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Are Shoes with Wooden Soles Healthy? Pros and Cons

Shoes With Wooden Soles

Footwear is the foundation of our daily lives. We spent most of our lives wearing leather shoes. Therefore, the selection of footwear should not always be about appearance. People who are always on their feet must consider the impact shoes have on their feet. 

Shoes with wooden soles are ideal for keeping your feet healthy and secure. However, the appealing nature of wood is in itself an indicator of quality and style. This way, you can get both durability and finesse.

If you are in a profession which involves long hours of standing and moving to and fro, such as nurses or restaurant workers, then be informed that there is a vast variety of wooden sole shoes available. But before buying, you should know everything about them. We will walk you through the pros and cons of leather shoes with wooden soles below.

Pros of Wooden Sole Shoes

Pros of Wooden Sole Shoes

Wood sole shoes are not reserved for the fashionistas. They can be used by anyone who is looking for comfort and durability in their daily runs. Apart from the comfortability, these shoes are also healthy for the feet. There are many benefits to wearing wood bottom shoes, as listed below:


Wooden bottom shoes help to maintain your posture. Giving proper lower-back support, it keeps your spine straightened. Due to this characteristic, men’s clogs shoes with wooden soles are ideal for workers who need to stand for long hours of work. It is also often advisable for pregnant women to wear wooden sandals for spine support.


Shoes with wooden soles are able to absorb shocks and hence reduce foot fatigue. They can also provide protection from any pointed items lying on the ground.


Wood is the best insulator provided to us by nature. Therefore, wearing wooden bottom boots in the winters would keep your feet warm and in summers they will stay cold.


Wood also has a unique quality of absorbing perspiration from the feet. This is helpful in eliminating any foul odors from the feet.  


Wooden sole shoes enable your feet to breathe more easily thanks to the small pores in wood which act as vents. This helps keep your feet cool and dry even on hot summer days.

Better Traction 

Wooden soles provide strong grip as compared to other materials. There are less chances of slipping or falling on wet surfaces. 

Cons of Wooden Sole Shoes

Cons of Wooden Sole Shoes

If shoes with wooden soles are poorly crafted, then the wearer can get blisters, bunions and sweaty feet.   

Best Shoes with Wood Soles

Best Shoes with Wood Soles

Here’s our recommendations for shoes with wooden soles men can wear for long hours standing and walking.

Wooden Clogs 

Clogs are one of the first shoes made of wood soles. These shoes were popular in Europe and used by peasants. However, nowadays wood-soled shoes are popular among nurses and other workers who have to stand all day long. 

These shoes can serve as orthopedic shoes as they tend to absorb shock and protect the feet. They are also comfortable, stylish and durable.


Boots with wooden soles can prove to be a good partner for walks on rainy and muddy days. This can be your best chance on how to style combat boots with wooden soles that are lying in your closet. The leather boots provide protection to the upper part of your legs and the wooden sole helps reduce foot fatigue.

Oxford shoes

Black oxford shoes with wooden soles is the best pick if you wish to make a lasting impression on any formal occasion. It is crafted with elegance for a sleek profile. For example, wearing wood-soled black shoes with khakis is sure to turn heads!

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are always considered a sophisticated choice for any formal event. But wearing dress shoes with wooden soles takes your shoe game to the next level. For example, you can wear wood-soled loafers with shorts to any official sports event.

FAQs –  Shoes With Wooden Soles

Are Wood Soles Good for Your Feet?

Yes, wood soles help in improving posture and reduce foot fatigue. It also absorbs shocks and protects your feet.

Are Clogs a Foot-Healthy Choice? 

Yes, clogs are designed in such a way that they provide support and comfort all day long to its wearer. 


We conclude that shoes with wooden soles are a healthy footwear choice for people who have to stand all day long. However, the durability and comfortability of wooden sole shoes make them ideal as everyday wear. 

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