes each day? Consider the answers to these and many other similar questions if you want to buy the right-soled shoes for yourself.

Then there are factors like looks and aesthetics. For example, a double monk strap outfit would look noticeably different depending on if the double monk strap shoes have a leather sole vs rubber sole.

Choosing Between Leather Vs. Rubber Soles

Leather Outsoles vs. Rubber Outsoles: Which One Is Better?

Hopefully, you know now that both leather and rubber soles have their place in men’s fashion. So, the next step is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both types of soles. This, in turn, will help you make better purchasing decisions in the future when looking for a new pair of shoes.

The best way to understand these pros and cons is to divide the comparison into smaller sections focusing on similar situations and circumstances. (Keep in mind that these are only a few of many such examples and covering them all is way beyond the scope of this guide).

Dress Code

Different situations in life require different styles of clothing. You cannot wear your regular t-shirt and jeans outfits to a business meeting, but a three-piece suit would be odd when grocery shopping on the weekend. The same goes for your choice of footwear and, by extension, the types of soles under them.

Formal/Professional Attire

Say you need a pair of dress shoes to wear with suits and other professional clothing. What is the right choice of sole, leather or rubber? Well, if we go by tradition, leather wins by a wide margin. High-quality dress shoes have always had smooth leather soles that perfectly match the “sharp” aesthetics of these formal/professional ensembles as a whole.

That said, well-designed rubber soles are not completely out of the question either. As long as they’re not overly bulky or have distinct rubber sole features like carvings on the side, you can wear rubber soles shoes with brown pants to a business meeting.

Casual Clothing

For casual clothing, something like leather sole boots accompanying activities like learning how to lace dress shoes doesn’t make much sense. Sneakers or tennis shoes with rubber synthetic soles feel much more at home with the on-the-fly nature of casual clothing.

Another reason why options like leather bottom boots don’t work for casual clothing is the lack of variety. Rubber, on the other hand, offers a mountain of options in unique colors and eye-catching designs so you can craft casual outfits that closely resemble your sense of style.


Buying quality shoes can be a major investment. You want them to last as long as possible and getting the right type of sole is the first step in making that a reality.

For Outdoors

As far as durability out in the field is concerned, “rubber vs leather sole boots” is hardly a competition as rubber wins by a wide margin. High-quality rubber soles are nearly indestructible. The biggest proof of this is that the bottom of a boot used for construction and military purposes is almost always rubber.

Only extremely premium triple-leather soles can hold a candle to rubber’s outdoor durability but they are also prohibitively expensive.

For Indoors

If the majority of your operation is confined to climate-controlled indoor spaces, both leather and rubber can go neck in neck. That said, if you keep them away from water, leather soles might even outlast rubber with a slight edge.  

Based on Weather

The comparison between leather vs rubber sole boots will not change in the warm and dry seasons. Cold and wet parts of the year are a different story.

Rubber is mostly inert and is not affected much by water. Leather, on the other hand, absorbs water and will get damaged over time. It might start bending and expanding in random directions or you might see thin cracks forming all the way through the leather sole. So, for rainy and snowy seasons, leather soles are the better choice.


If you asked a random person, “leather vs rubber sole cowboy boots, which one is more comfortable?” they’ll most likely say rubber in a heartbeat. While this is true to some extent, it’s not the whole truth.

In reality, leather-soled cowboy boots can be equally or even more comfortable than boots with rubber soles. If you’ve ever owned leather shoes, you’ll know that you can learn how to stretch leather shoes and make them more comfortable. Well, the same is true for leather soles.

Unlike shoes with wooden soles, leather soles can mold and transform to better fit the shape of your feet. All you have to do is wear them regularly and they’ll get more and more comfortable with each use until the inner sides of the soles support your feet almost perfectly.

Rubber soles, on the other hand, are a different story. While they are softer and more comfortable from the get-go, they lack the ability to mold to match the shape of your foot. This can lead to discomfort and even pain when you have to walk around in rubber boots for long periods of time.

FAQ – Leather Vs. Rubber Sole

Is a Rubber or Leather Sole Better?

It all depends on your situation, location, and use case. For example, leather soles are the better choice for sharp professional attires when inside, while rubber soles work better outside for casual stylish clothing.

Do Leather Soles Wear Out Quickly?

The answer to this is both yes and no depending on the quality of soles installed on your shoes. Cheaper single-layer leather soles will wear out quickly while premium triple-layer leather soles can outlast rubber.


Once you’re aware of the choice, it can be tough to settle the leather vs rubber soles debate and make a final purchasing decision. But you have to remember that neither of them is better than the other.

So, if you want the best value for your investment, examine your situation and the use case for the shoes you’re buying. Taking a more analytical approach will lead to the right type of sole for you.

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